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  1. Second scene... in HG's car... HN: MD-nim, from now on, you don't need to do it.. HG: what? HN: take/drive me to work.... MD-nim also needs to go work and because of me, you'll have to wake up earlier and will more tired... HG: Are you worry about showing this (morning scenes) to PDG-ssi? HN: a little... HG: why? HN: because DG oppa and JE have broken up... I don't want him to see something that will make him more sad... he's already been having a hard time... oppa hasn't gotten over JE... HG: can you stop it... HN: what? HG: saying "oppa" HN: ah, OK... but, if I don't call oppa... oppa, what am I supposed to call him?.... guess I'll have to think of a different way to call him... LOL, HG stare after she said "oppa" twice was hilarious... love that HN trying her hardest to please her boyfriend...
  2. HG~HN scenes were so cute on today's episode Here's a brief translation of their scene in front of HN's house HN: MD-nim... HG: Did you sleep well? HN: What brings you here without a call? HG: You mentioned "go to work with with you boyfriend" in the bucket list HN: ahhh... I said that because we work in the same company (not 100% sure about this one) HG: well, that one of the reasons, I also have to get charged for the day... HN: charge? HG then hugs her and says... HG; KHN-ssi, you're my vitamin HN: what are you saying early in the morning HG: stay still, I'm charging now DG appears and sees them HN: Oppa, are you heading to work? DG: yes, it seems both of you're busy, i'll head out first HN: ahh, omg, what am I going to do...
  3. @penelop3 In the preview, Hana will finally get to know that HN is the president of HN Apparel. And HN asks HG to charge/give some *energy* before he leaves. HG tells her "I love you" as he embraces her and EA shows up..
  4. @penelop3 In the preview, I think I heard the lady saying something along the lines of "I have come to request ----- with my heart?" .... Not sure what it may be.... I hope that we are seeing HG smiling at her ONLY at of courtesy and because she brought him coffee... Although, I think the smile will appear because he notices HN walking into the office...... you know when you see the person you like, you can't help, but smile automatically... the lady just happened to be in middle and/or in front of him
  5. Yes, although we only got 1 scene for HG~HN, at least we got a confirmation that they're officially boyfriend and girlfriend. It's funny and cute how HG said to people passing by "she's my girlfriend, isn't she pretty?". And of course, we get to see an embarrassed HN being forced to say "this person is my boyfriend", not only once, but twice... just so she could be put down on the ground . And then uses the same tactic (piggyback her) to blackmail her into going to the hospital. He's such a player... @penelop3 I don't think HG is 100% aware that the lady is hitting on him. However, once he does, I think he will use option 2) make HN jealous first to get to option 1) make HN openly shows their relationship to public ... hehehe
  6. @csancsy LOL. I also liked the way HaeRi stepped in and put Sena in her place. I used to dislike HaeRi at the beginning, but now, I'm growing fond of her. I also like how she is able to handle Jae Dong @ajummapunkinssi I agree with you 100%. The way he acts, treats people and say things is so UNEDUCATED. He should learn from JH's dad to be a composed and polite gentleman. I loved GY & JH scenes. You can tell by the way they look and hold each other that they are sooooo in . Really, I can't get enough of them . Besides GY's dad, another character that is starting to get on my nerves is JH's mom. She practically does NOTHING at home and doesn't help at the factory, but for some reason she thinks she deserves be provided the most luxurious comfort in the world. What is wrong with this woman? How could she criticized GY's mom for owning a small restaurant, when this lady owns nothing? Oh, and those dresses that she wears... OMG, they're awful! She needs a new wardrobe. Oh, but wait a minute... she has no money to change it... Ufff, sorry about the rant. I just needed to get my annoyance with her character off the chest.
