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  1. OMG... I just left for one day and I just tried to talk to some of them about what's happened (through chatting - since I don't know them personally). Apparently, they won't believe everything you said if the account who talk to them is considered as a fake account. So, since they have been attacked by other shippers (even hacked by other shipper), they have been quite suspicious to anybody who talked to them with what they called fake accounts. They will be able to discuss if they think you have an original account. After chatting with them just now, hopefully, they will lay low for a while. But of course, I can't guarantee it, especially, if they suddenly change their mind. And since there are plenty of park park shipper accounts, I can't talk to all of them and I don't have time to ensure whether they are real Park Park shipper or not either. I have other things to do than just being a shipper. I thought this shipper thing is only for my entertainment for my summer. *sighing* This is getting too serious now. *sighing again* By the way, they are not new as shipper, so they have connections to "different sources" and they have "their own group". I told one of members here that some of the Park Park shippers in Instagram is actually faster than this forum in getting their own information.
  2. @eva21 and @BINGO_O --- I agree with both of you. I think they likely have discussed about this possibility of dating rumor before they decided to be in this project together. So, I am not worried that much.
  3. She likes Art and she said that she wanted to be a Fashion Designer. So, I assume that she can draw.
  4. I think Park Min Young (backless gown - she was not wearing her white jacket) walked with Kim Tae Ri, wearing light brown gown --- in front of KARD members (red T-shirt). So, she and Kim Tae Ri were already ahead of PSJ since PSJ took picture with one of the attendees of AAA. Jun Yeol was walking together with a female actress with white jacket - walking just in front of Park Seo Joon. Here is some of the list of actress who came to the AAA 2017 --- I think only KTR wearing the light brown gown that night.
  5. I didn't checked my notes when writing the previous answer. That's why I put question mark for the year. But thank you for @saved2K for finding the video. Do you still need the PSJ's interview saying this?
  6. I think in the previous interviews (last year?), both of them (PSJ and PMY) prefers to hide it before public if they are dating. So, we can't blame them, if they deny the dating rumour with who ever they are dating.
  7. I am sorry if I crash your delulu mind.... But this is some information that may help to create a more rational delulu. As far as I read from the article, PSJ returned to Korea from Spain from Youn's Kitchen on 5 December 2017 after spending two weeks shooting for Youn's Kitchen in Spain. The airing of the Youn's Kitchen Season 2 was started on 5 Jan 2018.
  8. Kim Tae Ri was the actress that PMY was talking to while the AAA ended. Then she walked with her leaving PSJ a bit far behind.
  9. Really? I know that PMY was nominated. But she didn't win. I thought she didn't attend the ceremony.
  10. @strymeek, @parkparkloveu, @BINGO_O I may have repeated some that we have already discussed previously. But this could be the time frame that we are discussing: 12 Feb 2017 – the so-called famous shoes video at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas from PSJ. But "random pictures" from PMY (maybe late post – but she wrote it’s been a year). 14 Feb 2017 – PSJ updates still at the same hotel. 15 Feb 2017 – PSJ updates still at the same hotel but caption Bye LV “heart sign” 14 Mar 2017 – PSJ did fans meeting in Japan and PMY’s update IG at Aoyama Market, Japan. 18 Mar 2017 – Ear’s Candy/MEC is aired – this would mean that the shooting done before it is aired. I assumed it happens in Feb after the Las Vegas trip. However, on 18 to 22 Mar 2017, PMY posted pictures of she travelling (like Venezia, etc) while shooting Ear’s Candy in the previous month (late post, I think). Therefore, she is still in Japan, I think. And on 23 Mar, PSJ update Tommy Hilfiger in Japan. 25 Mar 2017 – PSJ attended in amfAR Gala at Shaw Studios in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong. PMY posted her picture at Lane Crawford, Hong Kong. 27 Mar 2017 – PSJ updates that he’s still in HK, but PMY updates in Macao --- but as one of members here said that HK and Macao is only 45 minutes by ferry. By the way, Youn's Kitchen was aired on 5 Jan 2018. PSJ returned from Spain on 5 Dec 2017 after spending 2 weeks in Spain for shooting Youn's Kitchen.
  11. OMG... our couple..... They are so obvious PSJ's birthday 16 Dec and PMY's birthday 3 Mar. By the way, BJH's birthday 8 Feb.
  12. I don't know what to say. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/07/fans-continue-to-find-evidence-despite.html
  13. Hi Eva, I don't understand what your are talking about in this. Which news? Thanks Really? Where can I find it? Thanks.
  14. I just read in ig about what both CEO of the agencies said about Park Park. PMY company said that they only know each other from the drama. But PSJ CEO said that they were close from before and often meet together with the CEO. And now the shipper all giggling and then remembered that the agencies of Song Song was like this too -- giving contradictory comments.
  15. I don't understand when the news reporters based their news on the shipper's investigation. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=parkseojun&no=85327
  16. I may be wrong. But from all the translated interviews of PSJ, I think PSJ is a quite a strong personality, loyal and confident person plus a straightforward person. He is not a person who is afraid of losing fans. So, I think PSJ is the key whether this relationship will be successful or not. And I hope Park Min Young has been stronger than before - 2011. She is mature now. I really pray for them to be stronger, so that they can make it till they tie the knots.
  17. And then, Dispatch post again the news that it's not three years, but 2.5 years. ---- Sorry, I can't help to joke about this.
  18. In the link saying that PSJ denied, I didn't see any quote from him. What does it mean? Isn't it only the two agencies denied about this?
  19. I haven't done the 2015, but I do agree with you that the MAMA 2016 was the turning point of all these coincidences.
  20. I did a chronology from 2016 of their interviews, their work schedule and ig ---- I can't help to make hypothesis that they are dating.
  21. I think they must have been ready with this kind of thing. Otherwise, why would they take the project which can make their relationship vulnerable or under the spotlight? Judging from their strong personality, I think, they will manage to get through this or maintain their relationship, until it's confirmed ---- wedding date.
  22. Yeah. The agency of SongSong used to deny the news of them dating first. But the SJK and SHG gave a diplomatic answer in the interview. And then boom, they announced that they are getting married with the wedding date already fixed.
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