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  1. Ahh i see thx you for the link chingu.. so she will playing the role of Bae Hee Jung, director of mental health / psychiatrist, who gave treatment to tsunami victims ( i dont know its right or not bcz i also didn't understand much about korean language) .. absolutely gonna watch this, i have a high expectation for Park Jae Bum writernim .. yea you right, after the guest i think theres some priest and exorcism drama.. but its fun to watch bcz kinda bored with melo or romcom .. anyway i really like to keep in contact with all of you here, to talk about drama or anything.. since GQ has ended this forum will be so quiet.. DM me on instagram @khj27_ or let me know how to keep in contact with you guys
  2. Really? I dont even know that she has been cast to this series, looking for the cast that already confirm i think YJH will take small part again or cameo .. they already announce the 3 main cast , and based from asian wiki YJH names is not listed as cast yet.. and based from the synopsis i think its not comedy but rather chrime and thriller. Since the main cast work as detective , prosecutors and priest.. but from the teaser maybe it contain some comedy.. and as i know park jae bum writernim only write medical crime script so far, except good manager.. but we will see .. i hope her names listed as cast soon..
  3. It just my guess here but how Voice can have high rating beside the story is good, its have big name like janghyuk .. and scene stealer kim jaewook .. i dont think lee hana other work being hits like voice.. and voice airing when people already know OCN Channel, but if you compare to cable tv like TVN , OCN is still need a hardwork from rating side .. but they are under same company i think CJ ent.. from the start RDH mention 5% i know it would be hard .. they could be agree or they could think that they already gave the best to this drama.. just like the reason janghyuk turndown the offer for voice 2.. because he thought he already did the best for his role in season 1.. RDH already confirm for new drama with kim dong wook, but YJH i hear nothing about her.. but as i know YJH always take drama after drama, even small part , second lead .. she doesnt rest too long after drama finished.. and agree with you YJH need to take a lovable character once in a will.. But who knows from a hateable character people will notice her.. like LeeYuri she has been noticed since playing hateable character in jangbori..
  4. Sad that this drama already ended.. 9 years ago, I accidentally watch the 1st season because i feel bored with all drama that airing that time, they have same genre love and comedy.. at first i never thought that this drama will be good, because who knows OCN back then.. but after watching it, i fell in love with this drama, the cast and the story really stole my heart.. i just beyond happy when theres season 2,3,4 even when det.kang not join in season 3.. still good story but theres empty space bcz she was not there.. and how season 3 ended and they star with season 4.. how much i love season 4, but their ending kinda upset me, and theres no news for season 5 even after RDH finish his military service.. After 4 years of waiting finally theres season 5, its feel like i start watching seaosn 5 yesterday but its already cone to an end .. i like how dr.hand and det.kang relationship, more mature and in this season i can see clearly how they afraid to lose each other.. and finally he propose to her in his way, it should be romantic but turn comedy .. I dont know , but tbh i quit disappointed with the ending maybe bcz i want to see their wedding scene and more sweet scene, but yeah thats how OCN right.. i should be thankful that they made season 5 .. i wish there is a season 6 with the same cast RDH,YJH and the rest.. ahhh OCN please make season 6
  5. Hello, i have been a silent reader for a long time.. Finally i know why this season call reboot , after HSP met HJW.. And KHM is really getting on my nerves after what he did to Dr.Jo.. And we need to wait until next year, no preview make it harder .. But i hope nothing bad happened to dr.jo, if dr.jo die , uri HJW will have mental breakdown for sure, coz the last thing he did was leave dr.jo and team who want to explain everything to him.. And i hope this season have 16 ep instead 14ep.. since new drama possessed will air in february 13 (cmiiw) .. From january 3rd to february 13 theres a long gap of time, i hope they extend the number of ep this season.. Coz from the guest to god quiz , the gap only a week..
  6. Can someone translate her caption in english? I cant read korean words
  7. Im in situation where i lost all my word because the ending of this season..
  8. to be in season 3, I really like him. Now if only JH would join then I'd die in peace. Me too.. super excited about season 3.. but i think they shortened this seoason to 12? It should be 16 if im not wrong.. and it still possible for the love libe between KW and KJ .. even the chance is only 10%.. if you watch God Quiz, it also OCN drama, but they have loveline between the 2 leads (ryu doek hwan and yoon joo hee) so i think it still possible for them to be a couple ..
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