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  1. Yes, YS has many reasons to behave the way she behaves and I mentioned a lot of them, but the point I wanted to make is that she takes it too far. There is no reason for her to be so cold and angry at Mr. Jo who clearly never betrayed her or hurt her and whom she has clearly loved dearly from childhood. She didn't have to take her anger out on all the innocent applicants who applied to replace Mr. Jo's position. She doesn't have to be so overly rude to her staff - they are her employees not her slaves. A lot of her behaviour is justified but some of it is not and that's a character flaw she needs to work on. And I think that's where the story will go - a (wo)man is not an island and you can't spend your whole life being angry at everybody. If she doesn't get anyone close to her, if she doesn't share her worries and troubles with anyone, if she acts cold to everyone how can anyone possibly know the meaning behind her smiles? I wouldn't say YS was on her own. Yes, her family was basically non-existent and they were either hostile or indifferent but you yourself call Mr. Jo YS's surrogate father and from what we saw he really was one - he spoke banmal to her, called her by her name, treated her as a daughter and not as his employer, and YS clearly adored him as a child and they shared familial physical intimacy - so if she had him she couldn't have been completely alone. She had someone who loved her, she had a support mechanism. I find your point about her parents dying early very interesting because as far as I can remember we still don't know when exactly her parents died. My guess is there will be much more backstory because there are scenes with a child YS and a teenage YS (when she practices ballet with Ni Na). And we still don't know for how long YS was in charge of Fantazia and to what extent. Remember, YS is 26 years old so when she became blind she was 23. The age of majority in South Korea is 19. That would be the moment she would assume her legal rights to Fantazia. I think it is safe to assume YS's parents died when she was a teenager and still a minor therefore her aunt must have been in charge of Fantazia for a few years as her legal guardian until YS reached the age of majority. I guess that might have been the moment when her aunt decided to start plotting against YS because she got used to being in charge of the foundation and didn't want to share the power and influence with YS.
  2. I wouldn't say that regaining one's sight/vision can be considered as a character development. There has been zero change in her character and behaviour once she regained her vision. YS's blindness was never supposed to be in the focus of her story, rather a part of her life and a motivation for her behaviour. When we first meet her, we see a woman who lost everything, except for her wealth - her parents, her beloved ballet, her vision, her childhood friend, and later Mr. Jo. Now, we need to learn about her journey from the absolute rock bottom as she learns to love herself and others and overcome her own tragedy. Actually, I have to admit I find the fact that YS regains her eyesight this early and that it doesn't make her visibly happy or improve her behaviour quite a clever move because it shows that even if we are alright physically, our emotional scars and losses run much deeper and without love our life is nothing more but a mere existence.
  3. You read my mind @jakey09. I agree that Dan must have been either abused as a child or neglected, or another possibility is that he was bullied by his peers. Those bruises are all over his body and why else would a child like him wish for death. Even his clothes are dirty.
  4. It was never my intention to suggest that YS and GJP are similar deep down. YS suffered so much more than GJP in her life, she has much more developed backstory, and that's something I dealt with and mentioned in the rest of my post. The GJP-YS similarity I wanted to make is that no matter their motivation they take out their anger and frustration on everyone around them; some may deserve it, but most of them don't. I think that in this respect YS is even further gone than GJP because he was at least nice to his three friends and sister, which he respected no matter what, but YS really does hurt even the ones closest to her - that is her female secretary and Mr. Yo who was always supportive and never gossiped behind her back. It's her greatest flaw and also something which allows for greater character development in the future. Also, LYS's world wasn't cold from the start and that's another thing I mentioned about her. She had loving, doting parents and the devoted Mr. Jo, who clearly spoiled her, and she comes from priviliged background. Losing her parents, maybe even losing Dan, might be what turned her into this cold version of herself, together with the loss of her sight. However, now she regained it and there is not much improvement really in her behaviour. In the end, she isn't the only person who lost her parents or her sight but most people don't react to tragedy like she does - meaning it's no excuse to treat other harshly because she isn't the only one suffering.
