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  1. After HN collapsed and is taken to the hospital. HG arrived and thanked the guy who took her to the hospital. HN waked up... HN: MD-nim... HG: have you regained consciousness?.. what's with this state (the way she looked)? HN: where am I? HG: hospital.. just stay still HN: why am I in the hospital? HG: this is what I want to ask... (HN sat up on the bed) HG: I told you to stay still... HN: please call the nurse... HG: the nurse? why? HN: to remove this (IV).. I want to go home HG: no, you can't until we know your condition HN: I know my body/condition well enough... i fainted because I starved all day... I want to go before my mom gets to know and worry (HG took and walked HN home) HN: thanks for today. I'll go inside... HG: ok... HN: thanks for not asking anything HG: I want to ask you like crazy, but I'm guessing you have a reason, so I'll just hold it (asking) and trust you... although I don't know for how long I'll be able to hold it... HN: i'm sorry HG: I'm really curious about what's going on that is driving me crazy (HN gave him a *don't ask/won't tell you* look) HG: I got it... i'll wait until you want to tell me.... however, you have to promise me one thing... (HN looked at him) HG: something (fainting) as shocking as today won't happen again... also, regardless of whatever you're debating and worrying about, you need to eat.... if you don't, I'll prepare a lunch box and look for you everyday... then people will notice/be aware of our relationship.. HN: I'll do it... HG: there's another thing... you must answer my phone calls.... are you not going to give me a response? When you don't answer, I get concerned and frustrated and start imaging a lot of scenarios... HN: i got it, i'll answer your calls HG; KHN-ssi, can I hug you? (HG hugged her) HG: when you're this hurt/sick, my love for you gets stronger (I think this is what HG meant)... I don't know what happened, but since I'm by your side, don't suffer too much.. let me request this of you! Please don't go thru too much difficulties! (HG released her) HG: go inside and sleep/rest well
  2. @UnniSarah LOL.. doesn't it bother you when the writing is so bad in the correlation chart? I understand that Koreans can understand the awful and extra stroke writing, but for us who are learning, is troublesome
  3. @UnniSarah Hi Dear! If I'm not mistaken, the circled part is written as "호감" which means "crush". However, since the writing is not very cleared, I can't guarantee that the translation is correct. I don't follow this drama, so not sure how is the relation between these 2 characters (Shin Hwa Kyung & Yoon Do Bin) .
  4. Here's a brief list of events that happened on today's episode.. - JE agreed SH's idea of going abroad to study - SH told the family about JE going abroad. Grandma didn't like the idea and even asked SH with what money she's planning to send JE abroad. SH, shamelessly, said that she has JH who can pay.. that paying is the least thing JH can do for, since JE has been there for her all the past years (what a bi***) - SH told her sister and JH agreed to pay for JE's expenses abroad. They also talked about how SH was disappointed at JH because she's now calling DG her son. SH even brought up the fact that she always thought that Soo Jeong was the only child that JH had - HN ignoring/avoiding HG . We see her shutting her phone off after checking a text that HG sent her inviting her to lunch. We also see an scene where she checked HG's voicemail.. HG said in the voicemail "are you really going to be like this? Am I really your lover? If there's an issue, then shouldn't you discuss it with me? Do you not have confidence in me? When you hear this message, call me right away, or I will get really angry, OK?". After finish listening to the voicemail, she cries and apologizes to HG and says that this is not something that HG can resolved. She doesn't know what to do and doesn't have the confidence to see her mom and Sarang faces - DG learns about JE going abroad. He tries to talk to her at K1, but doesn't say a single word. Then we also see him standing outside of JE's house. JE's dad sees him and he's leaving. - JE and her dad have a conversation about her going abroad. Her dad tells her that if she's going because she really wants to then he's fine, but if she's doing because she's running away, then she should reconsider. He also told her that he saw DG standing outside the house. JE also learned about her losing money and she told her mom that she'll give her amount her dad lost and to forgive him. - JE and DG meet outside his house and she asked him one last time if they really can't be together. *end*
