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  1. Hi Minoz! @adamfever Pia Campos is the General Manager at W Talent Management in the Philippines. she handles models for print ads, tv commercials...she handles the likes of Sam Oh and a lot of Bench Models are under her agency..and in the Philippines if you are in the same industry like entertainment, you will know the who's who in your circle...that's is why she somehow knew LMH because of Ben Chan....you can check her Linkedin profile and her instagram (piacampos)...
  2. Why do I LOVE Lee Min Ho? He's handsome. Very handsome. He is good looking. Very good looking . He made me laughed in "Personal Taste."He made me cried and fall in love with "The Heirs." He made me sang with his songs "My Everything" and "Painful Love." He made me liked the song "I Will" by the Beatles he sang this song during his FM in Japan few years back. And he made me danced with his moves in "Love Motion."...I just want to express myself. And practicng my answers if ever I will be chosen in one of his FM.. ) ) ) God bless Lee Min Ho.
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