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  1. For all of you who still miss midgb. The Astro members re-enacted the backhug scene. This will really makes you laugh non-stop.
  2. Guys, please download soompi apps and vote for our Dorae couple. Best Couple Award and Best Drama Award for MIDGB. Eunwoo has two other awards but he is leading ahead whereas the above two awards are still far behind form the no. 1 spot. Let us vote for the Dorae couple.
  3. Hello Michuri fans. I am back. Season 2 is back. Don't forget this Friday, 11.10pm KST.Keep on supporting our casts especially Soo Hyang. Will miss Jennie but the others are back.
  4. @molaihawaii This video has touched the hearts of many international fans. Brings back memories of midgb. Very touching and once again I miss the drama and dorae couple.
  5. This video of Astro concert with Eunw2oo singing solo for Rainbow Falling shows clips of the Dorae couple from episode 12. Missing this drama and the couple again
  6. As the year comes to an end, a nice video of the Dorae couple bts . Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year to all you chingus.
  7. This couple is into Tiktok nowadays. Don't forget to tune in the last episode for MIchuri 8. There will be a season 2 with different casts most probably.
  8. This couple love twinnings. Hope ISH has a great time in Morocco. She looks better though still pale. Our girl seems very happy here.
  9. A very nice video from scenes of MIDGB. Eunwoo and Soo Hyang have very sharp features and the visuals from this video is daebak.
  10. She finally updates. Apparently she has not been feeling well for the past few days and she needs to get well soon to go to Morocco and enjoy the food there. Our girl loves to eat.
  11. @icyphoenix There are many followers in the other thread and as the drama is over, we could only keep the thread alive if we write more than just about the drama. I am sure there are many things that are going to happen to our couple and some of them would like to know the news happenings. They will be glad to hear from some of us who follow them closely. As I see, most of them are no longer active in the other thread. Anyway, thanks for allowing people in this thread to write anything interesting about ISH and other matters related to her.
  12. @icyphoenix I wonder what both of them will talk about? Stories of the old days when both of them were in Tales of a New Gisaeng. This trip lasts a week and definitely everyone excited to know their interactions. Sung Hoon and Soo Hyang are friends but they haven't much interaction with each other. Our girl is beautiful and smart. Maybe Sung Hoon suddenly realise how charming Soo Hyang is, haha. Looking forward to bts of the variety show and her red carpet walk on the KBS Drama Awards. There are 3 of them who are suspected to have the money but the winner will be announced next episode, I think. There are 6 episodes altogether. Jennie, Soo Hyang and Ki Yong are the suspects. Wanted to write more in the other thread but dare not as I am afraid to get suspended if not related to MIDGB. Hope this thread allows us to write anything as long as it is connected with ISH or people related to her.
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