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  1. OMG! Today's episode was aweeeesome! We probably got around 15 minutes of HG~HN scenes.. yay!! I hope the amount of time they spend together in future episode rises. I couldn't stand watching SH and JE scene. I'm pretty sure JH didn't turn in the death certificate so it will be a very sweet slap in the face for both of them. I'm so looking forward for the moment when this happens. Also, as I was watching the scene between them, I started to think that the best punishment for SH is for JE to betray her at the end. Meaning, that when all the truth is revealed, JE will turn her back on SH and will say that everything was planned by SH. I know SH told JE that in something happens and the truth is revealed, she will take all the responsibility, but I doubt that on SH's mind was the idea of JE pointing fingers and turning her back on SH. There's no worse punishment that having your own child betraying a parent I think. JG and JH are such a sweet couple. I love how mature and sincere their relationship is. I can see where DG got some of dating traits from. Of course it would've been great if DG used these gestures/traits on someone worthy and not on trash JE. HG meeting future mother-in-law was also nice and smooth. I just love how he's already won points with her and his future sister-in-law even though she hasn't met him in person yet. It took these 2 ladies to figure out what a nice, hardworking, attractive, and down to earth guy he is in one meeting while HN still can't see any of it. What a frustrating girl HN is! . Just as @zoks mentioned, she needs a slap in the face ASAP. Can't wait to watch tomorrow's episode. Based on the preview, it seems we will have a lot of "skinship" between our OTP . Woohoo! PS.. HG's biceps and triceps are damn HOT! DG's not so much
  2. Hang in there chingu! I think we're getting there. HN will definitely start thinking about HG after tomorrow's episode fall on top of him
  3. Omo! @UnniSarah I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds HN a bit annoying at times.. Her denseness drives me crazy.. I just hope HG doesn't get annoyed by it
  4. So HG kept staring at HN’s bracelet on today’s episode and remembered the 100 day thing that HN commented about it. Guys, I think th3 bracelet will be taken off this week and HG may help to get rid of it as @dramaninja mentioned, HG finally met HN’s mom. She thanked him for always helping her daughter and requested for him to be kind to her even if makes mistakes. She said that HN’s is nice and hardworking. He agreed with his future mother in law and said that because HN’s I said of all that (what mom mentioned) he’s learning from her and she’s the best partner for him ..... Oh, almost forgot to mention.... before HN’s mom arrived and interrupted them, he asked HN, until when she’s planning to live in that house...... jealous much?
  5. I think the second part is saying something about JE begging DG to stay with her instead of looking for HN. Maybe HN sees DG and JE talking about their relationship and HN overhears. Then HN will turn around and leave and DG will try to follow her...
  6. @penelop3, @awsparkle & @UnniSarah Wow! Your opinions about JE's and SH's are well spotted on. I knew these 2 ladies were evil monsters, but I never really thought about whether they were by nature or nurture. After reading your thoughts I started to think about it and in my opinion, I think both of them are monsters by nurture. SH and JE grew up in an environment were the "oldest" sibling/cousin was favored all the time. We never saw scenes of how SH's life was when she was younger, but we can definitely tell based on the way her mom treats her. SH was always the least favorite, the unsuccessful and even the one who picked the wrong husband. I'm guessing no matter how hard she tried, she was never able to surpass her sister in her mom's eyes and this caused her jealousy to nurture, grow and bottle up as time passed. However, when JH lost her child and husband, just like @awsparkle mentioned, she was able to beat JH on something. I think because of this and seen her sister suffered after loosing her family made SH's hatred/jealousy towards her to subside. The monster within her soul went to sleep. However, after she learnt that HN/SJ was still alive, all those bottled up feelings emerged. She knew that if JH brought her daughter back into the house, JE's life would become miserable as her... always being compared to HN/SJ and always being the least favorite. She didn't want her daughter to go thru the same misery and therefore she acted on it. Her mother instincts will never allow for her child to thru so much misery and will protect her at all costs even if it means to become a monster. Now, on JE... we were able to see a few images from her childhood that showed she was probably in the same situation as her mother was while growing up. The difference, however, is that JE only dealt with it for a few years compared to her mother who is still experiencing it. I don't think JE was a monster when she was a kid. I don't even think that when she kept quiet about HN/SJ disappearance turned her into one yet. I consider her act as the one of a scared child that missed the opportunity to speak the truth when she could. She becoming evil was when she found out that her cousin was alive and still decided to keep quiet about it; knowing her aunt's longing and sadness for her missing child and not saying a word about it is just wrong. Now, she becoming a monster was when she attempted to kill her cousin by running her over. That is just something that only monsters would attempt to do. I don't care how much you hate a person, killing is just an abominable act and just by having the thoughts of doing it can make a person become a monster. There are no excuses for the actions that these 2 ladies are doing, but if I really have to pick someone that has instigated SH's monstrous behavior, I would say her mom. Her mom's verbal attacks and behavior towards SH has made her feel the way she does and somehow traumatized her as well. It is understandable that there will always be comparisons between siblings, but always siding with one and not the other one will make, even the most resilient person, go crazy. No wonder why SH is doing all of these crazy things... She just doesn't want her child to grow up as the "loser" of the family. Regarding DG, after watching the last couple of episodes, I was one of the few people that gave him credit for standing up to JE and being honest with HN. After reading your comments, now I don't know what to think of him. I think what you're writing about him is accurate, but I think part of me expects him to be the "good friend" that he has always been. When he told JE that he wanted to start over with HN, I think he meant it in a way to just brush JE off and a way to end things with her... for her not to look or call for him anymore. He knows that since JE hates HN, then she wouldn't look for him anymore. Up until this point, DG was always the one looking for, inviting and trying to get to JE. Her excuse to reject his invitations was because he is friends or got along with HN. Since this was an excuse that he couldn't argued because it is true, then maybe for this reason he just blurted "yes" to her so he could ended up things. Sorry for the long post! I didn't realize it was this long after finishing it. After reading your comments, I just got too excited and decided to write. Just as @UnniSarah wrote, I also love having the chance to read, write, comment and share opinions about the same interests in dramas.
