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  1. Really? LOL... Same here, but in my case, I'm still watching it because I ship the female lead with the 2nd male lead (the constable)
  2. @UnniSarah Hi dear!! yeah, long time no see. Glad to see you on this thread @Wotad I didn't finish watching Fights Breaks Sphere. I quit halfway because the story was getting boring. As for Oriental Odyssey, I haven't completely given up on it yet. I will say, though, the CGI effects of this drama is very bad.
  3. Hello peng yous! I recently started watching this drama and I'm loving it. Love all the characters, the sceneries, the costumes, but most importantly, the fighting scenes. Also, the CGI effects looked pretty decent compared to other C-dramas. I hope the drama continues to keep us (the audience) hooked and to not disappoint us mid-way like other martial arts/wuxia dramas (i.e. Fights Break Sphere & An Oriental Odyssey). For those of you who are impatient like me and can't wait to watch more episodes (even without subs), I wanted to share with you the links for episodes 9 - 14. Credits to the owner.
  4. @bastion can you repost the link? I can't access the one you provided and I really want to see it @xienrue so after the Misty Cloud Arc, how many more arcs are there supposed to be in the novel? If there are too many, I doubt 20 episodes on Season 2 will be enough to cover them all...
  5. @xienrue @bastion have you seen this MV? This is one of the drama's OST and it shows a few scenes that will happen in later episodes. Can you tell from the scenes? I see we will get at least the Nalan Yaran battle with Xiao Yan...
  6. I don't recall in any of latter episodes about the cultivation level that Xiao Yan has. I think he's still stuck in the 3rd level, but I could be wrong. I really wish for Xun Er and Xiao Yan to end up together in the drama. So far she's the only lady that has stayed/accompanied him thru all his ordeals. However, it got me think.. aren't both of them like "blood" related? Xiao Yan's mom is Xun Er's dad sister, so wouldn't both of them getting together be wrong? @xienrue As usual dear pengyou, thank you so much for sharing the info on the novel. I still haven't made up my mind to commit to reading the novel since it's sooooo long . I see that you're a Xian Yan/Xun Er shipper and I love it . I watched some clips of the drama and it seems that Xun Er will be joining/going back to her clan and learn how to use the bow/arrow. Was there any time in the novel where Xun Er and Xiao Yan got separated for a long time? Like, she went back to her hometown and Xiao Yan stayed in his...
  7. I thought Xun Er and the Villain Valley boss were the same person, but they weren't. I rewatched the battle episodes and while Xun Er was standing next to the boys watching Xian Yan fight, the Village boss was sitting up on the platform. There's no way they both could be the same person. I'm thinking that maybe she's Xun Er's mom who left the village long time ago and somehow managed to stay young...
  8. Does Xun Er has a twin sister? The Villain Valley boss looked like Xun Er when she removed her mask... Did any of you notice it?
  9. OK, so a brief summary of the scene between HN and HG's dad... HG's dad apologized to HN because of what his wife did to her (throwing water at her and been rude). He told her that even though his wife had every reason to be angry, that's not the way that she should've acted. He continued by saying that compared to his wife, his more disappointed about the turn of events. He asked HN if she's aware that he really likes/favors her. HN said yes. Then he continued on saying that he couldn't understand why all of the sudden, his heart felt heavy/burden. He asked himself if he liked HN because of materialistic things she had (money, company, etc) just as his wife and that's why he had a change of heart about liking HN. But then, he sweared that this wasn't the case and told her that even if he had known about her status from the beginning, he would've still liked her because her honest and kind personality. However, seeing that this personality is not what I thought of, he can't changed his heart (the way he currently feels). HN apologized and sweared that none of this will happen again in the future. She then asked if he could forgive her this time. He told HN that he would like for her to be the one to make a decision (i'm guessing he suggested to break up with HG) because as the head of his family, he can't stand seeing them being a mess. HG & HN phone conversation... HN: hello? HG: i heard you met with my dad.. HN: yes.. HG: did you hear disappointing words from my dad? HN: no... i wished i would've heard them, this way my heart wouldn't feel this heavy.. it made me feel very apologetic for the big mistake I've committed.. my heart hurts... HG: i feel the same way... since dad was always on our side... but regardless, you're not thinking about breaking up with me, right? (HN kept silent) HG: why aren't you answering? by any chance, is this the case (breaking up)? HN: i'm not sure... HG: listen to me... it is true that we made a mistake and that my dad is very disappointed.. however, if we show him how sincere we are, they'll be one day when he will forgive us and have a change of heart.. HN: do you really think that day will come? HG: we must work hard to make that day come HN: how? HG: i'll be the one working hard/putting effort... you can stay still and don't have change of heart (about him) and it will be enough... you can do this much, right? (HN kept silent) HG: are you still unsure? HN: i got it, i'll hang up...
  10. Here's a translation of HG and his dad scene... HG: i'm back.. what about mom? Dad: she took medicine for her blood pressure and fell asleep just now.. sit down over there.. (HG sits on the couch in front of his dad) Dad: is everything i heard from your mom, true? Everything about HN, except for her name, was all fake? HG: because i couldn't stop my mom from setting up the blind dates, I asked HN to act as a fake couple.. Dad: so, you're saying that in order to deceive me and your mom and to help you in your joke/plan, HN agreed to do it.. HG: i'm sorry.. Dad: ok fine.. let's say I understand the first time she came, however, meeting your mom outside, coming here when you were sick, how is it possible that you didn't say anything? Today, if your mom didn't discover the truth, you two would've continued to deceive us? HG: dad, is not like that.. i was planning to tell you... Dad: when? after your mom and i were completely deceived and meeting the in laws (sorry, not sure about this last part ) HG: dad... Dad: today, I'm also very disappointed with you.. how could you think of deceiving your parents? what you two did not only made your mom be laughed at, it also made me be laughed at! HG & HN shopping scene... HN: does white color suits father in law? HG: i think it does... HN: then white for father in law and red for mother in law.. HG: you don't have to do something like this (buying clothes).. aren't you overdoing it? HN: no, i think father and mother in law will look good wearing couple shirts... ah, my mom really liked the flowers and card that you sent her. She said that she finally received flowers from a man, so she told me to tell thank you HG: i'm glad she liked them HN: you're always so attentive and taking care of this kind of things, i'm sorry for always being a step behind HG: you've been having a hard time lately/going thru a lot, so you can be saying this... HN: they will like the gift, right? i'm hoping they do... HG: they will...