  5. We only got 1 scene of HG & HN together HG: KHN-ssi HN: MD-nim HG: what's going on?.. why aren't you answering your phone? Where did you go? (HN didn't respond) HG: anyway, it's a relief.. I was worried that you weren't going to be here once I arrived.... do you know how many unbelievable situations I had to go thru just to come see you?.. You know, as I was going out, brother-in-law and my mom wanted to tag along... because I tried to avoid/oppose, I was reprimanded.. I managed to escape by lying.. HN: I see.... HG: what's with the facial expression/reaction?... Even if it (HG escaping) wasn't an action that could make you cry or be touched, compared to the reaction I imagined, it's very different.. I'm a bit taken aback... HN: I'm sorry... HG: if you're sorry, then let's have a beer (sorry, not 100% sure about this one ) or let's go for a drive... HN: MD-nim, sorry, but I'm not in the mood... HG: did something happen?.. now that you mentioned it, you don't look well.. HN: just because... I'm tired... HG: I got it... there's nothing we can do then... since I've seen your face, then it's enough... go inside and rest.. HN: ok... HG: (with a sour/disappointed expressions) I told her to go inside and she did right away... making me sad....
  6. The plots/issues have been changing so often that it is hard to predict what will happen next.. at least, this is way I personally feel Whatever happens though, I hope that the issue doesn't drag for too long, especially if HG & HN will be momentarily separated... I can't stand seeing these 2 lovebirds apart
  7. @awsparkle thanks chingu for the translation... I can't believe HN will be avoiding HG... why??!! If anything, she needs to stay close to him for support...
  8. Some events that happened on today's episode as I was skimming thru.. - JH let Ha Na stay at SJ Boutique, but warned her that such a situation can't happened again - JH let SH slide one more time. However, she told SH there won't be a next time (where she will let it slide) and also to write a resignation letter in front of her. JH said that she will keep the resignation letter in case SH does something again and will immediately process it - JE was the reason why HN wanted to stop wearing the ring. JE told HN that if it is discovered that HG and HN are dating, HG can get in trouble at work. She, shamelessly, told HN not to take what she said the wrong way, that she's saying it for her own benefit (what a b****). JE also asked HN about whether or not she got her childhood memories back - HN overhead JE's dad and EA talking about her adoption, so HN ia aware now... sad moments to come for HN..
  9. LOL... so the guy who bumped with HN asked her if she works around the area. HN said no and he said, no wonder... because there's no way he would've not noticed someone as pretty as her passing by... he asked her her phone # so he could give her a call and invite her to eat... As HN tried to answer, HG showed up and said "NO, she can't". He then showed the guy his ring and said they're together. The guy left and HG looked at HN and said, "what's this/what happened" and HN said "well, I was just passing by and bump into him... (very low key voice)"... LOL HG~HN conversation in the coffee shop... HG: if I didn't interfere, were you going to give your phone # to that man? HN: NO, what would I give my phone # to other man? I was going to tell him that I have a boyfriend, but you interfere.. (HG smiled) HG: just now back in the company, what's the reason why you avoided me and ran away when you saw me? HN: I think I will have go around without wearing this (holding the ring) HG: what do you mean not wearing it? you can't, you have to wear it... it's the show that KHN-ssi is mine and without it, situations like the one that just took place (man hitting on her ) will happen...... i don't want go thru this for my heart's sake (not 100% sure about this last sentence ) HN: I was caught by JE... when she saw this (ring), she realized that we're dating HG: is that right? HN: are you not surprised?...... I mean, you are a MD-nim and I'm the company's CEO of one of K1 Shopping clients... aren't you concerned that other people will get know about us and put us in a tough spot? HG: come over here... (HN leans forward and he flicks her forehead) HG: KHN, you're unbelievable or you can't be helped (something along this lines) ... don't know my personality? I didn't give you a ring with a light heart... HN: i know... however, I have to think of your position as mine as well. You said to keep professional and personal matters separated! HG: who said not to do it? Of course we have to keep them separated.... but us dating, you don't have to purposely hide it... We're no longer in the same team, but even if we were, when I work, I know how to keep them separated..... Even if we're in a love relationship, I wouldn't go easy on you... HN: i know that, but.... HG: because you keep touching the ring, you're making it obvious for people to notice it ... just normally wear it (meaning to stop touching it... hahaha) HN: alright HG: also, what the guy said about you being pretty, please don't get the wrong idea/misunderstand (HN looking confused) HG: because I'm different/weird (sorry, couldn't get the exact word he meant, but is something along these words )..... KHN is ugly HN: what is wrong with you? I have had other men confessing like the one who just did? HG: how many exactly? *the end* these 2 are wayyyy to cute and funny!! love them to death!!
