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  1. JE definitely will not helped HN once she knows about her supplier. More than likely she will use the opportunity to completely destroy her. Or, she may help if DG requests her to help HN, using the chance to blackmail DG... telling him that she’ll help HN if he dates her again... I don’t know you, but I think HG is acting very unprofessionally here....
  2. Chingu, I hope you are right! With the events that have happened in the last 2 episodes, we really need a dosage of good and big surprise(s)... especially since we will no have an episode on Friday 8/31...
  3. Well, but remember how he's changing now... if he notices that HN starts to dislike his closeness with another female co-worker or client, he may play the "jealousy" card so HN comes closer to the realization that she likes him @UnniSarah Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation! I don't know about you, but I don't really like his new hair color, especially with his current hairstyle. I may like it black if he goes back to the parted hairstyle he had around episode 30...
  4. I would love to see the presence of a brief love-rival for HN. It can be a random K1 Shopping co-worker hitting on HG.. HN will dislike it, but being the way she is, she won't realize that those feelings are jealousy until she goes back home and talks to Sarang. Sarang will tell her that she's jealous and that if she doesn't wake up and get her sh** together, she'll end up losing the man she likes
  5. She still has the bracelet??? Wasn't that thing thrown away after she ended her one-sided crush on DG? I know it wasn't shown the bracelet being disposed of, but I thought that chapter was over with since she's no longer wearing it...
  6. Finally managed to watch today's heartbreaking episode and to read the insights ya'll posted. Wow! They're awesome! Special shout out to @darr, @yusefull, & @ajummapunkinssi for those deep & meaningful advices . So, a lot of us agree that HG's decision on giving up was the right one because this way HN will realize her true feelings for him. Tbh, I had a feeling that something like this was going to happen. However, I was hoping to be wrong and that it wouldn't come to this. The main reason is due to the fact that HN is so damn clueless and passive that it is hard for me to see her pursuing HG the way he did with her She really doesn't strike me as someone who's going to go "all out" to get the man. Even when she was supposedly in love with DG, she never really actively "pursued" him; instead she on the sideline. Now, I'm afraid that since HG has given up, we will no longer have cute interactions between them until we reach episode 100+ . How the writer and pd-nim are planning to change HN's passiveness on pursuing HG is something I'm very curious about.... I'm happy that JG & JH can be together. Finally, there was an episode where I didn't rolled my eyes over because of grandma's appearance. I just hope she doesn't change her mind even if SH or JE attempt to brainwash her. As for SH, you know how she keeps asking JE if she wishes to see her die..... I would for JE to say "YES" just to see what she'll do . If JE decides to include herself in the suicidal attempt, then I'm all for it... This way, we get two birds kill with one stone . @UnniSarah Really? Does HG dying his hair black represents him maturing and becoming more humble? I didn't know there was such a meaning behind hair color dying in K-dramaland.. Would you care to elaborate? I'm very intrigued about it... I always thought the actors/actresses change hair color because of their other work projects, such as photoshoots, commercials, etc...
  7. @UnniSarah Oh dear! Now that I'm reading your posts, I have come to realize that I missed mentioning about some secondary characters and details. Thanks my dear for bringing these points up. I also dislike Mr. Hwang's attitude towards this entire messy situation. I understand he can't really do much for JH because she's the sister-in-law. However, he can stand up for JE and back her up on her decision to continue dating DG. I don't understand why he can't stand up to his wife just like he did when the "adoption" thing was brought up. We all know he can reach that anger point and argue back to his wife and mother-in-law. Why is he not doing it for his daughter's happiness?? Also, thank you so much for the awesome GIFs. @meoooooowwww Thank you dear so much for sharing the OST. You rock!
  8. @fieza1871 Nah, don't worry dear... she'll definitely ended up going in. If it's not by her own means, it will be thru HG's dad. He will probably be taking the trash out or hanging the bed sheets/covers and will see her and tell her to come in. @UnniSarah Yes yes, I completely agree. DG should've called JE instead of HN. Damn, even HN asked him why he didn't contact JE.. and JE, the next day made a valid point... why the hell does she needs to hear her boyfriend's explanations from HN instead of the boyfriend himself?? I seriously gave a to JE (which is almost never) after she brought up this point. I also got a bit annoyed at HN for getting herself involved in the conversation between JE and DG. She should've kept quiet just like Leo did. I also want to know the title of the song. I think is a new OST and it will hopefully be out by the end of this week. The melody of the song the heart breaking scene more meaningful and deeper along with HG's eyes expression. It was so pure!
