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  1. Meanwhile ... we're still missing Sigang!




    Grrrrr. Won't forget how unfair it's been!




    1. elif91


      I miss her so much :tears: I miss all the news she used to provide. Just because of some haters everyone gets to suffer. It's so unfair! Unfair towards us, unfair towards Sigang. Bring back Siang! Bring back all the veterans! 

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  2. Since many of you wanted more bits. This is basically just the first 11 minutes of their talk will do the rest when I have more time. 

    @hyekyofans - sure you can use my translation but since the audio isn't so clear because of the echo and fan screams, some of the parts might be incorrect even from my side. 

    • YAI said that when he first met Kyo she was hanging out with a bunch of friends and was having a lot of fun, so he thought to himself "Ahh... I wish I could hang out/play (basically have a good time) with her too. She's got a really cool personality and very easy going" Kyo "we happened to meet many times when we were out drinking which is why it's strange to meet like this at a fan-meeting" . YAI " I'm dying of the awkwardness"
    • PKL asked SJK if he remembers meeting Kyo for the first time but Kyo answers "Our first meeting was a romantic one" , so SJK said "What?.. how?" then Kyo replies " before we started shooting for our drama". SJK corrects her " That wasn't our first meeting" , Kyo says "Ahh.. you mean when we met long ago". Then SJK is like sulking or something that she forgot when they first met. Then Kyo says " so the time when I first met you was at a woman's  store" ... YAI says " I think we better just stop this story here".. SJK says "No, no..I went to buy pants for my mom". The crowd says they don't believe him... then YAI says "Kyo was buying clothes from the store? (* he probably meant SJK's story wouldn't make sense if Kyo was shopping for herself because the kind of clothes Kyo wears wouldn't be suitable for a SJK's mother's age). Kyo says " The pants there are the kinds that are worn by my manager and I wanted to buy it for my mother" [Basically she's defending his story and it's obviously true since they were both there to buy pants for their respective mothers]. Then PKL says so that was your first meeting?. SJK says " Yes, a week after meeting her I enlisted in the army" . Kyo said "we also met at a cafe" . Don't know why SJK didn't elaborate on this but he didn't seem to elaborate on this part and he continued on to say that "the next time we met was during Valentine's day". Kyo said that she had already met the director and writer prior to that so it wasn't necessary for her to attend the meeting on the 14th of Feb but because the writer and director were meeting up with SJK on Valentine's day she didn't want them to think that she wouldn't attend because she had a BF which is why she went for the meeting.. (lol)
    • Then PKL asked YAI how he got close to Kyo, YAI said "Over alcohol"  (hahahaha). Kyo said that "actually YAI and I are blood type A.. While SJK and my working styles are very similar even though I have never worked with YAI our personalities are very similar. Because I've spoke to YAI a lot about things like acting etc., we get along really well"
    • PKL says that YAI and Kyo should also act opposite each other, Kyo says " Once he gets back from army.." . SJK cuts in " YAI and I have received best couple award" [*rofl!.. jealous SJK.. the reason why this is so funny is that first of all the question was about YAI and Kyo but SJK butted in and the second is that actually both SJK and YAI are always super embarrassed whenever someone mentions them winning this award but be brought it up this time round just to distract the talk].  Then the next part is all unclear because of the noise but YAI asks them if they haven't received a best couple award too then Kyo and SJK say something like they haven't received it together. 
    • PKL says that all of them on stage have the ability to make really good couples, be it SJK-Kyo or Kyo-YAI or YAI-SJK. (lol).
    • PKL said tell us something about Kyo that you didn't expect. SJK said that he never thought that Kyo would be able to drink alcohol. Then Kyo said that she could never drink Soju earlier but because of SJK she's been able to build a tolerance. 
    • SJK kept teasing YAI that his time to go to the army was nearing.
    • So PKL says so you mean you thought Kyo wouldn't be someone who drinks so SJK says that sometimes one can mistake an actress to have a certain image but Kyo was really easygoing so much so that after shooting a romantic scene she would just go back to being completely normal and unaffected.
    • Then YAI said some really touching stuff about what he thinks when he looks at Kyo. About her career, about how he feels thinking about how much she has undergone as an actress in the past 20 years while remaining as a top star. He said she's cool but also sensitive. The crowd went crazy when he was talking...then SJK said that he agreed with what he said.
    • PKL said Kyo must be really happy to hear such things then Kyo said she's really happy these days. And especially because of these two people sitting here.. then PKL said she must be really happy, SJK sitting on her side or YAI sitting on the other side. Then Kyo said " To be truthful, I am very happy these days".
  3. That clip of 2D1N is Naver ranked #1 most search tonight :) Power of Dots and Unni!

  4. That clip of 2D1N is Naver ranked #1 most search tonight :) Power of Dots and Unni!

    1. elif91


      It's true that she said she doesn't have a boyfriend? 

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  5. This is the 3rd time that my IG got hacked, deleted the account again.

    Can you all just leave your IG accounts here in that way, I can know just who exactly I am adding. Thanks. 

  6. Okay, finally figured out all the things that I needed to and so it's bye bye Soompi for me :) . I won't be doing status updates anymore and will be available on IG, my PM inbox keeps acting up so can't write to you people but I know your IG IDs and will add you. 


    1. elif91


      I really wish you wouldn't go *sigh* :( 

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  7. When Kyo's lovestagram actions are super obvious. 

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