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  1. Thanks! I was able to find a clip in IG of him walking her home. As she thanked him for taking her home, he told her that they should stop seeing her cry. She then apologized and he said to stop doing that (apologizing). She agreed. He told her to go inside the house and she said she’ll do it after seeing him leave. He then told her to go in first because he was going to stay to watch her going her first. So sweet!
  2. @dramaninja Chingu, so was there any scene between HG & HN after the hug scene? For example, did he drove her home?
  3. Omo, really? How did HN ended up in his room? Is it because his mom invited her over?
  4. Was this after the hospital hug scene? Or wash this the one including HG’s mom?
  5. @UnniSarah Yup, I totally agree with you about JH's mom. This old lady needs to get a hobby ASAP and leave her children's lives alone. I knew since the beginning of this drama that she was not fond of her son-in-law. Based on his backstory, I sort of understood why she disliked him and treated him the way she did. I didn't agree with her treatment, but since he agreed to continue living under the same roof, then he basically agreed and allowed for the bad treatment to continue. Now, all of them are family living under the same roof, so all the dirty laundry can be disclosed within their living space. But, going into someone else's house uninvited and then physically and verbally attacking that person is just WRONG & CRAZY! If I was on EA's place, I would've called in the police for trespassing and assault. Argh! I don't think this incident will cause him to agree to the adoption. And even if it did, JH's has firmly rejected the idea so hopefully this chapter is over. @meoooooowwww Yup, I just noticed the bracelet too. I wonder if the writer & pd-nim have forgotten about it.... Maybe this is the reason why it is not coming off... On a side note, I don't know if it is my imagination, but HG and HN are wearing similar silver watches. Both have the same watch band and the inside structure looked almost the same. I rewatched yesterday's and today's episodes and I just noticed this. If you ask me which scene you can sort of notice it more, I would say on yesterday's episode when they were having the meeting in HN's office along with her co-workers. Anyway, maybe in the long run, the writer and pd-nim will replace the stupid DG's bracelet and will insert the couple's watches.
  6. Totally agree. I was trying to come up with a word to describe him and his actions and you @awsparkle, my dear, came up with the perfect one! The scene where he was standing next to HG's dad waiting to get some of the free juice that HN's mom offered to HG's dad was disgusting. I kept looking at his expression, and I wanted to slap him so hard. Good thing, Sarang indirectly sent him away. I wonder if we will see HG's dad bringing HN's mom side dishes home on tomorrow's episode... If we do get to see it, I can already see his entire family enjoying the food and wanting more of it...
  7. I didn't notice this.. thanks @jimb for sharing this info... I'm sure starting tomorrow, the number of pages will surpass the number of episodes
  8. @UnniSarah Hi Chingu! Sorry to cut your post. Yes, the scene where DG told JE that he wanted to give it another try with HN happened on today's episode. I couldn't really tell if he was being sincere about wanting to give it another try or if he was just saying it to make JE jealous. His facial expression didn't seem dishonest in my personal opinion. Also, during the hospital scene, when JE pulled him to the kiss, he kept his eyes wide opened and was surprised by her actions. I'm guessing after the kiss ends, he will be very confused about what happened. If JE and DG are or aren't meant to be (wishing for the latter), I still hope that they don't end up together. I just don't think that both of them dating at the end makes any sense, if JH ends up dating JG (DG's dad). That would be very weird!
  9. @UnniSarah Dear, thank you for the GIFs! OK, the doctor who attended JE in the hospital must be a a fake doctor. Seriously, how was he able to diagnosed something from a fake fainting? Maybe he bought his medical license... As many of you, I also enjoyed how JE's plan backfired! For someone who is supposedly, very successful at work because of smartness and planning, she's definitely lacks both aspects in her personal life. Trying to ruin HN's relationship with DG has only caused for hers with HG to go down the drain. Haha, serves her right! JH and EA scene was fantastic. I loved seeing both of coming into an agreement and getting along. I really hope for this relationship not to go sour once the truth about HN being SJ is revealed. HG's denial was super cute and fun to watch. He literally turned into that kid that talks down to the girl he likes so she doesn't notices he likes her. His best move was, of course, the hug at the end of the episode. This move not only proves that he likes her, but also that he can't stand seeing her cry and suffer. The patting on her back was so touching and comforting... Gosh, if HN doesn't fall in love with this man soon, I will go nuts! PS.. so what is the deal with DG when he told JE that he wanted to give it another try with HN? Was that for real or was he just trying to make JE jealous?
  10. This is one of the many reasons why I like this couple so much. Both of them have seen their low points and yet, they make each other feel better at the end of the day. They're not even a couple and they already provide this much support and light to each other...
  11. Hi @mocmoc272! Dear, what do you mean “he pointing out her flaws”? Are you referring to HG and HN? If this is the case, why was he doing that?
  12. LOL, of course they did Well, since the villain and the dumb got a kiss scene, it will only be fair if HG and HN got one at least too. Of course, the merrier the better
  13. LOL! I’m just glad that HG finally knows that JE and DG have something going on. This way, he’ll a heavier reason to reject her @dramaninja I’m guessing HG didnt tell HN that he likes her at the beginning of the episode, right?
