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  1. On 4/18/2024 at 11:24 AM, 4evrkdrama said:

    I have snatched  Byeon Woo Seok 

    Have watched his dramas b4 but this role is meant for him , kudos to one who gave him this role.

    Ryu Sun Jae (BWS character) is setting new standards in rom. male leads.


    On 4/18/2024 at 11:24 AM, 4evrkdrama said:


    Twin @confusedheart are you watching it ?






    "Making BWS officially into My Oppa list !!"






    11 hours ago, partyon said:

    @confusedheart is eyeing the Lovely Runner ML and will probably make him her oppa soon. @4evrkdrama you better be quick and snatch him if you're interested. :joy:



    I have made him My Oppa right from April 

    Quick at making Oppas mine





    Its okay i dont mind sharing with her ( @confusedheart)  my BWS,

    Twin, I will give you 5% if you need.

    Sharing is caring:tounge_wink:




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  2. 4 hours ago, agenth said:


    Clue #9:

    • Set sail on a mystical voyage: explore the ocean as I transform from mermaid to human. I have to learn how the modern world operates, while secrets spans through oceans and eras. 


    I binge watched this drama during pandemic lockdown time


    As i looked through the drama forum, found the name of the place and am hearing it for the first time !




    Drama - Legend of the blue sea




    Place - Palau 



    Stamp collected





    Missed flight no. #8 @YongZura⁷ :sad1:

    Hope you had a great trip 

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  3. 2 hours ago, agenth said:


    Clue #7


    • It's fall season, red leaves fall all around you. Wrapped in your red scarf you travel to the other side of the world in a matter of moments. Maybe you'll find your powerful and centuries old love on the opposite side of the door? 




    The red leaves, red scarf.......awwww


    One of my fav. Drama @agenth

    I was waiting for this place stamp to be in the game. 


    Kumaoyo :ohboy2:


    Stamp collected 



    Drama - Goblin




    Place : Quebec - Canada 




    Wish if i could travel like him :

    Open the door , teleporting to the place one wish to 








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  4. 4 hours ago, partyon said:


    I don't know why oppa always has great chemistry with everyone? I guess he's very approachable in real life or something?



    I love him in variety shows too,

    Oppa is so clumsy and cute but kind and warm at the same time


    Ji chang wook tops the list 

    And another Oppa is 

    Park Bo Gum 



    The actor whom i hated after watching variety shows is park seo joon

    I dont like his "attitude - face".

    Maybe am the one whose wrong to think like that but the guy really made me feel to punch his face


    4 hours ago, partyon said:

    I think Son Ye Jin is an actress who also almost always has great chemistry with all her co-stars. She seems like a super nice and bubbly person IRL. Yoo Inna and Hwang Jung Eum too!


    Kim Ji Won too 

    I liked her right from Heirs onwards (though she was an annoying character there)

    She is a great actress.

    Lee Se young too

    Shin Min Ah

    And Jun Ji Hyun too


    Park min young was in the list until Love forecast weather and love in contract 

    I didnt feel the chemistry in both

    Even in her latest too

    She had better chemistry with Lee yi Kyung.

    Got another point

    Lemme write it another post


    4 hours ago, partyon said:

    Yoon Shi Yoon pseudo oppa is also pretty good at having chemistry with all his leading ladies.


    He is not my Oppa Eonni 


    4 hours ago, partyon said:


    Really? Please share the synopsis with us :tears:







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  5. 4 hours ago, partyon said:

    Oh, it's because of Ms. Koala's post back in the day, dongsaeng. :joy: Let me link the article here for you. It was back when Ji Soo got into a scandal and he was replaced by this guy:



    The wet noodle is a bit too much though:loolz:

    4 hours ago, partyon said:


    Dongsaeng, does he have better chemistry with his male co-stars? We need him to star in a BL drama to see if that's the case.




    :joy: we have to

    Choi Jin Hyuk had better chemistry with him , than his Female co- stars

    Havent watched the drama, but have seen few clips here and there.


    Ji Chang Wook , the guy is another level,

    His chemistry with his co-stars are on par !

    What makes it so ?

    Any idea Eonni ?!