  10. First HG~HN scene (in the park)... HN: hmmmm... it's very pretty (looking at the ring) HG: do you like it? HN: of course! is a gift HG-ssi has given me, so of course I like it HG: i'll give you a fancier/more significant (i think) ring next time HN: (pointing to both of the rings) having these ones that connect are hearts right now are the most meaningful and satisfying HG: in my eyes, KHN-ssi is the most significant (i think) HN: ah, President Kim called Leo and told him to come back to work tomorrow HG: is that right? HN: (nodding)... how things went with your sister? HG: President JH said to wait for a little bit on the situation
  11. The video showed JE's dad telling HN that he got to know about what happened in her family (the fact that she's adopted).. i doubt he'll say the whole thing tho.. Also, it seems SH suggested JE to go overseas and it looks like JE will do it
  12. I just finished watching episode 87. I wonder which family member will SH be using next as her excuse to screw HN Apparel and embarrass JH .. Even JH was dumbfounded by her actions and would've not let it go if it wasn't because JE kneeled down and JG calmed her down... Argh, sometimes I wish for JG to not be so understanding and have some malice in him I'm glad that the design copy issue didn't drag for too long and it got resolved fairly quick. Ha Na did so good today... admitting and confessing that she was the culprit behind the design copy made me very happy. I also loved how Ha Na sort of yelled at JE and pointed out that JE knew about the issue and did nothing. JE as well as her mother, has officially earned a spot in Ha Na's blacklist . I would love to see a fight scene (with hair grabbing/pulling included) between Ha Na's mom and SH. I can already visualize Ha Na's mom eyes opening wide open as she grabs SH by the hair I thought it was funny that our lovely couple only got about 2 minutes of screen time where they were alone on today's episode. Most of their scenes had third-wheelers in them (Ha Na, HG's dad, JH & Team Leader) . Regardless, I thought those 2 merely minutes were enough for me to die and go to heaven... just kidding... . No, but seriously.. I totally agreed with HN's statement about how HG can easily say things without blushing/feeling embarrassed. The way he expresses his love for HN without any inhibition and restraint is just pure . It's time for me to go to bed. I will catch up with y'all later.
  13. @anungnymous thanks chingu for sharing tomorrow's episode preview LOL, it looks like the man who bumped with HN will be asking for her phone # HN will be telling HG that is not a good idea to be wearing this (the ring) and that's why we see him flicking her forehead...