  7. What an awesome way to start today's episode with HN confessing her feelings for HG! . Not only we go love confessions, we got 2 kisses as well! I'm hyperventilating just writing about it . If they are both already this cute and making me swoon over by just being boyfriend/girlfriend, I don't even want to imagine what they'll cause me once they become husband/wife and have cute babies... bad for my heart! . Anyway, I love how expressive and outspoken HG has turned out to be. Now that his feelings are reciprocated he doesn't want to waste anytime and just says whatever he feels. How he told HN that he missed her and was willing to drive to her house just to see her was so sweet. It was unfortunate that HN changed her mind about meeting with HG because of Sa Rang. Tbh, I don't understand why HN is denying she's got a boyfriend to Sa Rang. I understand HN may be shy about it, but Sa Rang is so smart that even if HN tries to hide or deny it, it won't work. And since this is the case, HN should just be honest about it. I don't know if you noticed, but we only got around 60seconds of JE on the screen. YAY!!! I think so far, this has been the shortest screen time we have gotten of her. Good job PD-nim! . Now, please give us less screen time of annoying SH and grandma; and gives us more of our new couple, jebal!! So, based on tomorrow's episode preview, it seems we will get EA's friend visiting. By the way she's staring at HN, it seems as if she knows and/or has something to do with how HN became EA's daughter. Maybe, the lady was the wife of the guy who almost ran HN/SJ over. When her husband took the girl to the hospital, they both thought that she had no parents. And since EA had just lost her child, the couple decided to give her the girl they found.... just a thought... I hope the issue with the merchandise and payment doesn't dragged too long so we can get more lovey-dovey scenes between HG & HN. Also, since JE is the current MD in charge, the faster the issue gets resolved, then the less time we'll have to see her annoying face on the screen.
  8. HG~HN phone conversation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WjtohFj6KY HG calls HN and asked if the issue with the factory has been resolved, if she was able to convince the factory's owner. She said no and that the owner told her he won't give her the merchandise until he gets the payment. HG offered to go with her to convince the owner by giving him his word/guarantee that payment will me made. HN politely rejects his offer because she wants to try to solve the problem on her own. She continued on saying that she hasn't given all 100% effort. Since there was no comment from HG, HN asked HG over the phone if he got mad because she rejected his offer. He responded saying "KHN-ssi, all of the sudden I really really miss you, what to do?". She was taken aback and said, "what?". He stood up from the bed and said to meet right away that it will take him 30 minutes to get there. She shyly said OK. Sarang entered the room and started teasing her about talking with her boyfriend over the phone. After Sarang left the room, she told HG that it was better for them not to be meet because of her sister. A depressed HG agreed. After they both hung up, he started saying to himself that he misses her with all his heart like a crazy person. His dad entered the room after overhearing what HG just said and teased him by repeating what HG just said. His dad then asked if he was dating someone else since he has broken up with HN. HG said it wasn't the case... As his dad was leaving the room, HG stopped him and asked him if he came into his room to ask him something... His dad then asked him, if he wasn't hungry, HG said "yeah".. his dad continued by asking, right now you feel full and want to be alone, right?. HG agreed once again... His dad said, "for these reason, I'm leaving"... Hid dad is such a tease...
  9. HN responded that she likes him.. HG tried to tell her that if she was saying that because she was sorr... but she didn't let him finish and kiss him... HN then said, "I think I have fallen in love with you, I love you"... HG stared at her and said, "do you know how long I have been waiting...... I LOVE YOU.... A LOT" and then kisses her... *the end*
  10. OMG God chingus!! Today's episode was pure love! So, we have HN asking HG if he really likes her, and telling him she was having a hard time and wanted to be comforted (by him). HG replied that it didn't have to be him. I think HN responded that already liking someone (DG) and then liking someone else (HG) was strange and because it seems like an easy change of heart. Then she went on saying the person she's concerned about, missed and wanted to call was HG. She complained to him that how come he was the only one who started and finished the liking. She then tried to leave, HG grabbed her and asked her what she meant with was she said earlier.... To be continued...
  11. @UnniSarah OMO OMO!!! Those GIFs!! Thank you so much dear! Tbh, I was gonna ask you if you could share some of your amazing GIFs focusing on those scenes, but changed my mind because I didn't want to sound like I was imposing of you.. Thank you so much! U!
