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  1. They really are the embodiment of star-crossed lovers, aren’t they? I adore how the director alternates between the two POVs, distinguishing between the two different perceptions: the reality and Yeon Seo’s fantasy world in to which she is projecting her longing, desire, love and sadness and where she wants to escape because it represents her heart’s desire - a world where Dan doesn’t reject her, where he holds her, caresses her, kisses her and loves her. The entire moment is so hauntingly beautiful as YS does exactly what Dan told her - she imagines that it’s only them two in the world. It’s the ever-present theme of their love story - them being in a world of their own whenever they are together even though they literally come from two different worlds.
  2. Thank you . You know I write these posts because I need to get out all the feels I have about this shows, bottling them up inside suffocates me. I’m sure Dan is too pure to think about it but while I was watching this scene there was only one thing on my mind, which is in a gutter no doubt, and I’m not even ashamed of it. I blame it on the raw chemistry between the leads. When Dan asked YS whether they should eat ramyeon, I screamed because he just used the Korean version of “Netflix & Chill” (the whole phrase is “Do you want to eat some ramen and then go?” and it means whether they should sleep together). To me this scene had an underlying sexual innuendo. I don’t normally have this reaction when a couple has ramyeon together in a kdrama because it usually doesn’t mean anything, but in the context in which Dan used it I couldn’t think of anything else. I mean, they are all alone in the house, he swoops YS up in his arms, carries her bridal-style, hoists her up on the kitchen counter and leans in towards her, stopping few inches from her lips. And Yeon Seo definitely has some sort of expectations here, if nothing else, then at least a kiss. I know when they eat it’s supposed to suggest that she isn’t used to having ramyeon; however, there is something more to those strange looks she is giving him. It’s certainly no coincidence that the very same night she dreams of kissing Dan.
  3. Lee Yeon Seo waited for him. She gave him space, waited for him to sort out his feelings and come to her. This girl who had used to think that everyone is hers to command and suspected them of ulterior motives, chose to unconditionally trust Dan with her heart. She expects from him confessions of love, kisses, soft touches and embraces, but he crushes her hopes and heart with his cruel lies. Dan, who never lies, saves all his lies for YS, hoping that pushing her away would protect her from unhappiness. Even the first lie he ever said was the one with which he denied his love for her. Dan’s efforts to protect YS from sadness are so counterproductive because, in the end, they only make her, and him, utterly miserable. You only need to see Dan’s numb look and hear YS choke on her grief and panic when she tells him to pack his stuff and leave to realize that these two can’t live without each other. I think that an ending where Dan disappears and YS has to spend her life alone without him is virtually impossible at this point because when she not only started to hallucinate and see Dan everywhere, but also search for him everywhere the moment he left the house, it become clear that Yeon Seo can’t live in a world in which Kim Dan does not exist.
  4. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do the recap today and that I've been MIA and not as active this week as I usually am, but my Monday exam got postponed for Thursday because the teacher was sick. I've finally had the time to watch today's episode and I'm totally going to gush about it and the Wednesday episode once I have some time. By then I must read all your thoughts because I've missed so much in just one day - this thread is moving with lightspeed. Keep it up - you are all amazing Until then, I couldn't resist and made a little gifset of YS's beautiful dream.
  5. The Grandmother's husband/lover was an angel as well and Dan's superior makes Dan watch as he makes him disintegrate into dusk and smoke, the feather on the handkerchief turns black, basically showing him what would happen to Dan. But that is not what scares Dan, it's the utter desolation and grief of the Grandmother and he suddenly sees YS, who he knows loves him, in her place. That moment he runs desperately towards YS's mansion and encounters a happy YS who prepared sandwiches for both of them and he tells her that he is going to quit as her secretary and leave the house.
  6. YS stands in front of the investors and tells them that they are people who don'T like ballet and that she will make them love it nad if not, then she will step down. Dan is very propud of her and pats her back
  7. First 5 minitus were repetions of scenes from last week, which included JKW listening on YS's and Dan's conversation. Dan saves JKW when they fall and later wakes up in ambulance. He later sees JKW at the hospital who once again warns him not get involved with YS but Dan tells him that HE REALLY LIKES YS and tha the will uses all the time he has to make her happy. His wound once gain heals and he leaves hospital.
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