  14. HN meeting HG in his office scene... HG: are you done with the meetinh with Hwang MD? HN: yes... let's have lunch together? HG: ok (Team Leader walked in) Team Leader: Lee MD, I was going to give you a phone call, but you're here... don't you want to go on a blind date? HN: blind date?? Team Leader: seems like KHN-ssi wants to go on a blind date as well... unfortunately this time, I only found one for Lee MD.. I'll get KHN one for next time... (looking at HG) is my friend's sister and she's very pretty.. also, I heard she studied design in the same college you attended.. HG: I don't know.. Team Leader: Lee MD, you don't have a girlfriend... just meet her without pressure.. HG: I do have a girlfriend Team Leader: really? Since when? Is it a serious/real relation? HG: yes, I love her very much Team Leader: ok, it can't be helped... Next scene in the park.... (HN looking at HG) HG: why? Is there something stuck in my face? HN: no... I was thinking about how I melted your cold attitude.. how can you lived your daily life without changing your attitude? (sorry, not 100% confident about this one ) HG: what do you mean? (then HG grabs HN hands) HG: are you referring to when I say I love you words? (HN just smiles and HG puts one of her hands on his chest) HG: can you feel my heart racing? HN: yes, if somebody else feels it, they would thought that it is running HG: do you know where the finger that this heart wants to head to is at? (sorry again, I don't think this is very accurate ) HN: where? (HG puts the ring on her ring finger) HG: here, in the fourth/ring finger.. (HG puts the ring on his finger).... KHN-ssi heart and my heart are connected/one from now on... OMO OMO!! HG-ssi!!! . I have officially died of happiness... PS.. sorry guys if the translations are not accurate... there were some hard to understand words during their park scene ... I still hope you enjoy them
  15. Woohoo!! Ha Na confessed to JH that she copied the design! She continued saying that she had no clue that the design was HN's Apparel Leo's design.. is she knew that, she would've never done it. JH shocked said "you expect me to believe that she had no idea it was HN's Apparel design and it was coincidence that you drew the same design?".. Ha Na handed JH the USB and told her that SH gave it to her. SH tried to meddle in so Ha Na couldn't give an explanation, but JH told her to stay out. Ha Na then continued explaining to JH that SH gave her USB to give her an idea since she was struggling with coming up with a design. Yay!! Ha Na, you did so well!!! I'll be back in a bit with HG and HN scene translation...
  16. Tbh, it's been really hard for me to continue watching the drama with all of the recent developments. I'm frustrated at all the antics, stupidity, and evilness of the antagonist characters. Whenever the evil mother and daughter are together in a scene, I just wish for one or the other to say "let's just die and go to hell together". There are so many drama where this phrase is used... why can't it be used in this one? Our main couple is the only reason why I continue to follow this drama. If, it wasn't for HG & HN, I probably would've dropped it last week. They continue to surprise and give me butterflies whenever they express their love for each other... especially, HG... when he says "I love you" with those puppies eyes, it just melts me . Their scenes together are so cute, sweet, and cheesy, that I can't help it and want to immediately translate their conversations and share their happiness with all of you. Their scenes are like my morning vitamins dosage and I hope they're yours as well.
  17. HG & HN scene in the car... After HN lets out a big sigh.. HN: sorry HG: no need to apologize HN: thank you for taking me home HG: from the person you love, "sorry" & "thank you" are not the words you want to hear.. when we feel like saying these (words), let's say "I LOVE YOU" instead... HN: i love you HG: me too (then he did their i love you "sign/gesture") (HN seemed a bit confused about the gesture) HG: who was the one showed me to the this (sign) to express our love so no one notices? (then HN gets it and does the sign to him) HN: thank you for cheering me up.... ah, I LOVE YOU HG: don't worry too much, since it seems what you're saying is true.. plus, HN Apparel has gone thru a problems in the past and it's been able to get backed up.. just like you Last scene... in HN's office HN: why did you come her?... i told you to go home HG: because I knew you were going to be alone like this... have you had dinner? HN: I was gonna go home and have some HG: let's head out... let's have dinner together and then i'll drop you home HN: ok HG: is not over until is over.. let's go (HN back hugs HG) HN: don't turn around.. you know I look ugly when I cry (HG turns around anyways) HG: you look pretty HN: how can you be joking?, when I'm this scared... HG: no evidence has turned up, so tomorrow, instead of being down, you should confidently tell the truth.... people will believe it. plus you also have Leo Designer... HN: yeah.. HG: so just think about telling the truth.. can you do it? (not 100% about this one) (HN nods as an agreement)
  18. HG is so awesome! So, he questioned Ha Na about whether or not she stole the design. Of course, Ha Na denied her involvement. HN finally is aware that Ha Na is HG's sister and Leo's wife because she heard HG called out Ha Na "noona". In K1 Shopping hallway, HG & HN conversation went on like this... HN: just now, did you call SJ Boutique designer, "noona"? HG: that's right, she's my real sister HN: HG's sister?... real sister? HG: yes HN: then, if she's HG's sister, then that means Leo's designer wife? HG: that's right, brother in law wife is my sister (HN still in shocked) HG: is the meeting over? HN: yes... Team Leader said that she'll properly investigate HG: no matter who the culprit is, even if it's one my family member, I don't plan to turn a blind eye.. I told you before, to keep personal and work matter separated, right? So without reservation and pressure, you should properly investigate. I love you HG-ssi!
