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  1. As I know, Hotel Venus was filmed in Vladivostok (not Lithuania) and LJG was staing in Japan alone. His first manager only accompanied him to Japan and returned to Korea. LJG even had to work at another job for additional earnings. I saw information that he was later offered a role in the Korean project, but he refused, because he had already agreed to the Japanese, although the role in "Hotel" was small and underpaid. Maybe that's why he, too, has such a powerful fanbase in Japan New insta update
  2. Wow! I understood wrong, as ML - Moon Lovers... May be, Military Service?
  3. For example, 2014 Press Conference in China or 2013-2014 for DVD Two Weeks
  4. If we talk about the roles that the LJG chooses, I want to mention that since 2008 to 2017 he has been blacklisted. He was taken to the army from two projects in which he had already started acting - from series ""Faith" and movie "Grand Prix". Although usually in such cases, all the actors were given a reprieve. He was no longer invited to movies, to advertising. He always said that he wanted to act in action movies and did not want in romcoms because he could not play romance. But now I am inclined to think that because of this blacklist he was simply not offered hit scenarios (as for Lee Min Ho or Son Joong Ki). But I am only glad about it. All LJG roles have depth, life-affirming (at least most of them). They are not short-living things.
  5. Oh, dear, thank you for such interesting story. For me the writing is visible enough. New information on SPLENDOR: http://leejoongi.jp/information/?id=931&fbclid=IwAR0pKbfd3RW3D7Xw-0gGZtT05CE_5QytQ3u6RwORmbNkHfVp2k25IHb1pvg
  6. This is his Ringa Linga. Once more
  7. One more video At the same time he manages to pull faces
  8. @wenchanteur This article could be interesting for you https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/5895/20121007/best-sharp-shooter-out-celebrity-soldiers.htm Lee Joon Gi really is a good shooter.
  9. There is simple answer for this question - JG was in Black list. These two words are not just two words, These two words hid 10 years of the strained and beautiful work from wide public.
  10. No, Kay is from "Time between Dog And Wolf" (2007), my favorite Joon Gi's drama. Well, ONE of my favorite Joon Gi's dramas.
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