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  1. Hi chingus!!


    Just finished watching this week's episodes. Gosh, I got to say that the PD-nim is doing a great job at keeping us all with the desire of wanting more than just 2 episodes per week and wishing for Mondays (which is my least favorite day) to come sooner :lol:. I'm kinda regretting picking up this drama while still airing :tounge_xd:

    Episode 5 was great. @rocher22 mentioned on previous posts some of favorite scenes, such as HW & SW sharing the earphones and the 2am phone call. If I was a viewer watching these scenes, specifically for the first time, I would've thought they were a couple shopping together and sharing a goodnight call. Another thing I liked about episode 5 was AI Jisoo. It was funny listening to her giving SW a hard time and asking her questions about what she does with HW at night; same as asking HW what he felt for SW. She was trying so hard to get them together :joy:. Now, I got to say that my favorite scene from this episode was the last phone call conversation between SW and HW; where SW tells HW about her 1% vs his non-existent chances with their unrequited love. Although I was saddened and felt bad for HW, I was also relieved that he was finally able to understand what it meant to stop and let go of his delusion (JS existing). And I was so proud of SW for accomplishing this by even risking her own happiness (stopping her 1% change). 


    If I thought episode 5 was great, then episode 6 was AMAZING. Definitely, my favorite episode thus far. Our OTP is sailing. YAY!! :love:

    On previous episodes, it was more SW looking for HW and starting on this one, we can see that it's the other way around. Also, HW continuously bringing up to SW about not giving up on the 1% and to leave it alone to see how it grows, was daebak! I'm super excited to see their relationship grow and very curious to see which of the two will ask to officially start dating first. Right now, I'm inclining on SW will be the one to bring it up first because HW is too slow on romance related situations.  :smirk:

    Oh, one thing I'm not sure I understood from episode 6 was when HW said to SW in her room:  


    "it was nice to see even though it was difficult". I'm sure he was referring to SW because of the flashbacks, but

    Why was it difficult for him to see her? 


    Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to share how much I'm enjoying this drama with you all. 


    TVN has released a video with behind the scenes of episodes 5 & 6. Enjoy :kiss_wink:



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  2. Hi there! First time posting on this thread. 

    I have been following this drama since the first episode and I'm loving it :wub:. I have to admit that I probably belong to the group of people that didn't understand the drama in the beginning, but stuck to it regardless, because of the main leads. The way they portrayed the characters with their eyes/facial expressions and not so much words draws me every time. This is the kind of drama where even if you don't understand the main leads dialogue,  you can have a rough idea because of their expressions. Isn't it wonderful?! :blush:

    I'm so hooked up to the HW & SW relationship that I keep replaying the episodes at least 3 times a day. Now the wait for Monday & Tuesdays to arrive is unbearable :(. I need them to come faster!! 

    I'm super happy that this thread is available so I can read people's comments about this awesome drama and make wait a bit bearable . Nice to meet you all! :relaxed:


    PS. I'm still confused about the AI device. I can't seem to understand how it works. How's the device able to talk about previous situations/memories? Like, when Ji Soo died, he was able to hook up a machine to her brain and extract her memories, then transfer them to the device? :unsure:

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  3. @UnniSarah Hi dear!! yeah, long time no see. Glad to see you on this thread :)


    18 minutes ago, Wotad said:



    I sort of like her with him they look good together i still cant see him and Sang Sang as romantic options yet still brother/sister.


    Yeah i started all of those Wuxia as well maybe ill watch An Oriental Odyssey later on but not sure same for fights breaks sphere maybe ill watch in the future but that stupid sword puts me off. 


    also do you still think


      Reveal hidden contents

    Long Quing and Ning Que are brothers?



    @Wotad I didn't finish watching Fights Breaks Sphere. I quit halfway because the story was getting boring. As for Oriental Odyssey, I haven't completely given up on it yet. I will say, though, the CGI effects of this drama is very bad. 


    No dear.. they're not brothers. Based on Wikipedia, Long Qing is/will be Ning Que's biggest opponent. I'm guessing it will be in terms of cultivation levels. 

    Ning Que's family was massacred and he remained the only survivor. 


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  4. Hello peng yous! 


    I recently started watching this drama and I'm loving it. Love all the characters, the sceneries, the costumes, but most importantly, the fighting scenes. Also, the CGI effects looked pretty decent compared to other C-dramas. I hope the drama continues to keep us (the audience) hooked and to not disappoint us mid-way like other martial arts/wuxia dramas (i.e. Fights Break Sphere & An Oriental Odyssey). 


    For those of you who are impatient like me and can't wait to watch more episodes (even without subs), I wanted to share with you the links for episodes 9 - 14. Credits to the owner. 



