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  1. THE EXTRA SQUAD IS BASICALLY THE AWESOMEST THING THAT HAS EVER AWESOMED! I want them to stage a coup d'état and overthrow the writer, wait… this is exactly what they’ve been doing in the shadows - basically planning a revolution, prepared to do whatever is neccesary to take control of their lives; their oddball trio of losers adding some extra chaos and disorder to the predictable world of the webtoon. It’s literally them against the whole universe and its creator. Plus I dig how Dan Oh has so naturally become the head of this operation and the boys follow whatever she says obediently like two cute puppies. She is their general and she’s barging foward with that boundless energy of hers. It’s hard not to fall in love with her.
  2. Extraordinary You is one of the most gorgeously shot TV shows I have ever watched. The visuals are simply stunning. Each frame looks like a beautiful manga panel.
  3. The latest episode almost confirmed the theory that Haru used to be a character from a previous historical webtoon and that he kept his personality traits in Secret. Furthermore, it appears that that some objects had been transferred as well - be it the antique ornament, flowers,… The comic “Flower” has that very same flower on its cover and now we can see its contents, including historical buildings and men with swords (that scar made me always think about Haru getting hurt after catching a sword or a dagger in his hand which is a trope you see often in sageuk); and one of the man is saying exactly the same line Haru told JMC. Did he already have the same identity issues in the previous comic or did his previous storyline include a birth secret? It’ll be interesting to learn who Haru used to be because you only have to look at him to realize he is a male lead material, something even Do Hwa noted when he first met him. Haru is tall and muscular, with insane physicality and reflexes. He saved DO several times, easily dodged the ball from BY, defeated BY in tennis and threw him into the swimming pool without any problems. On the other hand, he has amazing artistic talents which would suggest an educated warrior with noble blood, perhaps.
  4. OMG! Haru is using that comic book to basically track and stalk Dan Oh, isn’t he?! The dress-up scene with SM clearly took place on the stage so Haru must have read the whole thing and rushed to the cinema because it’s obvious he is deliberately doing everything SM told Dan Oh to do with BY and more, enjoying every single second of it. He simply couldn’t bear if she did something like that with her “fiancé”. The boy isn’t as hapless and innocent as he originally seemed and I’m all for it. At first, I found Haru’s explanation strange, considering that standing DO up is exactly something you would expect BY to do; however, then I realized that Haru didn’t come because he thought BY wouldn’t show up but because he was afraid he would. He must have noticed all those strange questions and reactions from BY and suspected that BY might be gaining his self-awareness. On a side note, I dig that they are watching Spiderman which is also a live-action adaptation of a comic, just like Extraordinary You.
  5. New stills of KHY in that gorgeous white dress - she's been absolutely brilliant in this show Source: Sidus HQ
  6. I’m really falling hard for this OTP. At the beginning of every story the main characters have always flaws or issues they need to deal with and the set-up serves as the catalyst. The cryogenic experiment showed that while Ma Dong Chan is a good person, he is also rather cocksure and selfish, caring only about his ambitions, goals and dreams, not really thinking about how his actions might affect others, be it his family, his girlfriend or co-workers. He is also basically friendless. The whole debacle really shows him what a huge jerk he’s been and deflates his ego which is a lesson he’s been long overdue. And the first time DC became concerned about another person was MR back in 1999 when he tried to stop her from participating in the experiment. She managed to stir something inside him, to finally put someone else before his own interests and this is where their story picks up 20 years later, with him worrying about her again. It’s her who manages to get through him to the point where he assumes responsibility for what happened after realizing that she will suffer after effects of the freezing which might put her life in danger. However, even before DC calls MR to immediately let him know whenever she feels sick, it’s the little things which reveal how much Dong Chan already cares about MR without even knowing it himself: the way he remembers her phone number by heart even though he previously couldn’t have been even bothered to learn her name, opening the car doors for her, pouring the iced water for her,… They are really made for each other because Dong Chan finally meets someone about who he cares more than himself and it’s only fitting that person ends up being Mi Ran who spent most of her youth caring about everyone else but herself. I really want to see Dong Chan cherish and treasure her and catter to her every need the way the precious girl deserves.
