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  1. From KMS's stylist's instagram - KMS is filming a message about the last day of filming which is July 10 (I think) - the show is coming to an end.
  2. Kim Dan, The Warrior Angel | He’s beauty. He’s grace. He’ll punch you in the face.
  3. source: Infinite's official twitter Viewership ratings: KBS #AngelsLastMissionLove: 5.8% | 7.2% MBC #OneSpringNight: 6% | 7.9% SBS #MyAbsoluteBoyfriend: 2.7% | 2.4% tvN #SearchWWW: 3.2%
  4. Regarding the lower ratings, viewership ratings has very little do with quality if it did then Healer, one of the most critically acclaimed kdramas the world over wouldn't have scored such low ratings in SK, the last season of Game of Thrones wouldn't be the most watched episodes in the history of television and the most successful movies at the box office would be the ones winning Academy Awards or Baeksang Awards. But that is not the reality we live in. Ratings are unpredictable because if they were predictable and based on some sort of logic then the writers and producers would make dramas according to that logic and there would be no show or movie with low viewership. ALML's ratings have been in the single digits from the beginning and at the end of the day it doesn't really matter if it scores 8,7% or 6,7% - because it's almost the same. I looked back at the KBS dramas in that timeslot and with the exception of the last two which were procedurals and surprising successes, ALML is receiving quite good ratings for a KBS drama in that timeslot. To be honest, if I should make a guess why the ratings in SK are in the single digits I'd say it's because the Koreans are not really interested in or familiar with or used to the Judeo-Christian mythology and they don't react well or are not really interested in a fantasy story about an angel as compared to stories featuring something which is more culturally closer to them like goblins, gumihos or ghosts.
  5. I'm not a SHS fan nor am I any actor's fan, even though I have some favourite ones; however, I am a drama fan. Personally, I think the writer has been doing a good job finishing the drama and I have to say that the events are exciting as everything nears the end. I wouldn't say the story is slow it's merely much more based on dialogue which really deepens and develops the OTP's relationship even further; moreover, I admire how the writer intertwines the ending with the beginning and the way the story is slowly coming full circle. So I love the last two episodes. Frankly, I'd say it's rather fast paced because I only use the non-OTP scenes, which are very short, to upload my live-recap and there is barely any time for me to do it.
  6. They truly are one of the most epic, badass OTPs ever - the morning after their wedding Dan says goodbye to YS and it is really a farewell because he is ready to kill RuNa so YS is on longer in danger - basically he wants to root out the evil root and stem because she is the one behind everything. There are alternating shots at Dan and YS in the church - YS is basically challenging the deity and tells him she is ready to anything and sacrifice anything in order to protect Dan while Dan says he is ready to do anything, to kill anyone in order to protect YS. The end of episode. Seriously, why are they so awesome and tragic and so damn star-crossed?!
  7. What can I say. They are simply perfect. The wedding of the year - small, intimate private ( but the deity burned the promises they write for each other) - each their scene is so bittersweet
  8. OMG! They are writing their plans for their future -they are planning children. This is so heartbreaking. Then it's to the columbarium so Dan can meet and greet his in-laws. They want to kill me - outside Dan makes YS to promise him that when he disappears that she will live strongly and happily but YS makes him make the same promises if she dies. Why are they so tragic?
  9. Big reveals for YS, now she really knows everything - JKW unwittingly reveals the truth about the sacrifice and Dan beocming human, and she connects the dots when she asked Dan about a way for him to become a human and how he asked her whether she didn'T have to die while playing Giselle. Then she runs to Hoo, asking for a way to save Da, and he reveals the truth about it's her fault because she wanted to live that night and the bridge and how Dan saved her. And that there is no way how to save Dan and YS says that she will save him no matter what
  10. They are shopping for their future home, of course Hoo tries to tell them that they don't suit in various transformations, I love how cute and shy they were when they were choosing new bed blankets. Dan is so angry at Hoo that he actually attacks him and YS finds them and asks Hoo to offciate their wedding but he refuses
  11. After he proposes to YS, Dan takes his empty reports, goes to the church and basically does the equivalent of mic drop and throws them carelessly on the altar, it looks like he is throwing them straight to the deity's face and tells the deity that he can't accept YS's fate. And then he returns to YS and tells her the truth that he wasn't able to become an angel but YS is so perfect and accepting. And then they kiss. And it fades away so they totally slept together again
  12. Dan proposes again, this time on one knee and this time he is much more romantic and verbose - "You're are my first. My first everything. Wherether I am human or angel."
  13. KMS's instagram - Our flower boy I remember how when the drama started we wished for Dan to wear all-black - I guess you should be careful what you wish for because you might get it AKA "If the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers" source: newsen
  14. WOW! He is blatantly and unapologetically flirting with her! And that was quite a suave invitation laced with sexual innuendo and no one will persuade me otherwise. We’ve been completely deceived by Dan’s innocent face. One night he is telling Yeon Seo about all the ways he is a complete man (and he really uses the Korean word for ‘male’) and the next thing we know he is showing all of them to her. This angel’s got game!
  15. OMG! First official photos from the Wedding of the Year, Ladies and Gentlemen! source: newsen
  16. KBS has uploaded an extended version of the preview and it contains some worrying scene - JKW standing in front of YS's mansion (presumably on the wedding day judging by his clothes), talking to someone on phone and having tears in eyes. There is also a meeting between JKW and Dan. I really hope the preview is extremely misleading because Dan tells JKW that he should live and stay by YS's side. I hope Dan doesn't want to draw the noble idiocy card or pull the runaway groom (which I think is really unlikely, though); I suspect Dan might want to use what is left of his life and use it to protect YS, save her from her inevitable death, sacrificing himself for her. Remember, he is no longer invulnerable. On the other hand, there is YS who wants to save Dan. The upcoming episodes are going to be total nailbiters.
  17. I think she knows very well where to put it , it's just that the PD cut the shot mid-motion so we don't get to see the exact moment when she placed her hand on KMS; however, if you look carefully at the last long shot of the kiss you can notice her holding KMS's nape and then starting to caress his nape, neck and hair. It'S barely noticeble from the distance but it gives something even more extra to the kiss, hell, let's face it - THAT WHOLE KISS WAS EXTRA AF
  18. Today's episode was for me basically perfect because it perfectly represented and contained everything I love about this drama - that awesome combination of addictive angst, heartbreak, OTP awesomeness, cuteness and heartwrenching intimacy and emotions. And you can really feel that we are nearing the end because there were many throwbacks to the first episodes. I love how Dan's bouquet for YS was the echo of the bouquet she never got from him, how he told her about the first time he watched her dance on that very same place. In this episode, Dan and Yeon Seo really gave each other their everything and it was simply perfect.
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