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  1. I think one of the reasons why this drama is loosing steam is because of the very slow subbing.Some of the dramas were sub so fast that watchers are able to follow the drama.Without the sub and not able to know what’s going on in the drama, you end us loosing interest and motivation .Until now I wanted to know what’s happened when A died especially YR thoughts . I still think that YR and A has better chemistry than A and the princess. Although at this point, I could ship A and the princess. I still like this drama because of A.It looks like for 2019, all I’ve watched were dramas with sad ending starting with Goodbye my princess.I could highly recommend Goodbye if you don’t mind sad ending.
  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s confused at Yuran’s feelings towards her 2 male friends.They might as well each go their on way .I wish the subs will catch up with advancing episodes. Watching Empires and Tribes so I don’t think too much of this drama.I don’t want to invest too much to N drama coz I don’t want a big let down at the end. Sometimes it is better to watch the completed drama rather than the currently airing drama. I heard that N is not quite popular in China.The longest day in Chang’an is also good but I like N better just because of LH after I watched him in NIF 2.
  3. I watched epi. 36.It looks like it is Yuran’s turn to shed light into her character.Yuran’s feelings towards Asule is quite confusing.There are times that the way she looks and her expressions at A is quite different from what is coming out of her mouth and her physical manifestations. No romance in this drama but why would they even bother showing Yuran’s interactions and expressions towards Asule. When A died even JY could not console her. Either hot or cold,Having the English sub is quite different from watching raw. I don’t know about the princess.She likes and is very good to Asule but I couldn’t seem to warm to her.Like we will be in for A big surprise, As her aunt said you could not love 2 persons. I know this will have a sad ending but I would take comfort if at the end Yuran will say that she loved Asule. Waiting for the next episode
  4. This drama is keeping me in suspense.Quite a cliffhanger epi.32. I do feel very sad for Yuran when Asule died.Still even without sub ,it is a tear jerker.Quite confusing on whom Yuran really loves per her aunt’s interpretation.Couldn’t wait for the coming episodes.
  5. This drama is keeping me in suspense.Quite a cliffhanger epi.32. I do feel very sad for Yuran when Asule died.Still even without sub ,it is a tear jerker.Quite confusing on whom Yuran really loves per her aunt’s interpretation.Couldn’t wait for the coming episodes.
  6. All I can say is that this is one of the best drama I have seen aside from Princess agents.I couldn’t wait for the English subs. As someone said I love Asule with or without romance.This is like when I was watching NIF 2,cannot wait for the next episode. Still I would like to have another girl to show up with much chemistry with Asule. Yuran needs to transform herself to someone with maturity and goal.Unlike the other 2 with childhood experiences ,Yuran does not have any to show for why she acted as an immature and self centered person.Maybe a character development would be good.
  7. Sorry,it is Yuran instead of Yuhuan.I always think that the main actress always end up with the main lead but maybe not in this drama.I wanted A to have like an instant attraction or show of indifference with the girl unlike the other princess. In Nirvana in Fire 2 , it took a long time for the main couple to realized that they are in love to each other considering the indifference at the start ,misunderstanding, and their goal in life. It was only at the end that they were together.
  8. I am really enjoying this drama.Couldn’t wait for the subs.He is very expressive with his eyes,I feel sad that Yuhuan is not in love with him.Asule thinks like a mature adult unlike Yuran who still shows her immaturity. I ‘m hoping that she will show personality development in this drama and she will realized that A is a better person than Ji ye.I feel that she is so sympathetic with J considering his situation in life and what she is experiencing is not true love but more of a pitiful love.
  9. I believe GTY was sincere when he offered to help QH and of course GTY is aware the QH loves Minglan but the point is QH lost his chance.He was the one who asked GTY to give the doll to Minglan since he cannot fulfill his promise to make Minglan his wife.All is fair in love and war. He has to move on same as Minglan.
  10. I feel sorry for QH.He really loves Minglan.I think QH always think that M needs his help or protection or M is helpless while GTY has already an inkling that M is the opposite .M pretends that she is helpless but in truth she’s intelligent and able to fend for herself. Actually GTY really asked for Rulan because he told the emperor that he is getting married to the legitimate Shen daughter. i think that GTY was sincere when he offered his help to QH about kidnapping the princess and quite surprise that it was taking QH a long time to ask for M ‘s hand in marriage. Unfortunately ,it’s too late for QH.There’s a saying that the early bird catches the worm . GTY is dead serious in regard to Minglan.As soon as he realized that he admire and like M, he immediately went into action. i don’t see anything wrong with QH reaction and action regarding Minglan’s impending wedding to GTY. . In the same token I don’t see anything wrong with GTY’s plan to get Minglan. If Minglan does not want to be GTY’s wife , I am sure that she and grandmother can come up with scheme to get out of the situation even with the emperor’s order. I am quite amaze with ZLY ‘s portrayal of young Minglan.The way she talk, her attire and how she look ,you would really think that she is young .Now, I am looking forward to watch the mature Minglan or the married Minglan. It was very slow at the start but I am enjoying watching this drama.All the actors are very good portraying their roles especially the grandma.Thank you very much to the subbers.
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