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  1. I know is too early to ask for this, but can Sena just die and go to hell? This woman is very infuriating . Every time those eyes of hers go wide opened, I jus feel like popping them out . Another character that is getting on my nerves is KY's dad. I can't believe he locked up KY in her room with a padlock. Really? A full grown woman at her age and in this century? Come on! He's so ignorant and easily manipulated by Sena that I have grown to dislike his character on every episode. I loved Hyun Ki's actions on today's episode. I can tell right now that I will have a 2nd male lead syndrome if he keeps doing these kinds of things for KY . JH's dad confronting KY's family was awesome! I loved how he didn't beg and/or ask for forgiveness. Instead, he threat to sue which is something you don't see very often in daily K-dramas. And I know it will not escalate to an actual suit because JH will intervene, but seeing KY's dad and Sena's reactions after the threat was made, it felt really good. I'm guessing we will not see our OTP leaving to Murano, but instead, we'll see them dealing with more issues in their motherland. I just hope they'll continue to support each other and not break up again.
  2. Hi everyone! First time posting a comment in this thread. I started watching this drama as soon as it aired and then stopped because I couldn't take any more of Sena's antics. This woman is crazy!! I'm still trying to figure out if she's really doing all of these bad things as revenge for her adoptive mother's sake or because she has a different agenda. As @mimii89 mentioned, this is a fast-paced drama and I like it. I also like the relationship between the male and female lead. It surprised how fast they fell in love with each other, dated, broken up and got back together. All of these in the span of 20 episodes. The second male lead also fell in love with the female lead really fast. To be honest, I think I will struggle choosing between JH and HK. because both have their own charms which makes it very difficult for me to pick one. Anyway, I want to shout out to @UnniSarah for convincing me to continue watching this drama. I'm finally caught up with the latest episode, so I will be checking and dropping by more often to read and share comments.
  3. @UnniSarah Your are right. I the GIFs. . Thank you for taking time to make and share them with us! . I especially love the one with the "He is a Player" sentence. I guess you think he is as well? HG gave her 2 days to think about his *cough* "proposal". So, HN has Wednesday 8/22 and Thursday 8/23 to make a decision. By Friday 8/24, we will hear her answer..
  4. It was sort of painful to watch today's episode without fast forwarding and/or skipping scenes. I forced myself to watch the unwanted JE and DG scenes as well as the annoying grandma ones just so I could stayed current on their family's couple mix dilemma. Just like @ajummapunkinssi said, JE is a snake. She herself is the devil. I can't believe this scoundrel had the nerve to tell JH that she truly wishes her happiness and the next day, back-stabbed her by introducing DG to grandma. What a trash!!! . I hope her plan of introducing DG to the family backfires after grandma gets to know that DG is the son JG whom she despises. I hate to say this, but if JH can't be together with JG, then the same thing should happen to DG and JE. I loved how JH stood up to her mom. Is was about damn time!! What she said to her mom always wishing JH to find happiness and now that she's found it, her mom is blocking it, was awesome! Also, about her quitting being the CEO of SJ Boutique was also great. I'm so proud of her for trying so hard to keep her relationship with JG despite all the obstacles. Let's just hope that she doesn't sway after discovering JE and DG are a couple... I know it won't be the case, but a wishful thinking doesn't kill HG & HN scenes were super adorable as usual, but too short. I was expecting more screen time of them together, especially after the kiss.. it was a bit disappointing, but at least we got to see our naive HN been all flustered and overreacting whenever HG leaned forward and close to her. I have said this and will continue to say it, HG actions are those of a total player . Are we sure he has never dated or been in love? LOL... . Also, I can't believe how clueless President Kim is... It cracks me up whenever he keeps wondering if something bad happened between HG and HN.. Leo, please just tell him!! It's sad that we will not any more episodes airing until Friday. But then again, I guess KBS1 did it on purpose to align the episodes sequence with the days. This way, Friday will air episode 75 and next week, we'll have episodes 80 thru 85.
  5. I wonder if we will get to see any HG~HN scenes together on episode 74... Based on the preview of episode 75 (airing on Wednesday 8/22), correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it looked like HG and HN are talking about the kiss for the first time after it happened? Which makes me think that on Tuesday's episode 74, they will probably be thinking about what happened on their own, but not really meet .. Since, we all know how our naive HN is, it wouldn't surprise me if she tries to avoid seeing HG at all due to embarrassment..
