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  1. Oh yeah... I would love to see HG telling DG to stop with the mixed signals and to back off. Also, that he has no right to meddle in.. HN will be my woman and I don't want any man other than me around her
  2. today's episode!! OMG!! I can't get enough of HG~HN scenes. It's definitely a good thing I watch the drama at home and not at work or anywhere in public. Otherwise, I would be scaring people off with mi giggling and grinning. The text preview provided by KBS about HG aggressively pursuing HN on today's episode was definitely accurate. Man, he really was in chasing his prey. I was swooning all over when he told her that despite all her flaws, he still likes her; and also, when he sort of requested her not to avoid him because of how much it would hurt him. . I have watched over 200 K-dramas and I gotta say, I don't recall seeing any male leads like HG's character. He has all the qualities that a woman looks for in a man. For the very first time, I agreed with JE on one thing... she said to DG that too much interest could make HN uncomfortable... I totally backed her up on this advice. I don't want DG to meddle in HN's relationship/business with HG. He better stay out of it! I don't want him to start giving HN mixed signals when she's already in the process of falling for HG. I hope she'll come to realize what a great man she has by her side and accept his feelings by the end of next week. This way, we'll get enough episodes showing both of them being in love and do super lovey-dovey things together.
  3. Yup, her Soompi's username is @mocmoc272. She is the wonderful soul who has been giving us summaries and translations from the episodes.
  4. @mocmoc272 Me too! I'm in such a good mood because of our lovely couple that my co-workers have noticed it and have asked me if I'm OK.. Bwaahahaha.. It's funny how yesterday, we all commented in the forum that the preview of today's episode, showed NO scenes of HG~HN which kind of disappointed us... then today... BOOM! we got A LOT of them!
  5. @mocmoc272 yes dear. He said that there’s not a woman in the world with many issues like HN that men are willing to like except for him. Our boy has really grown up. If it wasn’t because I’ve known he has never been in love, I swear after hearing him say this, I thought to myself, that he’s a player
  6. Hi my dear! Thanks from the brief summary of today’s episode. You & me both are probably internally screaming out of happiness for the cheesiness going on between HG & HN..
  7. So, I managed to watch the first clip of them after the confession. HN told HG that he must had been really drunk to say that (confession) and he said NO, I’m perfectly fine. He then continued by saying “do you want me to say it again” and she said “stop, I heard nothing and will pretend I didn’t anything”. Then she ran inside the house, stayed there and HG peeked thru the gate and said to HN “sleep well”... these two are way too cute! Next scene, we have HN trying to avoid seeing HG. President Kim told HN to take some items to HG and she asked if she could not go. The president said of course no, you have to go. Then she asked if him or Leo could go instead. Then Leo calls HG on his cellphone to tell him that HN can’t go to the meeting so he will go in her place. HG asked why she couldn’t go, Leo covers the phone to ask HN and Kim what to say and they both said because she’s sick. As Leo was responding to HG, DG came out of the break room and asked HN if she was sick out loud. I think HG heard and was going to see that there’s nothing that can be done if she was sick, but stop before finishing the sentence as he realized that’s she is just trying to avoid him.... LOL
  8. OMG, will she agree to date for real already? I’m over the moon right now
  9. LOL... So, did she forget about the bracelet? I’m assuming she was so flustered that she totally forgot about it, right? I just saw some pics posted on IG... did HG, HN, DG & JE ate together?
  10. Uff, finally managed to take a break from work. Can I just say how much I love reading y'all posts/comments? They are the sweetness of my day after a long and hectic day at work. Let's keep it up and no quitting/giving up on the drama until it is over! ... saying, courtesy of HG I haven't watch today's episode yet, but after I do so, I will come back to post my reactions.. See you later! Alright, I'm back after watching today's episode with subs. The episode had wayyyy too many scenes of DG~JE and very little of HH~HN. Very disappointing! Just as chingus @zhanna & @tinkerbelle2004 mentioned, DG and JE scenes were not cute at all. Every time they came up, I wanted to fast forward their scenes so bad, but didn't do it in the end in case they mention something about HN or HG. I see I was correct on my prediction about JE referring to DG as "her man". Finally got one prediction right! . The scene between her and HN in the car was weird, but it proved me how insecure JE is in matters of love, not to mention the inferiority complex she has when HN is involved. She lost HG to HN and now she's scared that it will happen the same with DG. I was just waiting for her to tell HN, "don't be friends with DG anymore and stay away from him". I wouldn't be surprise if she asks DG to stay away from HN, with that twisted mind of hers. The question here would be if DG does what she asks or will he stand up to her.... I dislike SH's character more and more everyday. I swear that every time the camera focuses on her face, I keep seeing money ($) signs in her eyes. This is all this lady can think of. How she dare to say that JE deserves at least half of JH possessions because of all JE has done for JH. Doesn't this lady know that if it wasn't because of JH, she would be living in the streets? Also, I can believe she had the nerve to say that she's already taken care of one burden! Like seriously!!! Arghh! I hate this lady!. Well, enough with the bad stuff, now let me get to the good ones. HG... OMG, what can I say... He's just perfect! The way he's tackling his first love is soooo awesome! . So, he really needed to test the waters and know HN's thoughts about unrequited love. To be honest, I found her explanation a tad confusing, but whatever advice he understood, he acted on it. Way to go! It cracked me up how it is ALWAYS the "friend" situation that gets brought up to cover the real one. LOL.. . Anyway, I noticed when he was walking her home, that he was nervous because of his hands movement. He must've been debating very hard on whether to confess or not and I'm just so proud that he did. Way to go HG! I agree with most of you about HN not accepting HG's confession right of the bat. At the end of the episode, we saw how surprised, confused and taken aback she was. I'm not even sure if she'll say something about the bracelet been ripped off her wrist. . I'm looking forward to HG pursuing HN. Since we know she has gotten nervous in many occasions where both of them has been super close to each other, I don't think it will take too long for her to fall in love and start seeing him a possible lover. HG, hwaiting!!!!
