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  1. Finally something which can be considered at least partially as a couple photo source: as tagged source: @Samanth62282078 twitter
  2. More wrap-up party photos - still waiting for a couple photo with SHS and KMS, though source: ji0831 IG
  3. Slightly better version of the group photo and a goodbye BTS of KMS source: all credit to the owner
  4. I would like to thank everybody here in this amazing thread who participated and even the silent lurkers because without you all I would never experience this drama the way I have. I've had an amazing time chatting with you and reading all your epic, insightful and amazing posts. I would also like to thank all the cast and crew members who made this awesome drama and even though the writing wasn't the best, the writer did a good job and created many unforgettable moments and truly beautiful love story. It might not have been perfect, but I've enjoyed every second of it. Moreover, it gave me one of my favourite kdrama OTPs of all time. We might have not seen it but they will live happily ever after and I'm so happy and proud I could watch their journey from the beginning until the very end.
  5. Well, at this point I would take a Jesus snowboarding down a rainbow and give them a HEA and I wouldn't question any of it as long as YS and Dan got their happy ending but seriously, what a complete waste of time - the writer could have made him human 20 minutes sooner without dragging the whole thing. Let's face it, the ending could have been so much worse but at the same time so much better. I think it was the most disappointing episode of the whole drama for me. It was lackluster. Why not give the viewers a satisfying ending when the writer was going to make Dan a human anyway? I suppose I was way too optimistic prior to the final episode.
  6. It'S all dream, it's his farewell to her, he tells her his last wish - he wants her to live. He tells her: I loved you and I will always love and kisses her both in reality in in the dream and then his feather burns
  7. JKW notices the feather on Dan's handkerchief is still blue, so Dan must still be alive, and an angel. The scene from the preview, Dan comes to YS and he tells her he will take her anywhere where she wants and she wants to go home with him
  8. Dan disappears and JKW gives YS the handkerchief telling her that they two persuaded him with their love
  9. I don't think we are in denial, KMS is holding a children fairy tale book, who do you think he is reading it to?
  10. Two Sung Woos in one photo - they even wear colour-coordinated outfits source: ko_woo_rim'S IG KMS's BTS photo from the official Infinite twitter - once again in bed, he is wearing the outfit from the group photo and holding the Little Mermaid book - I see a happy ending
  11. It seems KMS must be an angel in real life, too, he was checking for rain in case his wings would pop out They both changed into more comfortable clothes source: ggonekimmy
  12. SHS's agency YNK Entertainment uploaded on their naver site some 40 HD photos featuring SHS during the drama's entire run , including her final performance as Giselle
  13. “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Cast Says Goodbye And Shares Thoughts Ahead Of Finale TV/FILM Jul 11, 2019 by Y. Shin The cast members of KBS’s “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” have shared their thoughts on the drama ahead of its finale. On July 11 at 10 p.m. KST, the Wednesday-Thursday drama will air its final episode. Over the course of its run, the show’s fantasy-like romance, incorporation of ballet, unique theme of angels, and chemistry between actors helped draw in viewers. Shin Hye Sun, who impressed viewers with her emotional acting and stunning ballet skills, commented, “I think I’ll remember [the show] as a precious project, to the point where I’ll want to bring back ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ and Lee Yeon Seo even after several years pass. I’ve lived as Yeon Seo for six or seven months since I began preparing for the [ballet scenes], so it doesn’t feel real that it’s ending like this. I want to sincerely thank viewers who have watched our drama.” INFINITE’s L played Dan, an angel who discovers the feelings of love throughout the show. He stated, “I learned so much after acting as Kim Dan, an angel character filled with diverse charms, and it was meaningful because I was able to showcase a new side of myself. The time that I was able to spend as Dan in ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ was fun, and I was happy. I want to say thank you so much to the viewers who showed us so much love.” Lee Dong Gun appeared in the show as Ji Kang Woo and portrayed the secretive, multifaceted, and dramatic sides of the character. He said, “Through this show, I was able to learn more about ballet, and I’ve become quite attached to it. I want to thank not only the actors and staff, but also the dancers who helped enrich the drama. Please enjoy watching [the show] until the last episode and support the Dan-Yeon couple.” Kim Bo Mi, who played the ballerina Geum Ni Na, remarked, “I think I’ll remember working extremely hard for the character Geum Ni Na for a long, long time. It was an honor to work with the great director, staff, actors, and ballet troupe. Thanks to the viewers’ warm support, I was able to power through until the end for the shoots. Thank you so much.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1338023wpp/angels-last-mission-love-cast-says-goodbye-and-shares-thoughts-ahead-of-finale
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