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  1. Hi iKstar sistas..hurmm indeed true what @swingbaby said, pls no worries about our Soo Hyun's popularity. 

    I believe he know his loyal fan always be there..in our heart.:wub: 

    Thanks to @yangxu, @hwonhwon_stv, @yuzu, @ilwoo_aein and all silent lurkers for keeps this thread alive..

    not forget to @iluilu, welcome abroad.pls come n post more often ya... ^_^


    Such a very gentleman person..:heart:



    cr to owner as tangged.


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  2. I found this interesting article. Very proud of him..:heart:

    Forbes 2016 30 Under 30 Asia: Entertainment & Sports


    Kim Soo-Hyun

    Recognition of the talents of Asia biggest and brightest young stars on the big and small screen and on the field and the ice rink  stretch far beyond the boundaries of the region. Forbes’ inaugural 30 Under 30Asia list on entertainers and athletes includes Aussie’s biggest import to Hollywood since Russell Crowe, 26-year-old Liam Helmsworth, K-pop and K-drama favorites Si-won Choi, 29, (of Super Junior), Yoona Im, 25, (of Girls’ Generation) and Soo-hyun Kim, 28, plus sports stars like Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, 26, and Junhui Ding, 28, the one-time and first-ever Asian world No. 1 player.

    In our first ever list of 30 stars under 30 in Asia, we scoured the region for the finest candidates in film, television, music and sport. Including our youngest on the list, Joey Alexander Sila, the 12-year-old Indonesian piano prodigy who taught himself to play jazz , these young people are entertainment’s new superstars.


    Choi Si-Won, 29, South Korea

    Singer-actor, Super Junior


    Ding Junhui, 28, China

    Snooker player, formerly world No. 1

    Stephanie Gilmore, 28, Australia

    Surfer, Roxy Surf Team

    Liam Hemsworth, 26, Australia


    Im Yoona, 25, South Korea

    Singer-actor, Girls’ Generation

    Shraddha Kapoor, 26, India


    Kim Soo-Hyun, 28, South Korea


    Yuna Kim, 25, South Korea

    Former Olympic champion figure skater

    Lydia Ko, 18, New Zealand


    Virat Kohli, 27, India

    Cricketer-team captain

    Kwon Ji-Yong (G-Dragon), 27, South Korea


    Lim Hyung Joo, 29, South Korea

    Opera singer

    Nehe Milner-Skudder, 25, New Zealand

    Rugby player, New Zealand All Blacks

    Sania Mirza, 29, India

    Tennis player

    Aditi Mittal, 28 India


    Saina Nehwal, 25, India

    Badminton player

    Ning Zetao, 22, China


    Kei Nishikori, 26, Japan

    Tennis player

    Charice Pempengco, 23, Philippines


    Daniel Ricciardo, 26, Australia

    Formula 1 driver

    Ruby Rose, 29, Australia


    Joey Alexander Sila, 12, Indonesia


    Arunima Sinha, 28, India

    Mountain climber

    Chaitanya Tamhane, 28, India


    Joel Tan (Gentle Bones), 21, Singapore


    Masahiro Tanaka, 27, Japan

    Baseball player, New York Yankees

    Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei (G.E.M.), 24, Hong Kong


    Kohei Uchimura, 27, Japan

    Gymnast, 5-time Olympic medalist

    Angela Yeung (Angelababy), 27, Hong Kong


    Yunalis Mat Zara’ai (Yuna), 29, Malaysia

    Singer-entrepreneur, Iamjetfuelshop


    source : http://www.forbes.com/sites/carolinehoward/2016/02/24/g-e-m-angelababy-soo-hyun-kim-and-the-actors-and-athletes-of-30-under-30-asia/#359a3fda65c7


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  3. 10 K-Dramas To Marathon Before Going Back To School


    Skipped unrelated.

