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  1. Today's episode was for me basically perfect because it perfectly represented and contained everything I love about this drama - that awesome combination of addictive angst, heartbreak, OTP awesomeness, cuteness and heartwrenching intimacy and emotions. And you can really feel that we are nearing the end because there were many throwbacks to the first episodes. I love how Dan's bouquet for YS was the echo of the bouquet she never got from him, how he told her about the first time he watched her dance on that very same place. In this episode, Dan and Yeon Seo really gave each other their everything and it was simply perfect.
  2. Well, you win some, you lose some but honestly all those kisses (frankly I lost count how many there were, which is always the best thing ever), lovemaking and proposals and confession and proofs of undying love made up for it 3000 times ! Anyway, there is stills time, when I first saw the first stills of Dan in the rain spreading his arms, it reminded me of the scene in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho where she "proudly" speads her tails and I was thinking of Dan proudly spreading his wings
  3. So from what I understand, Dan has been refusing to marry YS so much because he knew that he's going to die soon. However, when YS "disappeared" on the stage and Hoo came - Dan heard the sound of wind and as Hoo explained to him it's the sound of death and death has been YS'S destiny from the moment Dan saved her on that bridge and ever since he's been protecting her from it and delaying the inevitable. According to Hoo, it is inevitable that YS dies and it's pointless to fight against destiny even if Dan argues that we make our own destiny. Have I already mentioned how much I love him?! So that is the moment, Dan decides to marry YS, to truly give her everything and use every second of the time they have. I love how they are both dressed as a bride and groom when he proposes
  4. I'M IN SHIPPERS HEAVEN! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!! The bed scene was lovely but as always everything is bittersweet and heartwrenching with these two because Dan begins to disappear the next morning (his hand becomes transparent)
  5. Why every happy moment is laced with sadness and tragedy. These adorable star-crossed lovers
  6. I love a girl who takes the initiative in a relationship! These two cutie pies! MY heart was going to give out! Seriously, they know how to tease us. She is literally lying on top of him with most of her body and he encompasses her whole in his arms
  7. I would love for them to translate it into English but based on my previous experience with kdrama books, there is virtually no chance. I remember Song Jina publishing several volumes of the Faith novel, and that fandom was huge, there was a petition with thousands of signatures but to no avail. The same goes for the Personal Taste novel or Jang Ok Jung 'Live in Love' novel and both fandoms were larger than the ALML fandom and there were also several petitions. I guess it's just too much work and it is not profitable for them. I don't want to be the one to bring the sad news and destroy your hopes but that's the reality
  8. On July 17, they should publish a two-volume book for the drama (each volume should have over 400 pages) http://www.yes24.com/Product/Goods/75549499?scode=032&OzSrank=2 http://www.yes24.com/Product/Goods/75549616?scode=032&OzSrank=1 source: instagram
  9. New stills featuring Dan with a stack of report papers, the article wonders what it could be Dan is praying the deity so much source: osen
  10. Stay - Klang Perfume (doo't be misled by the same image and description of the youtube link)
  11. OMG! So much OTP awesomeness ! How am I supposed to wait for 13 hours?! source: sportschosun
  12. I can't believe that the scene I've been waiting for ever since the first week is coming! Embraces in the rain! Perhaps even a kiss? LIke I said, I want YS to embrace Dan, caresses his wings and tell him that they are beautiful and she loves them and everything about him
  13. I think YS being in danger has nothing to do with it. There are two conditions that need to be met - it must be raining and Dan has to get wet with the rain water, actually he must get drenched; the moment it stops raining or he gets dry his wings disappear. Remember that his wings were about to appear after he kissed YS for the first time and she wasn't in any danger back then and the only reason why they didn't appear was beccause Hoo brought Dan under a roof before he got drenched. Also, when he kidnapped Runa's henchman and tied him on the rooftop his wings appeared as well and YS wasn't in any danger, nor was she anywhere near him. Plus, it looks like they will appear in the upcoming episodes as well without her being in danger.
  14. I love this moment so much because, on so many different levels, Dan has been Yeon Seo’s anchor and here we get to literally see it when he watches over her even in her sleep, being her dreamcatcher, warding off nightmares, chasing away bad memories and intruders. I’ve already lost count how many nights he’s spent in her bed or camping out in front of her door, making sure no one can hurt her and barely getting any sleep. It’s no wonder that the deity might be jealous of Dan’s love for Yeon Seo because Dan looks at her and touches her like she is the most precious and sacred thing, be it on Earth or in Heaven. The way he cherishes her, loves her, touches her and kisses he is so reverent that it feels like he is worshipping her and the ground she walks upon. Kim Dan has never loved any human or the almighty the way he loves YS and he is prepared to keep loving and protecting her forever or literally die trying. When YS calls desperately from her sleep for the only four people she has ever loved it’s so heartwrenchingly tragic because all of them are either dead or soon will be. On another note, Dan has pretty much took permanent residence in YS’s bed at this point and it’s as if it were the most natural thing ever, as if he belonged there and YS is completely unfazed to find him there and happy that the first thing she sees in the morning is his face.
  15. They say the most wonderful and romantic things, don’t they? Be it Yeon Seo’s ‘All I need is you’ or Dan’s ‘I wished that you would love me instead of him’. And how awesome is it that YS pretty much unapologetically admitted in front of a group of complete strangers that she wants to be with Dan all alone in the house, only to be cockblocked by Dan himself and Mrs. Jung?! Her disappointed face says it all - the girl just wants some quality alone time with her boyfriend.
  16. From KMS's instagram - it looks like there will be another rain scene. Will we finally get to see YS caressing Dan's wings?! Please, say it is so, drama gods! I've been living for it since the moment he saved her from that chandelier.
  17. KBS has released a bigger version of the BTS stills. These two are simply beyond adorable
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