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  1. I think the plot twist will be kim dan dissipated but his soul go to the human yoo seung woo that has coma more than 10 years.Because the writer never give us the detail about what happen to yoo seung woo mayb he is saved but in vegetative state.And maybe he is transfered to hospital in seoul because no specialist in the island...I pray and hope this the ending and the plot twist
  2. someone pls pm me the live stream link
  3. Hi dear chingu, I think i have some theory for this drama Maybe it was Min Jae Hee was saving Seo Yi Do from the river as a child but he couldnt remember. I done watching 2 episode of perfume but i not yet watch episode 3
  4. oh my i ship this couple since goblin cant wait for this drama...altough i prefer fantasy genre but i will try romcom
  5. Yeah i agree with you that is this MOA is resemble to SAO vr game...I think if you killed by the player you can die in real life..Cha Hyeong Seok already died in episode 3 because our hero Yoo Jin Woo killed him in the game maybe because Dr Cha grabbed Zinu by the physical touch thats why the health of real player getting dropped as you see in game got warning the health and lvl getting dropped
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