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  1. It seems for the last episode tomorrow night, we will have 2 hours of the drama non stop instead of the normal one hour.
  2. Look at all the beautiful cakes. I feel that Graceful Family casts received the most beautiful cakes as compared to other dramas wrap up party. Some like wedding cakes, lol.
  3. Argh, till now I am not sure who is the person who wanted Seok Hee's mum dead. So many suspects. Will watch tomorrow's episode to get a better idea. My guess for now could be Ms Han, WJ and his mum. By the way, the casts and crew will be going for a vacation trip to Vietnam from 21st Oct to 25th Oct courtesy of MBN. Let's hope we will be getting higher ratings for the next few episodes.
  4. Making film. Bts of Graceful Family. Can't wait for the next episode where they finally kissed.
  5. Graceful Family night today. 10 episodes have passed. Because I find the drama interesting, I didn't notice that the episodes have passed by so fast. Episode 11 should be interesting and glad so far the ratings for this drama has been good.
  6. @Man-O-Man Soo Hyang's fashion is gorgeous in Graceful Family. I look forward to what she wears every time she's on screen. From clothes, to accessories (especially ear rings) , shoes and even handbags. Plus she is beautiful, tall and slender. She looks so good in anything she wears.
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