  19. So, we got HG meeting and having dinner with his MIL on today's episode ... Finally!! It was about damn time!! Here's a rough translation of the scene... it started at HN's house doorway... HN: we've arrived HG: (disappointed), yes, we've arrived already HN: you know, can you do that before you go? HG looks at her with a "what?" expression HN: the recharging thing HG hugs her and tells her "I love you" and HN says "me too" EA appeared and saw them hugging each other.. HN noticed and released HG right away.. EA: HN? HN: mom!.. HG: hello mother in law... EA: yeah... but, mother in law?.. They moved into HN's house and EA setup dinner at the table HN: where are Sarang & aunt? EA: Sarang is having dinner with other kids and and I have no clue about your aunt... no idea where she went, but she's not answering her phone HN: MD-nim, ho ahead and have some (food) EA: that's right... but, since we came in rush, I didn't have time to prep much so I hope it suits your taste... HG: I'll eat it well... (then grabs a piece, eats it) and says.. it tastes really nice, MIL.. EA: oh really? then please eat a lot... (EA stared at HG and HN noticed it) HN: mom, HG will get indigestion.. EA: omo, sorry... aigoo, he used to be cold and act as a prince not too long ago, so can you imagine how surprised I caught you too out there? HN: I didn't like MD-nim then... Adding the our couple's last scene... HG and HN walking towards his car... HN: drive carefully HG: based on your mom's opinion, how many points do you think I got with her? HN: 10 out 10?... hmmm.... (laughs) 10!.... since the first time my mom saw you, you have no idea how much she liked you... HG: really? (HN nods) HG: I'm going to able to rest/sleep well (not 100% sure if this is what he said, but it something along the context) HN: hurry and go home to rest HG: I'll go then HG: where not at work, so is not MD-nim.. EA: my HN and MD-nim are dating, right? HG: yes, we are.. EA: Do you love my HN? HG: I love her very much EA: you will not act cold again and hurt HN, right? HG: I have already gotten rid of that side, so it will be hard to get it back (referring to his attitude/side) HN: i have done well beating it/conquering this side (not 100% sure of this one) EA: if I see you acting cold again, I will give you laser eyers HG: yes, I get it... HN: mom, you are scary... EA: loving HN with your heart, you can't change it... my HN is a girl that deserves a lot of love HG: I'll keep it in mind HN: mom...
  20. @penelop3 Unfortunately, we heard right chingu. SH will be playing the "I don't remember card" DG also will be asking JE if her mom was involved in the issue and she'll get upset saying that "not only he is suspicious of her, now he also suspects her mom".. So based on what I saw on today's episode, it seems JE wasn't planning on screwing HN Apparel at first. However, DG caught her putting HN's design back into the bag with an annoyed expression, so he thought she was going to do something bad again. He grabbed her hand and told her to stop with her actions against HN because they're crimes and asked her until when she's going to continue acting this way towards HN. JE got pissed because in the past he used to trust/believe in her and now he's on HN's side. For this reason, JE has set up her mind to side with her mom on the issue with the design... Nooo! Why did you have to show up in that moment DG??!!