  12. OMO OMO! GY and JH are the sweetest couple ever. I loved the scene where they both went up the stairs and GY was surprised to the see the bed. The way JH stood up right behind her at her ear leveled was OMG! . I always thought that Sena knew about her dad's plan about bankrupting her husband's business. I was shocked to know that this wasn't the case and surprisingly, my heart ached for Sena after seen her cried so hard inside the car. I guess she really started to feel something for DY and doesn't want to completely screw up his family. I still like HK's character thus far. He's not like acting like Sena or his dad or joining them in their evil deeds even though he could. The fact that he's trying to help GY's family from getting screwed up with the proposal deal tells me that he's character is not the typical richard simmons**** 2nd lead male. I really wish for his character to remain the same way until the end. Before, I go, I have to say... GY's dad is so dumb!!! His son is telling him that the deal with in-laws is not good and this guy is just so adamant! If it wasn't because DY and GY are part of the company, I would've wished for him to get really screwed up for being so stupid!
  13. Believe it or not, what I loved the most about today's episode was the bonding time between the 3 dads ....It was so funny to watch them talk their thoughts on marriage in their drunken stage. I particularly, liked seen HG's dad meeting and getting along with DG's dad. It was like foreshadowing HG's and DG's relationship. Once again, JH's actions have made me very proud. Standing up to her mom is not an easy thing do, especially after agreeing and giving in to her for so many years. Her mom needs to stop being stubborn, learn and follow her daughter's example on how to give in. JE is back to being a complete "richard simmons". Although part of me understands her point of view on HN Apparel, I must say that her not giving the company any chance was a dumb move. Now, not only HG realized that JE doesn't want to work with them nor has the intention of doing it well, I think the Team Leader also noticed her eagerness to remove them from the channel. Since it seems that President Kim and the Team Leader relationship go way back, she may give HN Apparel back to HG so JE doesn't have to deal with them... *crossing fingers*... I've never been in Korea so I have no clue how long does Han River stretches out, but I had a huge question mark on the top of my head when HG said to himself, "the closest Han River to HN Apparel"... I was like, what? What does he mean? Isn't there only ONE Han River? .... LOL Regardless, I'm happy he was able to find her and I'm pretty sure he heard EVERYTHING she yelled out. Tomorrow's episode opening may start with him asking her to repeat the last part "I like you and miss you". It will be up to HN to either play dumb or be brave and truthful for for once and admit/confess her feelings in front of him. After all she'd yelled out, if she doesn't go with the latter, I will seriously cuss her character. PS.. tomorrow's episode preview is really weird. I think the grandma could end up being the owner of the factory that is holding HN Apparel merchandise. Or she will be a super rich grandma that will end up investing her money on HN's company. @matchamilktea Welcome chingu to the thread!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new on this thread. This drama is so good that I finished watching all the aired episodes in one go. I have grown very fond of the lead couple. Their relationship is so complicated, yet sweet and lovely at the same time. PSH is doing a wonderful job portraying Phillip's character and SJH is nailing ES's. Loving Lee Pd-nim character as well. I'm glad I decided to watch this drama and look forward to see more twists and plots to be uncovered.
  15. @jackieoh Oh, I know the feeling. I have the same situation... LOL... The funniest part is when a cheesy or lovey-dovey scene (like the end of today's episode) is aired and you're like giggling and cringing and then your co-workers look at you as if you're a crazy person .. Anyway, I'm also in the US and pretty much do the same as you... I watch the IG or Youtube clips posted in the morning and then in the evening, I watch the entire episode. Where I live, SAT airs at 6:25am.. I wake up to check on this thread and IG posts since I can't watch it live...
  16. Got to say... today's wedding and honeymoon were the weirdest, yet the sweetest I've ever seen ...
  17. @jackieoh Welcome dear! Glad to hear you're enjoying this drama as much as we do. We should thank your brother for getting you hooked and have him joined us as well . Feel free to post any likes, dislikes, rants, ideas.. in fact, anything that comes to your mind about the drama
  18. @margeritta Hi there! Welcome to the thread! I see that you started watching the drama... And as many of us, you'll ended up getting hooked up to it .
  19. @dramaninja HG approached JE about giving HN Apparel time to resolve the issue and as the MD in charge shouldn't she support/protect it. Of course, JE responded that she thinks there's no meaning because the company is a start-up and have no investors. HG then said that she should put more trust in the company, but she said that whatever skills/capabilities HG thinks the company has, it's not enough for her.