  7. They both attended the same university, but I don't think they took the same classes. She has always called in "sunbae". Also, I think he's around 30 years old because when he refused to go on the blind dates because he told his mom he already had a girlfriend, mom wanted him to introduce her. HG didn't want to and ended up arguing with her, then his dad came out of Leo's room and defended HG. Then his mom went on and on about how he is already 30 years which is past the age of casually dating. If she's there, will they really get time alone? I think she's suspects hat there's something going on between HG and HN because of what her Team Leader said. She may try to get in between them instead... Oh btw, I'm not sure if we've ever discussed about this, but how did HN ended up living with EA? What are your thoughts/predictions about this? I really can't come up with one, especially since EA supposedly had twins and one of them die.
  8. Totally agree with your last sentence! Oh btw, I think HG is 30 years old.. HN and JE are 26.
  9. I'm flabbergasted after watching SH's and JE's crocodile tears. These 2 are the most, despicable, hypocrites, insecure, shameless, annoying, craziest, evil, etc... that I have come across in a daily K-drama. I hate them both! If I thought that these 2 had a little bit of decency left in their hearts, now not any more. They are way beyond forgiveness and redemption. Jail time, be thrown out of the house penniless, no job, and/or no love will be enough punishment(s) for these 2 psychos. I thought about what action will the writer and pd-nim choose for SH to ask JH for forgiveness on what she's done and the picture of EA kneeling in front of SJ Boutique came across my mind. I think I would love to see SH and JE kneeling like this in front of JH and HN for at least an entire day. And hopefully, it will be winter time by then and these 2 can freeze to death. Of course, no forgiveness is given. At this point in time, I agree with what @san11 mentioned about DG's dad paying his respects to SJ and noticing the picture. It seems to be the route that makes more sense to unravel this twisted situation. Now, enough with the sad and stressing scenes... Let's move on to the sweet ones... I've got to say that this week has been very satisfying for me. I think we got plenty of HG~HN scenes compared to last week's. I really thought HG was going to confess to HN on today's episode when he invited her for dinner, but it was too bad that HN had already made plans. Now, the fact that he clearly stated that he doesn't want to be in the position where the person who loves more is the one who loses, to me that sounded like a subtle confession. . Too bad HN is so naive that didn't catch it... Like many of you, I'm looking forward to watch Monday's episode. I can't wait to see HG's jealousy acts towards DG. I think DG senses that HG likes HN, so maybe, he will stay close to HN just to tease HG. By doing such, he will be able to figure out whether HG likes HN or not. I'm even thinking that HG confessing to DG that he likes HN has a higher chance of happening next week than HG confessing to HN about his feelings for her. PS... I know that at this point in time, we can tell JE and HG is over. But I just wanted to mention that if there was ever a chance for them to become an item, both of their dads would've disapproved for them to date. JE's and HG's dad had only met twice and they're already in bad terms. LOL!
  10. @ajummapunkinssi, @dramaninja I'm crossing my fingers that the confession will happen on the trip. I think HG seeing DG and HN getting along during the trip will boiled his blood and he will not be able to stand it watching them together no more. I know, I know... wishful thinking..
  11. OMG! I think HG was ready to talk to HN about his feelings for her on today's episode... He invited her for dinner because he had something to tell her, but she told him she already has an appointment. He asked her with whom and of course she said with DG to celebrate his book thing... He got pissed off about it ... he also said something about this is why he doesn't believe in love and that whoever loves first or more (something along these lines) always has the disadvantage... I'm nor 100% sure this is what he said, so if I'm wrong, I apologize in advance..
  12. @euraka Hi Chingu! Yes, it is worth watching. I personally like it a lot. I sort of joined Soompi because of this drama....
  13. So, is it fair to assume that we didn’t get much OTP scenes (other than HG’s wild imagination ) and a lot of scenes were focused on JH and her family?