  9. Wow!.. I'm in awe at how the writer-nim and pd-nim managed to make the episode entirely about breakups, disappointments and broken hearts . It was definitely a very sad episode, but as many of you have mentioned, a needed one... After what happened today, we will have turning points for a lot of the characters. HN, for example, will come to realize that HG's feelings for her have always being genuine; Halmoni, will realize that JH is deeply in love with JG and that she really needs him to continue with her life; JE has already come to realize that her love for DG is much stronger than her hatred for HN and that she prefers to reveal the truth about her wrongdoings than to lose the love of her life; SH is now aware that JE has always had a resentment towards her for the way she treated and raised her; DG knows how much his dad loves JH and feels completely guilty because once again, his dad has made a sacrifice for his sake; and JG more than likely, will realize that he can't leave JH because both of them need each other. I'm really excited and looking forward to see what their next moves are going to be in the later episodes. As many of you, my heart broke for HG . I completely understand why he got so angry. I too, would've reacted the way he did after knowing that the ONLY reason why HN was sooo late was because of her "old unrequited crush". HG thought of A LOT of different reasons that involved HN getting hurt directly (physical injury) or indirectly (her business being affected). He was concerned ONLY about her and no one else. Then to know that the main reason for him to being almost stood up, him waiting for so long and getting drenched in the rain, was nonetheless, for DG, must have been really humiliating for HG. I get that when you go thru sudden "emergencies", people can't really think of doing anything else other than to deal with the situation you have on hand. This is probably what happened to HN and some of you may think that it was understandable. I, however, think that HN didn't think about calling HG not because of the situation, but because he was nowhere in her mind... It seems that at this point in time, HG still doesn't seem to have a place in HN's mind and/or heart and this is what disappoints me. I do hope that after today's events, HN changes her attitude towards HG and opens up her heart for him. PS... So about a week ago, a picture of the "park" we saw on today's episode was uploaded on IG. Today, we got the "park" scene.... If the timeline of the pictures and episodes are about 1 week apart, this probably means that we will get to see a romantic sunset date by the river or beach by the end of next week... which means that HG & HN will officially become a couple... I can't wait for it!! ... Also, I really hope that HG starts talking to HN in the "informal" way after they become a couple. I was over the moon when I watched the part where HG was practicing his confession and dropped the formality speaking ... HN can start calling him "oppa".
  10. @dramaninja Very well said chingu! I agree with you! If HN had any thoughts of HG just trying to win her over because of his competitiveness, then all of HG's actions proved her wrong. Just like you said, "No one would just stand in the rain and worry about you if they were not serious I t feel".
  11. @mocmoc272 Thanks my dear for the credits! You know I love going thru them with you, right?
  12. Will it be wrong of me to wish for Haelmoni's & SH's death to happen soon? As I watched the scenes where both of them almost fainted, I was like "oh yes, please, let them have a heart attack"... No but, seriously, these 2 leeches were the worst of the worst. I can't believe they had the nerves to say that DG and JG are after JE & JH because of their family status and money. These 2 richard simmons are nobodies. They have no money, no class, no manners (especially after barging into someone else's house the way they did), no house, no jobs, they have NOTHING! Both are not in their right minds. They should be sent to a psych ward . God, I don't think I can watch a whole week's episodes with these 2 lunatics and their antics as the main focus. On a brighter side, we got our cute HG attempting to convince HN that her reasons for not liking him are pointless. I loved how detailed he was and didn't leave a single statement that HN made on the previous episode out. HG's responses were spot on and didn't leave HN any room to argue them. She fell in his trap and her reasons kind of backfire on her . I can see her now slowly accepting "uri MD-nim". I just hope that this "slowly" pace turns into a "sudden and fast" pace soon. Tbh, I'm getting a little bit tired of her denial and playing hard card.
  13. Maybe it could be an ALL DAY date event . It will start in the park and will finish near the river/beach?... Can you you imaging this? LOL... My imagination is gone wild!
  14. HN can wear high heels, cook a lot and feed HG so he puts on weight and loses his six packs, becoming his girlfriend so he loses popularity ... as for his handsomeness, I really can't think of a way for HG to get rid of it... any suggestions?
  15. OMO OMO! Date scene = HN accepting HG's feelings = becoming a couple = sealing with a kiss
  16. @penelop3 I did chingu! Not only thought about slapping her face, but also poke her eyes
  17. @dramaninja Yes, exactly my thoughts! @Saja La Hahaha, didn't really thought about the things he needed to change . Now that you have mentioned them, they're hilarious.. But you get what I meant, right? Is the effort and willingness that counts.