  20. @penelop3 Thank you chingu for posting the scene! Awww, at the end, HG said "KHN-ssi, I told you I was going to find you, didn't I"... OMG, I just died!!
  21. @torresnn I haven's watched the scene, but someone in IG posted that HN basically yelled in the air that she likes and misses HG... she also said that she got rid of the bracelet... I think this is why we can see HG smiling...
  22. Annyeong chingus!! I finally finished watching Thursday's episode and catching up with all your posts. Wow!! So many heated, yet fun arguments we all shared. The thread was on fire!!! . @UnniSarah Dear, we will reach 150 pages with no issues . I'm glad I was wrong about HG's actions towards HN Apparel. Tbh, I took it very hard because HG has been my favorite character in the drama. For me, he's been the only character that has been honest, professional, loyal and has stayed true to himself thus far. So, imagining him making such an unprofessional move (giving up on HN Apparel) was a blow in the face. Thank you writer-nim for not changing his persona!! Also, I was super happy that a lot of you defended/supported HG regardless of the circumstances. After having the chance to calm down and re-think, I started to see that HG not being in charge of HN Apparel is a good thing. 1) this will give HN the chance to prove to people, especially evil JE, that she's capable of managing and growing her business without HG's help, 2) HG's mom will not be able to give HN crap about how she only dated HG because of his connection to K1 Shopping. Hopefully by the time HG's knows the truth, HN will be independent with no business connection with her son, 3) assuming HG is really up for a promotion and becomes romantically involved with HN, it wouldn't look good in the eyes of the other K1 Shopping employees and/or clients. Their relationship would always be prone to become gossip about "preference" treatment and such. After thinking about these situations, I'm no longer opposed to the idea of cutting professional ties. @darr & @awsparkle, as much as I would love to agree with you on JE having something to do with the subcontractor disappearance, I beg to differ. As I rewatched Wednesday's episode, President Kim mentioned the issue with the scammer for the first time. This was around the time that JE was dealing with the breakup with DG so I doubt she even had the chance to plot something against HN. I mean, I'm not saying that she couldn't have done it prior to the breakup.. but she was happy while dating DG and didn't seem to care doing more antics against HN. Just saying... I'm loving how strong and decisive JH has become. The fact that she's finally disagreeing and arguing with her mom to be by JG's side is something worth praising. She leaving the house so her mom can no longer control her is awesome. I would've preferred if she stayed and kicked the rest of the family out, but then again, her kindness is one of the characteristics I loved about her, so I'm okay with it. If things continue developing the way they are, we will probably see JH figuring out that HN is her daughter. JH may take a look at JG & DG photo album and if HN had pictures taken with DG when they were kids, then it will be only a matter of time for the truth to be revealed. I'm excited to watch next week's episodes. I'm confident that we will get HG and HN confessing their love for each other towards the end of next week. We still have the scene by the river/lake that was posted on IG. I think this is where they will confess, kiss and officially, start dating . The plot could go this way... HG will help HN out with the business issue. The scenario will be similar to the one with the fabric (he gave her car rides to visit multiple fabric facilities). Only this time, HN seeing how supportive HG is and knowing how she feels about him, tells him to stop the car. They end up somewhere close by a river/lake and that's when she confesses to him that she also loves him... the rest, is up to your imagination...
  23. OK, I got a message from my lovely chingu @mocmoc272 and it seems both of us misinterpreted the conversation between HG, his team leader and JE . Oh my, I feel really guilty now.. Well, at least it is a good thing that it wasn't HG who decided to let go of HN Apparel. What a relief... Lesson learned here for me is NOT to watch the drama with the chipmunks talking.... LOL I'll come back later to read all of your posts and comment...
  24. Sorry Chingu, but I disagree. Like I mentioned in my previous post, if we went the route you’ve mentioned, then he should’ve let HN quit K1 Shopping when she wanted in the past. He didn’t let her quit because of her personal feelings with JE.
  25. You re not alone dear! I’m pissed at HG as well. How unprofessional of him to let go of HN apparel because of her personal emotions. How many times HN wanted to quit in the past because of issues with JE which were personal and he didn’t let her. Arghh! This is infuriating
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