  14. @Saja La Chingu, I think I have said this to you before and I will continue to say it... I love your suggestions, scenarios, etc.. I'm OK with any of the options, except for # 5. It will take too long if we go with this one.
  15. OK, I just spent 1 hour trying to watch a 35 minute long episode.. damn internet! I personally liked HN and DG scene. I'm so glad that the HN's crush is finally over and that she ended in good terms with DG. Even though I have cursed and bashed DG in the past for being a coward and a wishy washy man, I got to say that today he'd really surprised me. Not only did he put a brake on his feelings for JE, he even built a wall against them now. Of course, I know this is no going to last for long, but at least this will help JE to realize that she's in love with DG and not HG. I mean, she even brought up DG's name when she talked to HN and HG's name was never brought up. Anyway, to me, personally, DG's got his redemption today and I hope he continues to be good friends with HN now that she's moved on. Yes, she's kept the bracelet on, but I think that on the MIT she's going with her co-workers, DG and more than likely, HG, the bracelet will be removed. Since is summer time, I think they will opt to go to the ocean and we may see HN taking the bracelet off and throwing it into the ocean. It's the classical way in K-dramas. Lunch or dinner time between HN, HG and his mom was cute to watch. Mom mentioned something that have been wrote on this thread and on youtube about how HN and HG look alike. When she said this, I was like, "hey, we have discussed about this on the thread too. Writer-nim and PD-nim are probably reading viewers comments" . Something that surprised me during the meal time was HG calling HN by her full name, Kang Ha Nui-ssi and the fact that mother didn't catch this. HN, on the other hand, kept calling him Han Gyul ssi. I so want him to call her Ha Nui ssi soon. With his deep voice, it must sound very sexy and intimate. The robbery scene was stupid to be honest. I know that it had to happen so HN's child picture(s) could be taken for SH's plan to work. But, realistically speaking, who the hell leaves the house without unlocking it? After Sa Rang left and the thief was able to get in thru the door by just pushing it, I was like, seriously?... Are people in Korea really this careless? Anyway, just like JE's kiss scene backfired, I hope that SH's plan does too. Based on tomorrow's preview, it seems JH will hold a funeral ceremony for SJ. @Saja La & @awsparkle mentioned about DG's dad may be able to identify that SJ is HN by looking at the picture. I think there's a high probability of this happening. I, on the other hand, prefer the following scenario... HN will attend the funeral because she wants to go pay her respects to JH and then will see her own child's picture on the funeral altar. How cool will this be, don't you think? This will certainly be the fastest way for JH to find out the truth. I'm looking forward to watch tomorrow's episode. I just can't get enough of HG's cuteness!
  16. @UnniSarah Yay, I'm glad you have decided to stick around us and our bashing talks about the evil duo Someone in this thread mentioned long time ago that since this is a typical family drama, even the evil duo will get redemption. I really wish for this not to be the case. I also think that HN will be really saddened once she finds out that both richard simmons hate her. And since our female lead is so "nice" and "empathetic", she will probably apologize to them for they hatred towards her and try to make amends, even when she's not at fault. I really hope that HN remembers that conversation she had with JE about the movie scenario where the character has hidden the truth for 20 years and has caused for the parents and child not to reunite. HN answered "NO", she wouldn't be able to forgive that person. If she remembers what she answered, then she will not need to feel sad that JE and her mom hate her.
  17. @UnniSarah, please don't leave us! I love your posts, GIFs, predictions, etc.. and I agree with our chingu @darr. I want to continue reading your posts.
  18. I don't think is weird. The bracelet can be seen as just an accessory that she likes wearing. Other than HN, JE, DG and HG, I don't think anybody else knows the meaning of it.
  19. I think you're right on the evil duo telling HG's mom about HN being poor and never graduated from university. The worst part is that we all know that HG's mom will really start disliking HN because of these reasons. This will bother me so much because to be honest, the current economical situation that HG's family is going thru is not good.. if anything, I even think is worst than HN's. HN has just started her own company and HN's mom owns a restaurant. What exactly does HG's family owns other than the house? They are ALL working as employees... Leo is even HN's employee for heaven's sake... Also, the fact that HN didn't go to college, but was able to build her own company is something that I would be very proud of, if I was her future mother-in-law. I hope that when we get to this messy situation between HG's mom and HN, the rest of HG's family members will at least support him. If they don't, I'm all in for him to leave the damn house!
  20. Yes, she’d moved on. After drinking the can of beer she told him that with it, she’s going to stop with the crush because and she is going to move on because she understands his heart. She also said that she’ll treat him as a neighborhood and grown together oppa moving forward. He apologized and thanked her for liking him. He also told her that if she finds someone in the future he hopes that this experience won’t get in the way for her to love because she deserves to love and to beloved.
  21. So I know that none of us care for JE & DG scene, but I’m kind of happy that JE cried DG basically told her after dropping her off that this was going to be last time they’ll meet. He even told her that if they accidentally meet, to pretend not to know each other. Ha Ha! She’s got what she deserves! Now she did say in the scene whee she was crying in her room that HN has now taken everything from her. This will cause her anctics and evilness to grow
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