  21. Finally managed to get caught up with the last 2 episodes. OMG, I thought SH couldn't go any lower, but I guess I was wrong. This lady is digging her own grave deeper and deeper... With everything she's done and is doing to hide the truth, it is hard for me to see how she's going to get forgiveness from her family and be able to redeem herself at the end of the drama. One thing is for sure in my personal opinion... SH will be doing some jail time in the future. I wasn't 100% sure when she fabricated SJ's death, but with her action of stealing Leo's design, I'm confident now that sooner or later, she will be subjected to punishment by the law. EA's sister..... don't you guys have a hard time seeing that lady in the TV? Her face and expressions are damn ugly and annoying! I was so tempted to skip all the scenes where she was featured, but after reading some of your comments about how she revealed EA's secret, I decided to watch them. Now that she's stirred the pot, her job is done, so is time for her to go back to where she came from. If she hasn't left, I wish for the next episode to be the last one where she's featured. JE, I really hope she makes the right decision about the design's steal. She's already mentioned twice about the competition between MDs in the shopping channel, so it wouldn't make sense for her to jeopardize her job; especially since it seems to be the only thing that she has control over. Ha Na... Since the beginning of the drama, she was always portrayed as a childish and immature character that never acted according to her age. I, personally, never cared for her character, especially, since she was barely featured in the show. Gosh, I even think Leo had more appearances in the episodes than she ever did. And now, she gets some screen time, only to show the viewers what a disappointing character she continues to be. How did she even managed to get employed at SJ Boutique? I really hope she gets reprimanded very hard by Leo and HG so she can wake up from her bubble and start acting like the adult she is supposed to be. HG~HN, their scenes are so cute, cheesy and lovely , that I keep grabbing my ears to hide the redness and to avoid squealing. They are just pure
  22. @angelwingssf I don't know, but I ship them in real life! Some are saying that they share a lot of common things in real life, especially the fact that they're dog lovers.
  23. @angelwingssf Your welcome chingu! And thank you for providing a brief summary of what else happened on today's episode. I skipped every one else's scenes and jumped right into HG~HN scenes . I've been MIA for the past 2 days and wanna to make it up to all of you by providing translations of our lovey-dovey couple .
  24. Third scene... at HN's office... HN: MD-nim... what's with this (teddy bear)? HG: is a gift HN: thank you.. it's very cute HG: with a stuff animal like this, you can hug it whenever you're having a hard time.. (telling HN, but looking at DG)... you can throw away the previous ones (teddy bears from DG?) DG: good idea... HN, do well HN: yes oppa.. let's go MD-nim HG: (to DG) then let's see each other another time DG oppa-nim Fourth scene.. at the park... HN: MD-nim, are you angry? HG: no HN: you know.. DG oppa..... you're jealous of DG oppa, right? HG: who says I'm jealous? I'm not a narrow-minded (i think) person.. HN stares are him... HG: what are you doing? HN: don't be jealous..... (whispering in his hear) HG oppa.. HG: how can people live hearing this others calling them like this..... making their heart drop... HN: why... oppa?... HG oppa... oppa... HG: stop it... I've lost... I admit that I was concerned about PDG since I know how you felt about him and also saw when you had a hard time because of him HN: (pulling his cheek) really? were you this concerned? HG notting his head HN: fool, I towards MD-nim... no, HG-ssi, don't you know I have a hard time when I don't see all day long? HG: Me too.. because of you I"m going crazy... (pulling her cheeks) don't call him like that... HN: but.. I've been calling him oppa all this time.. if I don't call him oppa, then what am I supposed to call him?... President... HG: President PDG... HN: OK, I got it... ok, HG oppa? We got not much conversation between them in the last 2 scenes (at the batting field & when they were on the street). We saw HG teaching HN how to properly hold the bat and how to stand. The last scene with the girl... after HN picked up the ball, HG called her name several times and holding the girl's hand, told HN that the owner of the ball is waiting... if she really wants of those balls, he can buy one for her.... HN laughed and said, no, it's not that (wanting a ball).. These 2 are going to be the death of me... I can't deal with so much cuteness
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