  7. If someone told me two weeks ago that I’d be obsessing over a high school kdrama I would tell them they are crazy but here I am irrevocably in love with Extra(-)ordinary You. I guess it must have been a love at first sight ;-) It’s been an eternity since I loved a high school drama. To me, most of them are boring because I’ve already seen those tropes million times over and a drama needs a truly extraordinary execution to sell them to me. It’s funny because high school dramas are usually the ones you begin with when starting to watch Asian shows and you think how awesome they are; however, after some time they start to bore you because they rarely bring anything new to the table. It’s the result of watching too many dramas for too many years. And Extraordinary You is exactly fashioned for people like that - people who know every trope in the book and get all the references and puns making fun of the stereo(typical) plot of romantic dramas. The show is an epic package of brilliant meta, gripping storytelling, top-notch editing, inspired directing, perfect music and amazing acting. Ironically, it’s based on a webtoon July Found by Chance which I refuse to read because after a long time I have only a very vague idea where the story is going and I want to keep it that way (OK, I admit I read the chapters which coincide with the first two episodes and I prefer the drama version and find it superior, anyway). And on top all of that there is the female extra Eun Dan Oh who just might be one of the best high school female leads I have ever seen, perfectly portrayed Kim Hye Yoon. She is basically a walking meme and each of her reaction is a mood. To sum it all up in one word, the show is simply EXTRAORDINARY.
  8. I think they filmed it but with slight changes, it appeared in the preview for episodes 25&26:
  9. Well, I would still prefer that unreleased handkerchief Moon Lovers alternate ending but I take this too. I'm really curious whether it will be some ML meta (I mean forget that there is so much ML meta already in the drama), Hong Sisters are known for some awesome cameos but also for some utterly wasted and forgettable (like JGS in Hwayugi). So fingers crossed we get the former.
  10. I've noticed that there are included 10 more additional tracks in this version than in the version released on July 10. https://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=10305318
  11. It seems to be an unreleased song. Either way the complete OST does not contain it, just as the English version of Stay. I hope O.When will eventually release the English version. A lot was said about the acting in this drama but not much about the child actors who were also very good and really sold the childhood part of the story. source: jennykje0517 IG, youngsun2481526 IG
  12. This is the tracklist of the complete ALML soundtrack, if anyone needs a download link, PM me and I'll send it to you (however, I'm going to sleep soon so I might send it once I wake up in the morning) 01. 단비 – 이문세 Title 02. Oh My Angel – CHAI (이수정) 03. 널 그리는 밤 – 엘(L) 04. Because Of You – 허각 05. Stay – 오왠 (O.WHEN) 06. 너란 빛으로 – 프롬 07. 향기 – 소정 (레이디스 코드) 08. Pray – 클랑 (KLANG) 09. Sweeter (드라마 `단, 하나의 사랑` 삽입곡) – Jess Penner 10. Flying High – 최인희, 오혜주 11. Dancer on Stage – 최인희, 서현일 12. Mission Complete – 최인희, 서현일, 민지영 13. Attitude – 오혜주 14. Cupid’s Mission – 오혜주 15. 사고뭉치 김단 – 김현주 16. Swan Lake – 최인희, 서현일 17. My guardian angel – 오혜주 18. 세가지 소원 – 최인희, 서현일 19. A Confession – 최인희, 서현일 20. Dark Side – 서현일, 민지영 21. Michael’s Sword – 오혜주 22. Agnus Dei – 오혜주 23. Last Judgement – 최인희, 오혜주 24. 루시퍼의 음모 – 김현주 25. Black Swan – 최인희, 서현일 26. Hello! 큐피트 – 이소리 27. Romantic Shoes – 이소리 28. Love Waltz – 최인희, 오혜주 29. 너란 빛으로 (hummimg ver.) – 프롬
  13. The singer Klang was present at the wrap-up party and watched the last episode together with the cast and crew members, she also took photos with KMS and SHS
  14. Well, there was the dream sequence, and after that when only YS could see him Dan basically reverted back to being an angel just like he was in the very beginning when YS could sometimes see him and sometimes not, wearing his handkerchief and all because according to the order from the deity he actually did complete his mission successfully. The last touch when he finally touches YS is basically the reversal of the "breath/kiss of life" from the first episode when he could not touch her but this time he can and I think there was another similar scene where he touched her but she couldn't feel it. Actually, I loved the parallel between the final scene and the first episode. I thought it was beautiful, poignant and fitting because it was ending the way it began, the story coming full circle with Dan following YS and touching her thinking she can't see him, only this time they are no longer from different worlds and can finally be together. What's more it's on the their bench and the very same OST is playing. That doesn't mean that the writer couldn't give us some 10 minutes of their HEA life. The final episode had some amazing moments it's such a pity the writer couldn't deliver a stellar and satisfying WHOLE final episode.
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