    2. "Jungle Fish" 


    Kim Soo Hyun portrayed a high-schooler in 'Jungle Fish.'
    (Photo : KBS2 )

    Before Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Young were Hallyu stars they led the cast of the 2008 KBS teen drama, "Jungle Fish." "Jungle Fish" focuses on the pressures of the Korean educational system and the prevalence of cheating among students. 2PM's Chansung also stars in the series. 

    4. "Dream High" 

    KBS' 2011 series "Dream High," is like a Korean version of the '80s American teen drama, "Fame." Set within a performing arts high school, "Dream High" stars Kim Soo Hyun, Miss A's Suzy, T-ARA's Eunjung, IU with 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoung. The series is a must-see program for K-Drama and K-pop fans.

    Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/96033/20150903/10-k-dramas-to-marathon-before-going-back-to-school.htm

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  4. Woah..So many story..thanks to Ikstars sisters for the news and updated.:wub:

    @shahizzy8884 he looks so good in that Beanpole gear! Thanks for posting the amazing fan art (don't worry I remembered this time that it's not yours :)). In fact a lot of the fan art posted here with KSH is simply stunning. KSH would be very happy to know what talented fans he has :) 


    @moniw18, omo...your statement make me laugh sis.hihihii..:D



    150902 Kim Soo Hyun at K-Beauty Show in China..




    cr as tag

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    @shahizzy8884 - I totally agree with you about KSH in interviews.  I even mentioned this in my first big post here. I love the way he comes across, he is witty and funny and I LOVE his answers. I know he has to be careful what he says and he can't always be honest but he still manages to be interesting. I think that after I had seen him in TAXI Interview (it's an old interview) I started liking him even more. And I really like that he's not afraid to say he likes romantic scenes as his favourite scenes (for example when he said he liked the frozen lake scene in YFAS or he liked the scene with the Queen at the end of Ep12 in MTES).  



    @moniw18, yeah..I still remember him in TAXI interview. I like the way he laugh. hihihi...:P I love his answer too.He shows his true self without faking. Arghh I miss him so much.^_^


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  6. Good to hear that Soohyun has safely arrived in LAX. Thanks for the updates @shahizzy8884. I heard that fans there at the airport were kind of difficult to get a good close up of him because of the security. But at least we are able to see some pics of him at LAX :)

    annyeong chinggus!


    @swingbaby, @shahizzy8884, @ilwoo_aein and all our dear iKstars, very thankful for all the updates and morning vitamin pics. My day is always complete. 

    Annyeong chingu  @AiO  and @ilwoo_aein, u are welcome,^_^ thanks to all iKstars too, always be here to update about him and not forget to feed vitamin to us.hikss..:)

    yeahh.. I heard he waited 2 hours at the airport.aigoo..poor our Soo Hyun - ahh..:( 



    @shahizzy8884 - I meant to say "thank you" and I will be more than happy to "share" more about KSH once I see his other work (as mentioned above), I'm really looking forward to seeing him in his old stuff :) (what's is your favourite TV show of his? - if I can ask?).  

    BTW - if anyone else here has time or feels like sharing I would love to know which shows/movies you like re-watching the most with KSH?

    @moniw18, u are welcome. Don't worry, all iKstars sister are always sharing more about our beloved KSH here.hee.. 

    Actually I really like him in Running Man and all his interviews, from there we can see the true color of him.. it makes me more and more and more love him.hihi..B)

    I've watched all his drama and movie. The most favorite drama of coz MLFTS, TMETS, Dream High, WISFC and Secretly Greatly, the Thieves film.:wub:

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  7. Ooops, sorry @shahizzy8884 - I feel so silly now lol... I never get these things right!  Even though it's not your art, thanks for sharing... it's adorable :)

    @moniw18, no worries..no big deal dear.hihihi..:D sharing is caring. Pls come and share anything about our baby more often.okey..:)

    Wahh..So many update today.I like it..thanks for sharing @dramafan888, @swingbaby, @ilwoo_aein

    Warm hug.hee..:wub:



    cr as tag in pic

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