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  1. Hi @penelop3! Yes, JE and HN are blood-related cousins. JE's dad invested the family's money on a "school" business project and it didn't work out. That's why JE's family are leeching off JH. I don't think we know yet how HN ended up living with her current mom. All we know is that Sarang's twin/older sister died and somehow HN ended up replacing the dead daughter.
  2. Just finished watching today's episode... sigh.... where to start... I guess I'll start by saying, JE and her mom are totally "richard simmons".... I hate them and I want them to die! Can they just get into a freaking car accident or something and release us from their evilness? Next, DG... I don't dislike him as much to wish for his death, but I think I'll be fine if if moves out of the country and we never get to see him again... HN and HG.. lovely as usual, but I wasn't satisfied with the little interaction they had on today's episode. Based on the the next episode's preview, it seems HN and HG will be spending a lot of time together, so maybe I'll forgive the writer and pd-nim for not showing enough of them today. Now, they better not go with the route of HN giving up on K1 shopping and distancing from HG because of all the "trouble" she's causing to HG (yes, I think I heard freaking JE saying to HN that because of her issues, HG is going thru many problems at work on the preview). If they pick this route, I'll be really pissed! I mean, we've already reached out half way of the drama and you would've thought that at this point, they would be dating, but they're not... I hope they don't get together on episode 100 because 20 episodes wouldn't be enough of both of them for me.
  3. But even if Leo tells him about where he got the blouse, I doubt he'll be able to make the connection. I don't think HG knows that DG and JE have a close relationship and are meeting each other. Now, not saying that HG won't be able to figure it out since he's so smart, but it may not be right away.
  4. I wonder if Sarang's opinion will be different if she knows that DG is the individual giving her unnie such a heartache. After all, Sarang seems to like DG very much..
  5. This is the ONLY reason why I'm going to watch today's episode later. I wasn't able to find any clips showing this moment, so I'm forced to watch the entire episode. I guess I can skip the scenes with the psychos.. which is probably 20 out of 35 minutes of the show... Sadly, I think this will be case. DG is such a worthless friend and crush...
  6. @mocmoc272 Are you the same MocMoc that provides briefs translations on this drama's Youtube videos? If you are, nice to meet you and thank you for your awesome translations!
  7. JE is such an unprofessional richard simmons.. I remember a couple of episodes back when HK discovered she is SJ's boutique president niece, she told him about how she wanted to keep the personal and professional relations separated. She's doing the complete opposite. Arghh!!... . If she was professional, she wouldn't be messing around with HN's business items (i.e. stealing and ripping) and she wouldn't be suggesting HK to take over other projects and stop helping HN Apparel. She is a very despiteful character to look at... I have said this before, but I definitely don't want her to have a happy ending... I want her to lose everything at the end... no job, no DG, no money, no house, no love, etc... well, I guess she can keep her lunatic mom with her, but both suffering and sharing the same fate... As for DG, as @dramaninja, @UnniSarah, and I have said earlier, if he screws up on tomorrow's episode, he'll ended up on my "richard simmons" list along with JE, her mom, and HK's mom...... Now, on the good stuff that happened on today's episode... of course, I mean, HN and HK... .. These two lovebirds are the only reason why I look forward to watch this drama everyday. How sweet was to see HK been jealous and "stressed" because of DG living in the same house as HN. It makes me even think that after dropping her off and getting back to his house, he continued to think about this stressful fact so bad, that he couldn't sleep... We didn't get to see him meeting his future in-laws, but at least he finally found out that HN and DG lived together . His definitely going to be a very jealous and protective boyfriend... Ha Nui will have to prepare herself... I wish for him to add the "heart" emoticons on HN's name as well. Not fair that she's the only one with them on her cellphone. Anyway, I hope the writer and director continue to show more HK and HN scenes.. So far this week, we have seen both of them getting screen time together everyday compared to previous episodes. I'm hoping for more than 10 minutes screen time per episode at the least.
  8. @Saja La I love your continuation PS. Does any of you know if the song played at the end of the episode is the new OST?
  9. The last 5 minutes of today's episode were the jjang!!.. I feel it gave us an glimpse of how HN and HK will be when they date... First, we will see HK running to HN when she needs him. Second, we know that HK will never linked arms with another girl because he now knows that HN will dislike very much. Third, when he notices that HN will start to cry, he will hug her to cover her "ugly crying face, LOL" and pat her... OMG, I'm hyperventilating just imagining their sweet relationship.. I hope we get to see the aftermath of today's last moment between out OTP. I want, for example, to see HK taking HN home and meeting his future mother and sister in-law. Also, I want him to realize that HN and DG live in the same house... maybe even see DG and give him a killer stare for causing HN to cry. Then when he gets back home, he starts to remember HN crying and smiles because he found her super cute and not ugly at all while crying her heart out. ... Sorry.. imagination is gone wild... Anyways, I do wonder how HN is going to handle the aftermath of her meeting with HK. Will she remember the entire conversation and her actions (hugging him)? How will she react when she sees him at work? What do you all think is going to happen?
  10. I haven't watch today's episode, but I'm glad to hear that there was no HK's eomma on today's episode. I like how you're referring to JE and her mom now, "Hwang trashes". I started to feel bad for JE's mom because you could tell she was having a really hard time keeping the secret about HN and was trying to do the right thing (to tell her sister). Now, I guess she has no redemption and has turned into a monster just like her daughter. I really hope that these 2 trashes don't get a happy ending. They don't deserve it!
  11. I just finished watching today's episode with subs and it was a great one. I'm loving that our OTP is getting screen time together.. like more than 5 minutes per episode.. I wish it could be at least 15 minutes per, but I guess for now it's OK since they are only starting to feel something for each other. Now I'm curious how their romance will unfold. I mean, HK will realize on tomorrow's episode that he likes HN. But he's also aware that HN likes DG.. and I assume that since DG is going thru a difficult time due to his book issue, HN will give him support. This may cause DG to realize that HN has always been there for him and he may start to feel something for her? If this were to be a scenario, I wonder how HG will try to win HN's heart...
  12. Yes, I also hate the way she treats HG's dad. She's so shameless. When she told HG's dad that he didn't deserve any food because he didn't work got me so pissed! I said what I'm pretty sure most of you did, "you don't freaking work either"! I agree with you on this one too. I wonder since Sunhui feels so guilty about what JE did, will she tell her daughter to let HN and HG date without interference...
  13. I also think HN will be able to pull the presentation off. In the first episode, we saw how charismatic and eloquent HN seemed when presenting for the job interview. She nailed it! I'm not sure which character I dislike the most, JE or HG mom. They're both evils and freaking annoying. But I guess in terms of facial expressions, HG mom wins. I hate the way her eyes blink and the way her mouth moves when she talks. . Things I like about today's episode, HN and HG moments of course and HG's relationship with his dad. Their relationship reminds me and my dad . I hope to see more of HN and HG moments on this week's episodes and less screen time of JE and HG's mom... highly doubt it will happen, but a wishful thinking is never bad..
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new to this thread. Nice to meet you all! I recently started watching this drama and got to say, I love it! . I love the chemistry between the main leads. HN and HG are sooo cute. I wish they had more screen time per episode. Anyway, I wanted to stop by and greet everyone in the thread. Thanks to all of your comments, the weekend waiting was not that bad I sooo agree with you. The bracelet needs to be gone. I'm a bit concerned that once HN realizes that she has fallen in love with HG, she will try to deny it to HG and to herself because HG has told her "not to fall in love with him" twice....
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