  6. I actually want JG and JH to be together. JE can go eat dirt for all I care. She doesn't deserve a happy ending for all the evil deeds she's done.
  7. @penelop3 The parents end up their relation in Sassy Go Go for the sake of their children. Especially the male lead's dad because he wanted to do something good for his kid for once.
  8. @angelwingssf JE asked DG's dad if he could give in/set aside (his relationship with JH). SH told HN to not worry/pay attention to something related the clothing competition (I think).
  9. LOL.. I just did! Thank you for the info and good news! I guess I won't need to change the wake-up time setup in the alarm.
  10. Nooooo! I was looking forward to watch Monday's episode live. I even had my alarm setup to wake up at 6:25am so I didn't miss the kiss aftermath. What a bummer!
  11. @awsparkle At least he didn't talk trash about JG when MIL and SH asked him to express his opinion of JG.. I guess that's the only good thing he's done
  12. So, Jin Ju Hyung, actor playing HG’s character, uploaded a picture of him on his way to a park to film a scene. My guess is that we will be seeing a date in the park in the upcoming episodes
  13. I liked HN tripping and falling on top of HG in Ep 70 It's funny how he asked, but she never gave permission. Sneaky HG...
  14. @angelwingssf Totally agree! Not to mention that HG has also driven HN home a million times even though is out of his route. DG, on the other hand, lives in the same house and works in the same office and I have never seen him taking her home.
  15. It would be so funny if HN's falls asleep after the kiss. You know how HG is holding her tiny face, then once he releases it, she falls in his chest.. bwahahaha . He will have to drive her home and then piggyback her in to her doorstep. Her mom and Sa Rang go down to get her and HG finally meets his future sister-in-law. @shinhani18 Welcome my dear! Glad you have decided to join us!
  16. @Saja La LOL.. I would love to see SH wearing those flowery ugly baggy pants while doing some farming, covered all over with dirt/mud and carrying those huge baskets on top of her head.
  17. What exactly does the white band that grandma put on her forehead means? Does it has anything to do with her opposing JG and JH's relationship? I think I've seen it every now and then on K-dramas, but haven't figured out the meaning behind it.... I felt bad for JG and JH. Not only because of JH's mom disapproving, but because I didn't expect JG to find out about the complicated relationship between DG, JE, JH and himself. JG is probably going to sacrifice his relationship with JH for his son's sake. What a bummer! As for HG and HN, all I have to say is I want to thank the writer-nim and pd-nim for giving us such an amazing gift at the end of this week! . To be honest, I never expected a kiss this early, especially when they haven't "officially" started dating. I just hope that the kisses don't stop like in some other dramas, where they only kissed twice (once in the beginning and another one at the end). I mean, even JE and DG have kissed twice (including the peck shown on Monday's episode preview), so it's only fair that our OTP do the same or more. Anyway, I think I'm gonna rewatched this entire's week episodes and will continue to check on this thread while waiting for Monday to come. I just can't get enough of HG and HN scenes. PS.. I think President Kim and K1 Shopping Team Leader will end up together at the end of the drama
  18. I think both Seol In Ah and Jin Ju Hyung are close. During the drama's press conference, I think she was asked about how she felt working with him. She mentioned that she discovered they both attended the same high school and that she was glad they had such a connection. This made it easier for them to work well together.
  19. @UnniSarah Thank you, that's so sweet of you! Will patiently wait for the GIF.. . You know how much I love them, right?
  20. @darr, @UnniSarah The fact that they look alike and have such a great chemistry, makes me wonder if they're dating in real life. If they are, their kisses and sweet scenes will come out even better.
  21. I think she was referring to the success of the broadcast. She kept asking him if he was happy as she was because of how well their first "fall" clothing broadcast and selling went. Since he wasn't answering her question, she kept asking...
  22. Yup, I also think a divorce is plausible and that he's gonna end up with EA. He's been hitting on her ever since they met again.
  23. @UnniSarah Hahaha... I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't like HG's outfit on today's episode . He looks way hotter with dark colors.
  24. HN seemed very drunk when HG kissed her. The question is whether she’ll remember the kiss or not after the gets sober.
  25. @dramaninja so what was the request that HN asked HG in the preview? What’s it the hand gesture?
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