  18. Another episode wasted on the evil duo.....sigh...... Part of me is glad that at least, almost every member of the Yoon/Hwang family has discovered that DG is JG's son. This means that we will not be wasting too many episodes just to reveal this fact. I'm hoping that this issue gets wrapped up quickly so the storyline can be more focused on HN accepting HG as a boyfriend and of course the discovery of her being Soo Jeong. As usual, JE showed us what a selfish brat she is by only thinking about her own happiness and not caring for her aunt's; SH being the typical scumbag and shameless person; DG being indecisive, and Haelmoni being stubborn. At this point, none of their behaviors surprises me and to be honest, I'm sort of used to to even comment about them. The only thing I'm probably going to continue talking about is HN & HG. I understand why some of us are frustrated at HN playing hard to get and being rude to HG. I sometimes get annoyed by her attitude towards her. I keep telling myself, that's the way she is. At least we got to see her rejecting HG and telling him that she doesn't like him (which we know is not true) on today's episode. Now that she's been honest with him and have given him her lame reasons for not liking him, at least he knows what aspects he needs to work on. Please, don't get me wrong, I don't think nor agree that he needs to work on any of these aspects, but from his perspective/POV, is something he needs to tackle to win HN's heart. HG thinking and acting this way will prove her that he really likes her and is willing to change for her. I just hope that she doesn't continue thinking that whatever he's doing is just to win her over due to his competitiveness... I blame Sa Rang for even bringing this idea up... PS. Hasn't been confirmed that episode 76 will air on Monday 8/27?
  19. Ooh, I forgot to mention about the last part right before HN walked back into her house. HG basically told HN that he likes everything about her.. that this is the way he is/feels when he falls for someone, in this case her. @meoooooowwww The list has the things she said she dislikes about HG. He created the list to go thru them and discuss with HN. My assumption is that he will tell her he can improve some of the things in the list and will be crossing them off so she doesn't have arguments as to not like him.
  20. So, on the scene where HG walked HN home, she basically told him to stop with the chasing because if he continues she’s going to feel burden and uncomfortable. HG then asked her if he really dislikes him and she said yes. He asked her to tell him what exactly it is that she doesn’t like about him. She then asked if she can really say everything without him getting angry. HG responded yes, to say it that he wouldn’t get angry. Then she said that she doesn’t like his that he’s too tall, how handsome and popular he is. She also said that she doesn’t like the “ka” he adds at the end when he speaks and that he consider himself handsome, popular and has a narcissist prince syndrome. She asked him if he wanted her to continue since there was no response from him. He then said, why don’t you just say that you hate my whole existence? (I think that’s what he said^^). He then said, OK, let’s say that you don’t like me for those reasons. However, we kissed.. it wasn’t only me who did it. HN, as usual, responds that she was drunk and that she’s made mistake. He then put his arms on her shoulders and said that if she’s wants they can try again, with her this time being sober. This way she would be able to tell how she really feels about it. She brushed his arms and said, this is why I don’t like you.
  21. @meoooooowwww Thanks dear for sharing the the spoiler and IG videos. I miss HG's old hairstyle! Who else misses it? @penelop3 Me too chingu! I'm having major withdrawals symptoms because I'm not getting enough of our "cockroaches" couple (per President Kim) @UnniSarah Darling, just like our chingus @angelwingssf & @darr pointed out, there's no need. Trust me, just by getting 1 kiss scene between our lovely OTP, pages will sky rock. Plus, we never seem to get tired of bashing out the evil duo for their stupidity. @Saja La & @ajummapunkinssi, Chingus, a little bit more patience with HN, please?  I agree with our chingu @dramaninja. HN is getting there... We have to remember that HG used to be a douchebag to her at the beginning of the series. Then when HN started seeing him in a different light, remember how he kept telling her "not to fall for him"? Maybe because of this, she never really thought about falling in love with him and/or the idea that he would like her as a woman. On the good side, she's no longer thinking about DG, because her mind is not filled with HG's confession, kiss and now harassment.
  22. How I wish this to be the case... If the Writer-nim is going thru some writer's block, then he/she is more than welcome to check on this thread to get new ideas for the next episodes. My personal suggestion... 25 minutes of screen time between HG~HN scenes; it doesn't matter if it's work related, but I prefer lovey-dovey scenes. JE and DG breaking up, SH going to jail or to her husband's birthplace to do some farming, Haelmoni sent to a nursing home and JH moving into JG's place.
  23. @UnniSarah ALL the scenes were JE, SH, & Haelmoni appeared . Bwahahahaha...
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