  11. So at the beginning of the episode we got HG's mom getting to know the truth about HN (being a school dropout, not being a fashion designer, etc) and disapproving of their relationship. She threw water at HN (which I found funny because she also got HG wet) and told HG to breakup. First conversation between out OTP... walking on the side street... HN: you should go.. your lunch time is almost over HG: I should've revealed the truth sooner, so none of this would've happened.. i didn't properly thought about it... i'm sorry.. HN: it's ok... i feel better/at ease now the truth has been revealed... there will be a day when MIL will get to like/approve of me, right? HG: of course! what my mom said or did just now, don't take it to heart... there's only one HN who is precious in this world, so no matter what anyone says, I don't plan on giving up on you.. you know my feelings, right? Next scene... at HN's office... HG: oh, you smiled.. HN: what's with this? HG: there was a man selling this so I bought it.. i've succeeded.. i bought it to make you smile, and this (toy) did it.. HN: thank you.. i can take it with me, right? HG: i'm also thankful to you for smiling.. to be honest, i almost gave up everything (meaning work and other stuff) to run/come to you, and barely managed to hold it.. HN: i told you that i was fine... HG: actually i got scared... getting tired of meeting my mom... or getting tired of meeting me... i was afraid that you would let go of my hand.. HN: (holding his hand) I won't HG: you must promise, not to let it go no matter what happens from now on, you understand? (HN nods in agreement)
  12. I know right! Most of the times, I dislike Ha Na's character. In fact, I think the only time I ever liked her was when she confessed SH's and her crime about design. She keeps on being an immature and annoying character. She really needs a slap on the face
  13. OMO OMO!!! JH is the best!! She met with Director Han and threaten to withdraw SJ Boutique from K1 Shopping. The director didn't want to lose SJ Boutique so he agreed to disregard HG's resignation letter and to leave HN Apparel alone. What I loved the most was that JH told the director that it was not fair for HG & HN to be punished for having a relationship when JE and her are related (family members) and neither one got punished. Storm is coming for our OTP... So Ha Na revealed to her mom about HN been the criminal from the SJ Boutique incident. As HN tried to explain that the incident was a misunderstanding, Ha Na didn't let her finished and continued with the bashing saying that she's a shameless person. As Ha Na attempted to leave with her mom, HG showed up and told her sister to apologize to HN. Ha Na said what, and he yelled at her saying to apologize to HN. All 3 ladies were surprised by his action and HN said "HG-ssi"...
  14. There was not much conversation on the scene where HG walked HN home. However, I do want to mention that EA thanked HG for being there for HN. HG told EA not to worry about HN because she will overcome. The next morning, HG goes to HN's house so they could go on a date. HG: good morning! did you sleep well? HN: yes, how about you? HG: because I missed you so much, I didn't sleep very well. Can you see the dark circles? HN: lol, I really can't stop you/deal with you (meaning his cheesiness ) HG: have you thought about what you want to do today? We always have dates after work, but it's been awhile since we've had one on a weekend. Where do you want to go? I'll take you wherever you want to go. HN: before that, there's a place a would like you to come with me... At the hospital, HN inquired for her hospital records of 20 years ago. She mentioned that she was in a car accident and was adopted so we could get treatment. She's trying to recover her memories and was hoping that the records would help. The nurse basically told her that the hospital got rid of the records. Then HG asked if they can see the doctor that had treated her at that time and the nurse said that that was difficult too because it's been 20 years. Next scene in the car... HG: are you disappointed? HN: my mom said to go to the hospital where she found me to see if it could her me remember something (sorry, i'm not sure about this one @stroppyse @jayakris, can you please help with this sentence )... what could I have expected, it's been 20 years... To be honest, I still wish it was all a dream because it's still hard to believe... (looking at HG).. I feel bad because of me, you had to drive so early in the morning.. sorry.. HG: i said before that instead of saying "sorry", you should be saying another word HN: i love you HG: it's nice to hear.. if you're not doing anything in particular today, then let's do what I want to do.. HN: sure.. In the park.... HN: I didn't know you had this kind of taste/preference (referring to the mat). Where did you get this mat? HG: don't misunderstand, it was Leo who lent me this when he heard I was going on a date with you HN: so what you wanted to do was to have a beer by han river? I could've just pay for the drinks since you've went thru a lot for me today HG: what's wrong with this? the air is nice, we have refreshing beers, and you're by my side.... let's eat..
  15. @stroppyse Hi dear! I don't mind . In fact, I want to thank you for providing a better & more accurate translation. Knowing that my Korean is very lacking, I dared to start translating HG & HN scenes, so that our lovely chingus in the thread have an idea of what their conversations are about until the full subs are up ... I like to think it of this way... I provide the rough translations, while you and @jayakris can clean it up ... hahaha.. just joking... no, but for real... please don't hesitate to make any corrections on my translations... I see it as a way to improve my Korean language skills BTW, congratulations dear chingus to reaching the 150 pages 200 pages, here we go!!!
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