  5. One of the storylines in Angel’s Last Mission: Love is the role reversal of the stereotypical kdrama trope of a cold and tormented male lead and the spunky heroine who finds a way into his heart (though, there is clearly much more to Dan than meets the eye). Here, it’s Lee Yeon Seo who is the damaged, aloof and rude chaebol heiress lashing out at everyone regardless whether they hurt her or not. Lee Min Ho’s portrayal of Gu Jun Pyo really does come to mind first when you watch YS as she bullies her stuff without any care for their problems and feelings. It’s really an inspired move by the writer because LYS is such a wonderful, complex character and after the first two episodes it’s clear that this type of a female protagonist can be as fascinating as any male hero with the right script and actress. Heroines like Yeon Seoo are rare to come across in a kdrama or any Asian drama, really and Shin Hye Sun absolutely slays in this role. Just like Gu Jun Pyo, LYS isn’t likeable or lovable in any way and it’s only apt that Dan receives such a difficult tas for his last mission - to make Yeon Seo fall in love - because she is not someone who is easy to love nor does she seems to be capable of giving love to anyone. In other words, she is a huge jerk just like all those other kdrama male leads out there, and just like them there is much more to her coldness than it seems. Interestingly, YS wasn’t always like that. She used to be loveable in her childhood so something traumatic must have happened to her that would change her so much. Her eye injury must be only part of the story because regaining her sight didn’t really bring any improvement or change to her behaviour. So it must be something that can’t be fixed - the death of her parents, possibly even Dan’s death, and now even the death of Mr. Yoo. Finally, there is also her aunt’s betrayal and scheming. She has truly lost everything and everyone and fell to the absolute bottom. She really does need someone who would break her fall because there is only so much a person can manage on her own. Yeon Seo doesn’t give a damn about what others think of her or the consequences of her actions and completely lacks any sort of politeness. She doesn’t try to make connections with people or to make them like her. Instead, she thinks the worst and expects the worst from everyone. It’s a defence mechanism. After all the loss and betrayal, YS doesnt want to get close to anyone because she doesn’t want to get hurt by them and she is afraid to lose another person she loves. All that anger, sadness, dignity and pride, those are the only things she is left now; they are the only things keeping her alive. It’s clear that YS is a fighter and a survivor and she lashes out on people first before they come too close and can hurt her. I think that this is the most admirable quality about YS - her willingness to carry on each day, her dogged, stubborn will to keep living and fighting despite all the loss and tragedy; even though a part of her wants to die and finally put an end to the neverending hurt. As he will spend more time with her and come to know her better, Dan will see this strength and hidden vulnerability beneath YS’s armor of ice and spikes and facade of disinterest and pride. Also, after episode 2, I can’t help myself but think that YS sees herself as someone cursed, who brings death to everyone she loves, and that in a way she hates herself, meaning she doesn’t love herself so how could she possibly love someone else? Finally, I want to add that I adore the scene where she stands up to those jerks bullying her in the park. It’s an accurate depiction of a visually impaired person who has had to deal with her disability for 3 years and YS clearly did everything she could to make herself self-sufficient because her pride wouldn’t allow her anything else.
  6. THE WATER(FALLS) When it comes to symbolism, kdrama writers usually go for the moon, the sun, stars or flowers; however, in the case of One and Only Love, it’s water. Not merely rain, but the actual element of water with everything it entails and including much more than its symbolism in the Christian faith because while the drama uses the themes and motives of Catholicism and Christianity, the god depicted here merely represents the almighty deity which can be found in many religions. Basically, something higher than us. (It’s a concept similar to the one found in Goblin.) Water symbolizes life, purity, purification and rebirth, but just as there is no light without darkness, there is no life without death. Water can give life just as much as it can take it. Humans can’t breathe under water and they can easily drown in it, yet they need it to sustain them. Without water, there would be no life, even human bodies are made of water. The element of water in the drama represents all these conflicting aspects of life and death. Dan’s and YS’s childhood memories feature heavily the element of water. There are actually two separate flashbacks – the one time when YS saves Dan and the one time when she doesn’t and each time it isn’t merely raining but a large body of water is present. Furthermore notice, how on both these occasions Dan is falling, possibly to his death, and then fastfoward 20 years later to the two moments when Dan saves YS – IT IS ONCE AGAIN RAINING AND DAN CATCHES YS WHEN SHE FALLS. Dan almost drowned and then probably really drowned in a body of water in his childhood, 20 years later, YS wanted to kill herself in a river and then, when she was falling in her car, it was once again river in which she would have fallen and drowned. Was it her fate or her punishment for trying to take her own life to almost die the same way she previously tried to? Was it fate that Dan saved her or did he prevent her fate? As if the there were not enough parallels with water already, the first time Dan’s approaches YS and talks to her, even though she can’t hear him, happens on the bridge across the river. And when he comes to her later and sits with her on the bench, it is once again the element of water which beckons him to her, this time rain. My guess is that water serves as a kind of trigger to restart memories and emotions for Dan and YS. It reminds me of the “deep waters” trigger in the season 4 of Sherlock. Moreover, one more water tidbit, the very first scene of the entire drama is the ballet Swan LAKE, with a giant picture of lake in the background and YS as the tormented swan princess who is a victim of a spell cast by an evil sorcerer and FALLS FROM THE SKY after being hit by an arrow. So water and the fall (either the fall(ing) of water, a person or objects) play an important role in the whole story. Even Dan himself is in one way or another a fallen angel or on his way to becoming one if he fails his mission. Well, if this isn’t symbolism and parallelism at its finest, I don’t know what else is. Of course, all this might turn out to be just a mere coincidence but there is no way the PD would let his two lead actors and child actors get drenched so much on regular basis in the span of two episodes for no obvious reason. The kdrama universe is rarely so lazy.