    Episode 9 


    Episode 10


    Episode 11


    Episode 12


    Episode 13


    Episode 14



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  5. 55 minutes ago, bastion said:



    Have not seen that one, but this one will show you more about the story and their love in  upcoming one. I post the link since my phone wont let me  post the vid.





    @bastion can you repost the link? I can't access the one you provided and I really want to see it :tears:


    @xienrue so after the Misty Cloud Arc, how many more arcs are there supposed to be in the novel? If there are too many, I doubt 20 episodes on Season 2 will be enough to cover them all... :wacko:



  6. 40 minutes ago, xienrue said:

    1. The cultivation level seems to not be relevant in the latter episodes. Last time I heard Xiao Yan cultivation level is mentioned was when he about to fought Han Xian, which was Dou Shi. I don't even know what level he is now. Anybody know? Perhaps I missed it when I skipping and fast forwarding. All I hear in the drama is that he is powerful. But how powerful? What is the level of his opponent?

    I don't recall in any of latter episodes about the cultivation level that Xiao Yan has. I think he's still stuck in the 3rd level, but I could be wrong. 


    26 minutes ago, bastion said:

    about Xun er, i guess she is the only possible lady that Xiao yan is going to marry considering Polygamy is not common in drama and in fact both of them even have their couple ost played in episode 5 sung by Lin Yun

    I really wish for Xun Er and Xiao Yan to end up together in the drama. So far she's the only lady that has stayed/accompanied him thru all his ordeals. However, it got me think.. aren't both of them like "blood" related? Xiao Yan's mom is Xun Er's dad sister, so wouldn't both of them getting together be wrong?


    @xienrue As usual dear pengyou, thank you so much for sharing the info on the novel. I still haven't made up my mind to commit to reading the novel since it's sooooo long :lol:. I see that you're a Xian Yan/Xun Er shipper and I love it :wub:. I watched some clips of the drama and it seems that Xun Er will be joining/going back to her clan and learn how to use the bow/arrow. Was there any time in the novel where Xun Er and Xiao Yan got separated for a long time? Like, she went back to her hometown and Xiao Yan stayed in his... 

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  7. 19 hours ago, bluemoony said:

    Yes I noticed and have no idea. Was the entire thing a test and Xun Er  was in on it?

    I thought Xun Er and the Villain Valley boss were the same person, but they weren't. I rewatched the battle episodes and while Xun Er was standing next to the boys watching Xian Yan fight, the Village boss was sitting up on the platform. There's no way they both could be the same person. I'm thinking that maybe she's Xun Er's mom who left the village long time ago and somehow managed to stay young... :lol:

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  8. @xienrue Thanks dear for such a detailed description/information of the characters. I have not read the novel, but I'm thinking about reading because I would like to know more about Xiao Yan unconditional love for Xun Er. The drama is not showing how much he loves her, so this would be the main reason why I may decide to read the 1000+ chapters :lol:


    I'm currently watching the drama and I'm on episode 14. So far, it been's very good. I would love it even more if they add more Xiao Yan & Xun Er scenes. I found it really cute when Xun Er was giving Xiao Yan a hard time because of Xiao Yi Xian and Nalan Yanran. Then he pouted his lips.... such a cutie... 

    Does any of you know what he was going to say to Xun Er about the "most important reason" for not getting married? Was he going to say that Xun Er is the main reason why he couldn't really get married to Xiao Yi Xian?

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  9. I know Healer and PBS are the same individual, but for some reason I really want the kiss to happen between PBS and CYS. I think there is a higher chance for Jung Ho to be together with CYS in the end if he lives chooses to live as PBS. Even though we all know Healer is not a bad person and what's he done has really not caused much harm to the society, he is after all, a criminal wanted by the police and may be prosecuted. 

  10. celyw said: @mqiuwen, doesn't matter you watched from ep 4, or ep 8 ~ I watched from ep 6 faced the same frustration!!  ~X( That's why I had wanted to watch Pinocchio because its at ep 16 now so by if I start watching now the whole drama would be completed in a good momentum for me. Hmmph anyway too late. My heart is committed to Healer now :P 

  11. Hello Healers! First time posting in this thread. To be honest, I was planning to be a silent lurker/reader, but after reading all your wonderful comments, I've decided to join the party  :> Nice meeting you all!!! :xThis drama is DAEBAK! I used to look forward to Mondays & Tuesdays because of P&P drama, but now it has changed to Healer. The storyline (although a bit confusing at the beginning with all the flashbacks) and the characters are great!! Of course, as many of you, I'm loving Park Bong Soo/Healer and Chae Young Shin relationship. PBS's jealousy was so cute and CYS's questions "are you my biological father or are you my biological brother cracked me up. Healer's expression after hearing those questions was also priceless =D>I'm so looking forward to episode 8 and see more of PBS & CYS relationship development

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