  14. Yes, I also got a little disappointed on HG when he suggested JE to go to the movie theater with him for the same reason as you. He's known that JE is sees him as more than a colleague and has rejected her pass several times in the past. Now, after the movie theater, they both had dinner and he reiterated to her that he doesn't see her as more than colleague. He even apologized for not reciprocating her feelings and wished for her to find a better man than him. This is what made HG and DG so different. HG was honest and gave an straight answer to JE about his feelings, whereas DG kept silent, making HN's feelings deepen as days passed.
  15. @torresnn Chingu, part of me wants JE to be the one who faints so just like you said, HN sees DG caring for JE and take the damn bracelet off. The other part of me wants HN to be the one... I would love to see HG getting super worried and maybe taking care of her in the hospital. Then, HN's mom and sister arrive and he finally gets to meet the in-laws. Then both ladies will see how good looking and caring he is and will start talking to HN about dating him and forgetting DG... Maybe this way, HN will start thinking about HG in a romantic way...
  16. Overall, today's episode was jjang! We had a couple of scenes, as usual, with annoying grandma, JE, SH, JE's dad (can't remember his name) and DG. The only one that I want to talk about is the one where JE ask SH to speed up the adoption process because she feels inferior to HN. I don't get this part... How exactly will the adoption help with her inferiority complex? Doesn't she know that even if she were to get adopted by JH, HN is still SJ and she can reclaim her spot anytime? And if HN becomes SJ, she would be the "big" sister and JE will experience the same path that her mom has been thru? Seriously, JE and her mom lack brains! They're both dumbs! Anyway, the best part of it was HG indirectly calling DG a "loser" . Who am I kidding.. the loser calling scene was good, but nothing beats the scenes where HG got irritated and jealous of loser DG for not leaving HN alone, was trying to convince himself that is stress and not love what he's dealing with, and finally when he finally realized that he's in with HN! . I don't think I could've asked for more! Last week I remember complaining about the little OTP scenes and how slow their relationship was developing. I even said that I was going to stop watching this drama until it was over so I could skip all the boring scenes and just watch HG and HN scenes. My opinion has totally changed this week. I mean, we've only had 2 aired episodes this week so far and both of them have had tremendous screen time between our lovely couple. If the screen time continues with this pace, I will definitely stick around and continue watching the drama everyday.
  17. @Saja La Chingu, love your suggestion! . I think this one will be the best scenario for everybody. This way, we know HN will not be badly hurt and someone (Leo in this case) will finally find out who is HG's "special" is.
  18. If it is HN who collapses, then I'm thinking it will be due to exhaustion. She went after all thru a rejection that caused her to lose some sleep. Plus, I'm sure since her clothing line is launching, she'll be busy running everywhere.
  19. OK, so forum is finally working! I had issues this morning trying to sign in. I was getting worried that wouldn't be able to log in to this thread no more Anyway, I'm excited about today's episode. Haven't watched it yet, but I did see come clips that were posted in YouTube (courtesy of @dramaninja... thanks dear ). HG is the cutest man ever!
  20. The award for the most hateful character on today's episode has to go to JE's grandma. I'm with @yusefull on wishing for the old to get a stroke ... seriously, this old lady is completely out of her mind! Maybe the old age is affecting her judgement on what is wrong, weird and certainly nuts! I'm glad JE's dad stood up to her and his lunatic wife as well. I'm also happy that he criticized and attacked JH for agreeing to her mom and sister's idea. I just hope that he doesn't change his mind about the adoption in future episodes. I do have to say that JE's dad at the beginning of the episode annoyed me because of his comments regarding the food that DG's dad served on the table. I mean, I was like... seriously dude... what the hell! He's crashing on DG's house for god sake! What right does he thought he had to criticize the "FREE" meal he was given! What a shameless guy he was! I'm glad we didn't have much of JE and her mom's crazy antics on today's episode. We did get quite a few scenes with DG feeling sad and guilty for rejected HN, but I didn't mind seeing them because it showed him suffering a little bit. Serves him right! And of course, I can't forget about my lovely couple, HG & HN. HG has seen pretty much all HN's different sides. From the strong, hardworking, energized and give it all to the sad and ugly looking crying girl. Is there anything else to show him? Since he's seen everything, there's literally, nothing else for her to hide from him. I can't wait for these two to fall in love and shows us all the *lovey-dovey* scenes. In the past, I would've requested for a "kiss" in the lips, but for some reason, with these two, just kissing in the cheeks or forehead, will be enough for me. I do want, however, lots of hugs (one back hug at least) and hand holdings. Please writer and pd-nim, make my wish(es) come true! PS.. Oh shoot! I forgot that I need to request for the opposite to happen in order for the writer and pd-nim to give me what I want. Haha... If that's the case, please DO NOT let HG and HN to kiss, hug or hold hands.
  21. I have mentioned in the past that I wouldn't mind for DG to fall in love with HN. In fact, I kind of want him to, so he suffers when HN no longer has feelings for him and starts dating HG. I keep replaying the preview for tomorrow and it seems to me that DG will start pursuing HN... maybe not in a romantic way, but a friendship type (the bastard probably still wants to remain "good" friends with HN). I'm liking that HN will ask stupid JE which man she's interested in (HG or DG) .
  22. Has anyone been able to read what was written on the pink note shown in the preview?
  23. My thoughts exactly! Maybe when HG and HN start dating, he will suggest her to find a different place to setup her office.
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