  7. It's because YS stops breathing in that moment, it's a breath of life really because Dan makes her breathe again (I suppose she noticed it as a slight tingling feeling). YS remembers the time she tried to kill herself, thinking that a ballerina dies twice - once when she stops dancing and once when she stops breathing. You can noticed that she takes a deep breath with an open mouth and then her whole face becomes contorted, because she is holding her breath. And then comes Dan, does the gesture near her mouth/nose and immediately admonishes her that people die when they stop breathing, meaning that he made her breathe again. Even before that, when he is only observing YS he says: "You already died here once." - he can feel she is contemplating death again.
  8. I keep replaying the last scene where Dan shields YS with his wings because it's so perfect. The way they look at each other Source: https://dreamingsnowflake2013.tumblr.com/post/185086311599
  9. Most of the cut scenes are already uploaded on the KBS youtube channel, so you can check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/DramaKBS/videos This is the link to the final scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5cvF1JwSCg Or if you prefer embedded version: Also this the instagram page of the child actress who plays young YS and this is her newest upload:
  10. I have a confession to make - Dan's wings are beyond beautiful! I love how huge and pristine white they are with the celestial glow around them. It really makes him look otherwordly and angelic.
  11. I'm irrevocably addicted to this show. Hook, line and sinker. I appreciate these kinds of dramas the most - the ones which keep improving and building up their story arcs which each episode. It's funny, heartfelt and romantic and the writer has apparently a clear picture where she wants to take the story. So today episode affirmed that YS saved Dan when they were children and Dan's heart actually reacts to her voice (be it actual voice or inner voice). The ending was absolutely swoonworthy: And this is going to happen next episode. I can't wait:
  12. I don't think they didn't work it merely takes some time before it fully heals. You must not forget that it's an invasive surgery and it takes time to recuperate.
  13. So heartbreaking, YS smiling in front of her driver's altar so he could see her smiling brightly one last time just as he wished. He really gave her his corneas for the transplant like I predicted. And the horror on Dan'S face when he discovers that YS is his mission.
  14. So Dan gets his chance, his own last mission, but he doesn't know who that person is yet. I'm looking foward his face when he discovers it's YS. Also, he has 100 days to complete it. What is he? A gumiho? What is it with kdramas and their obsession with 100 days anyway?
  15. I totally agree with you , @cantera. Frankly, this show owns me! It’s so freaking perfect and gorgeous. During the last few seconds of his alloted time on Earh, he stops time and breaks literally every rule there is to save her, knowing full well that he will turn into dust and smoke. Considering YS is going to regain her sight in the next episode, my guess is that either Dan does something to cure her, but a more probable solution is that her driver put his name on the list of potential cornea donors for her so she will receive his cornea transplant. It would be a touching gesture even more so considering how terrible YS has been to him while he never gave up on her and was her sole protector; basically he was her guardian angel. And now, as he lies dying protecting YS, Dan is there and takes up the role of YS's guardian angel and protector upon himself. In other news, the first two episodes recorded 7.3% and 9.2% ratings.
  16. I dig the little Healer homage by the director in this scene. (Even the rooftop looks similar)
  17. This is the final scene. I have to say that the song is amazing and the overall soundtrack is really great:
  18. I've managed to catch the last 10 minutes or so and I'm in love! They have a childhood connection and this basically happened at the end. Dan was about to let her die but she was pleading that while she was wishing to die every day now she wants to live, it's obviously something that triggers his own memories because that's what he thought when he was a child. I can't wait to watch the whole episode.
  19. Here are new stills from today's episode. By the way, does anyone have a livestream if so please PM me. Thank you very much in advance source: kbs
  20. The long preview is another awesome promo video in a series of teasers promoting the show. I have to say I haven’t been this excited while looking foward to a new kdrama in a long time. The Healer PD is at the helm and he has a great touch in portraying swoonworthy romance and angst, and giving it a kind of epic and movie-like quality. A tormented and dejected ballerina with a death wish, star-crossed lovers, an actual guardian angel with beautiful wings, chemistry to die for, love, longing, angst, gorgeous cinematography… I think this show might just be the embodiment of my dreams and fantasies. My only worry is the scriptwriter whose only previous work is the below mediocre Lucky Romance, but I choose to be optimistic considering My Love Eun Dong was equally bad but then its writer went and created the brilliant Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, so I hope this will be the same case. Fingers crossed.
  21. I think this show (and maybe Abyss) just might become my next obsession. Source: https://dreamingsnowflake2013.tumblr.com/post/184672368669/angels-last-mission-love-dan-only-love
  22. The long preview has been released on youtube in HQ:
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