  11. @mocmoc272 Hi chingu! Thanks for the translation! You beat me to it . You know, I actually had the feeling that you were going to stop by the forum today with such an amazing development happening between our lovely couple.
  12. @fieza1871 @dramaninja Yay! I had the feeling that HG was going to do something with that damn bracelet! I’ll wait until some clips are posted and see if I can provide a rough translation. @penelop3 Yup, based on the preview, JE and DG are officially dating.
  13. @meoooooowwww here's the link for tomorrow's preview. http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/sunnydays/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0177-01-850810,read,,28,778405 @angelwingssf thanks for sharing the link for tomorrow's preview
  14. So, I just rewatched tomorrow's episode preview and this is the sequence of HG~HN scenes that I think will happen.. First, meeting at K1 Home Shopping where they talk about the bracelet's superstition.. Second, HG goes to Hanui Apparel office without notice (President Kim and HN looked surprised when he showed up). I'm thinking this is where HG invites HG for dinner Third, both having dinner and talking about first love... Lastly, HG dropping off and walking HN home. HG will grab HN's wrist that has the bracelet on and will probably say something along the lines of "when are you going to take this off".... or maybe he'll say something else to her which will take her by surprise... I'm thinking this will be the last scene of tomorrow's episode where they'll leave us hanging and wanting to know what's going to happen....
  15. I don't think they are back on track. At least, not from what I saw on today's episode. Now, on tomorrow's episode it may show a different path. In the preview, JE asked HN if she doesn't remember what HN did on the blind date with HG. I'm guessing whatever argument they're having, is about HN not messing around with JE's man like she did last time (blind date). Plus, JE doesn't have any right to call HG "her man" since both of them are aware that HG hasn't given any indications that he likes JE or wants to date her. DG, on the other hand, likes JE and has kissed her already... which in K-dramaland, a kiss already signifies being someone's property...
  16. Just finished watching today's episode with subs. I gotta say, today's was better than yesterday's! I can't get enough of HG's coldness, but at the same time, tenderness towards HN. No wonder she's confused. He got a bit upset at her because of "cockroach" conversation and also gave her a hard time when they were both grilling. Of course, it was due to jealousy but our clueless female lead didn't notice. Then, you have him the next morning taking care of her because of her cold and even making her co-workers suffered on their way back home. What gets me and don't understand about HN is how the hell didn't she noticed that HG was the ONLY person who took care of her! Not even DG who she has known for years and grew up with him. If I was in her shoes, I wouldn't immediately notice HG's actions and start seeing his awesome qualities. So, did any of you notice how close HG moved towards HN when they were at the grill. When I saw him leaning and his face getting so close to her, I was like OMO OMO. How I wished that Leo or President Kim would've been playing around and mistakenly bumped into HG... from the angle he was standing in front of her, we might've seen their first kiss. ... LOL... I'm looking forward to watch tomorrow's episode. I saw HG grabbing HN's wrist that has the bracelet on in the preview. I wonder if tomorrow will finally be the date when she removes it... I guess even if she doesn't, at least we all know that HG is aware of it and will probably try his hardest to convince her to take it off. I'm also looking forward to see what HG is going to ask HN about "first love". Oh btw, did you notice how our OTP was wearing matching colored outfits? Yellow/yellow and blue/blue.
  17. I think the only way to break it down is for HG to say loud and clear, "KHN-ssi, I like you.. Not as a working partner or colleague, but as a woman". I think this is the only way that HN will understand that he has fallen in love with her.
  18. @ariesw Your explanation makes sense chingu! I totally forgot about the details on HG's mom expectations and him telling her that he wasn't interested on dating. I guess HG will have to work harder to remove the misconceptions HN has of him.
  19. LOL! On the restaurant scene shown in the preview, HG said to HN that since she seems to be an expert on first love... could he ask her a question...
  20. @dramaninja HN criticized HG for not properly cooking the meat. He said that it’s all because of her. She replied that it doesn’t make sense that it’s her fault and he responded yes, it does. Then she avoided his eyes, and he asked her why she’s avoiding looking at a person’s eyes (his of course) and if she feels guilty... She said no, how can she feel guilty about the meat.
  21. HG told HN that the story about the bracelet is a superstition and asked if she believed it like a fool.
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