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  1. ooh I see - I just clicked on one of the wiki links when I searched his name, so they must not have fully known either
  2. searched up crown prince - also a 1997er - WAT. and this is his debut drama - dang!! so many handsome younger guys in this drama lol I hope he snags a role in a more modern role since his cheekbones are magnificent
  3. Thank you for this!!! I had found small summary about the dual personality thing, but wasn't able to make sense of it since no one seems to be subbing it. I only came upon this drama because an Instagram feed post had it pictured and I thought the main male lead was super attractive LOL. I can't understand much of the story, and overall, the acting for me is okay, but not great. It's not bad, but sometimes the acting is just a little too green or obvious they're trying to portray something. I do understand that this is mostly a rookie cast though, so understandable. But, despite that, I l
  4. omg guys, my parents are watching this Vietnamese drama. I can hear it from my room and I swear I heard Yang Yang's OST - but sung in Vietnamese by a Vietnamese I freaked out thinking they might be watching Love O2O dubbed or something but no :/
  5. I like both but the drama is definitely better in terms of actual getting all the details and significant moments in. Although I get the movie wasn't able to work with much due to time constraints, I felt like they used many insignificant moments that could have been replaced with moments that actual showed more character involvement and development, but that might have been even harder to edit well. However, I do think I would have liked it more had I not watched the drama adaptation first because I think the movie sets up the stage well for the drama adaptation. But, I realize not every
  6. haha yeah I know - my post was trying to say that I did end up finding out its the game of the same name which makes sense since Yang Yang is the one endorsing the game as he's had several advertisement posters for it XD LOOL I legit want to try it - never been a huge fan of online games but I kinda want to see it XD this makes me really sad lol why would they change it </3
  7. Haha yup I was so shocked when I found out. I figured it was a real game because they had to have been playing SOMETHING when they weren't in fantasy avatar mode, but instead in the reality world looking at the game, but I just didn't think it'd be the exact same name and similar company lol
  8. he looks so much better there haha I never liked Cao Guang's styling - it's not bad but I wish they would have just let his hair be straight instead since I liked him with the hairstyle where he caught Er Xi from falling
  9. Does anyone know if Yang Yang or Zheng Shuang ever say what their ideal "bf/gf" is in interviews? I always like to know just cause of shipping purposes but XD
  10. ooh agree I think the leads of Itazura Na Kiss (the male leads) for both japanese and taiwanese version could play Xiao Nai, idk if they'd have the same effect - but I'd love to see people's renditions of Xiao Nai since although Xiao Nai is cold - he's literally the most sexual filled puppy around Wei Wei lol
  11. As much as I loved Park Shin Hye's bigger role in Doctors, and even though I know Wei Wei kissing isn't supposed to be as passionate as compared with Xiao Nai, I reallllly don't want to see through another "wide eye open kissing a wall" move. PSH is better now than in the past (maybe because of her skills and maybe because of the director) but she's not quite there in terms of kissing. Song Joong ki would be major eye candy but for some reason I don't see him playing Xiao Nai lol. It's hard for me to decide on a Korean cast because I can only envision the cast through the Chinese drama be
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