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  1. OK, the translation you'd provided makes a lot more sense
  2. Hi chingus!! Just finished watching this week's episodes. Gosh, I got to say that the PD-nim is doing a great job at keeping us all with the desire of wanting more than just 2 episodes per week and wishing for Mondays (which is my least favorite day) to come sooner . I'm kinda regretting picking up this drama while still airing . Episode 5 was great. @rocher22 mentioned on previous posts some of favorite scenes, such as HW & SW sharing the earphones and the 2am phone call. If I was a viewer watching these scenes, specifically for the first time, I would've thought they were a couple shopping together and sharing a goodnight call. Another thing I liked about episode 5 was AI Jisoo. It was funny listening to her giving SW a hard time and asking her questions about what she does with HW at night; same as asking HW what he felt for SW. She was trying so hard to get them together . Now, I got to say that my favorite scene from this episode was the last phone call conversation between SW and HW; where SW tells HW about her 1% vs his non-existent chances with their unrequited love. Although I was saddened and felt bad for HW, I was also relieved that he was finally able to understand what it meant to stop and let go of his delusion (JS existing). And I was so proud of SW for accomplishing this by even risking her own happiness (stopping her 1% change). If I thought episode 5 was great, then episode 6 was AMAZING. Definitely, my favorite episode thus far. Our OTP is sailing. YAY!! On previous episodes, it was more SW looking for HW and starting on this one, we can see that it's the other way around. Also, HW continuously bringing up to SW about not giving up on the 1% and to leave it alone to see how it grows, was daebak! I'm super excited to see their relationship grow and very curious to see which of the two will ask to officially start dating first. Right now, I'm inclining on SW will be the one to bring it up first because HW is too slow on romance related situations. Oh, one thing I'm not sure I understood from episode 6 was when HW said to SW in her room: Why was it difficult for him to see her? Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to share how much I'm enjoying this drama with you all. TVN has released a video with behind the scenes of episodes 5 & 6. Enjoy
  3. Hi there! First time posting on this thread. I have been following this drama since the first episode and I'm loving it . I have to admit that I probably belong to the group of people that didn't understand the drama in the beginning, but stuck to it regardless, because of the main leads. The way they portrayed the characters with their eyes/facial expressions and not so much words draws me every time. This is the kind of drama where even if you don't understand the main leads dialogue, you can have a rough idea because of their expressions. Isn't it wonderful?! I'm so hooked up to the HW & SW relationship that I keep replaying the episodes at least 3 times a day. Now the wait for Monday & Tuesdays to arrive is unbearable . I need them to come faster!! I'm super happy that this thread is available so I can read people's comments about this awesome drama and make wait a bit bearable . Nice to meet you all! PS. I'm still confused about the AI device. I can't seem to understand how it works. How's the device able to talk about previous situations/memories? Like, when Ji Soo died, he was able to hook up a machine to her brain and extract her memories, then transfer them to the device?