    I love him:wub:


    And this guy surely knows to break our heart



    Look at those eyes Eonni

    :cries: i feel bad for his character, just after reading the synopsis




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  6. 3 hours ago, partyon said:

    Not Wet Noodle Oppa with my favorite unnie Lee Se Young.



    Whose oppa is this? @4evrkdrama @agenth @Thong Thin @sadthe1st @Ameera Ali ?


    You need to take responsibility for this casting. :rage:





    Not mine, 

    He is cardboard Oppa to me


    And why is he called as Wet Noodle Oppa ?



    6 hours ago, partyon said:


    Is it just me or does L oppa rarely have good chemistry with his FLs? I just often feel like there is a discord in his dramas?


    Then there are some oppas who always have good chemistry with all their FLs. Ji Chang Wook oppa being one of them.




    You are not alone

    Even i felt the same eonni 

    His chemistry with his co stars arent chemistryfying


    I have only watched few oh his dramas :

    Meow the secret boy (dropped)

    Secret royal inspector (dropped)

    Angels last mission (dropped and seen edits later)

    Miss Hammurabi 


    And with the latest - seriously i doubt their chemistry 

    No hate to the FL but they are not a match. 



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    14 minutes ago, agenth said:


    Here's another clue:

    • I step from the city onto the scorching sands and rugged terrain: Follow the footsteps of soldiers and doctors as they navigate the battlefield of life and love. In this tale of sacrifice and salvation, watch as hearts collide against duty's call. 




    The soldiers, sands

    Doctors and battlefield of life and love


    Its Descendants of the Sun




    Place Greek





    Its been always in my bucket list ever since i watched that drama

    There are few places in my bucket list (the bucket is overloaded actually):loolz:

    But few of them are influenced from kdramas and this place is one amongst them.


    Those who have travelled (i you have) @willenette @partyon @agenth @rocat @YongZura⁷ Please share your experience about it :heartxoxo:


    Stamp collected :dorashakes:






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  8. 1 minute ago, YongZura⁷ said:

    We are on the halfway mark @4evrkdrama.  All the best to us 😎


    Meet you later on the plane.


    See you on the plane:issohappy:

    And if you happen to have room in your carry on for some bonus snacks my tummy will be forever grateful :tounge_wink:



    eonni @partyon

    My apetite booked a ticket too

    We need an upgrade to first class since the flight is delayed





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  9. 28 minutes ago, partyon said:


    Yes, way over 100 countries. What about you?


    Thats really an impressive number :yay:


    Among the 100, which countries would be your top picks for a revisit ?


    28 minutes ago, partyon said:

    @4evrkdrama @YongZura⁷ are you waiting for @agenth post a new clue?


    Indeed Eonni,





    28 minutes ago, partyon said:

    Seems the plane has to go through de-icing before it can take off.... :joy:


    (aka @agenth has to wake up :sweatingbullets:)






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    2 hours ago, agenth said:


    • You pass by a hotel most famous for its divine swimming pool, almost as if you can see all the orchids of the world: a famous shopping street, the beautiful flowers in the gardens. Enter the world of me and my three sisters as we navigate life, love and loss in the pursuit of our dreams. 




    The orchid and the 3 sisters




    Its little woman 

    Place - Singapore


    Stamp collected :piggydance:







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  11. 6 hours ago, agenth said:


    clue #4

    • This is my journey from shadows to spotlight (from my past to a new, different life), where every step is a testament to resilience and ambition. From humble beginnings of my grandfather to a life adorned with luxury, witness the transformation unfold as history is rewritten. Amidst the glitz and glamour, discover the story of a phoenix rising, where dreams take flight against all odds.



    Was waiting for you for so long,

    I kept refreshing the page and then i slept:dead:


    "Frm my past to a new different life"




    "Resilience and ambition" "humble beginning and luxury"


    Its ReBorn Rich


    Place - Turkey Istanbul



    I have not travelled to Turkey, though its been always in my bucket list


    But i have tried many turkish dishes and am in love with them 

    To name a few,




    Not so much into sweet foods

    But this has my heart, where there is baklava there is me:heart2beat:


    Turkish kebab 



    Tried it from qatar , in different forms

    Kebab platter, Kebab wrap (Harbiye Durum) , Kebab and rice.

    They are super juicy and yummmmmmmm.


    Dolma - stuffed grape leaves



    rice and meat, wrapped in grape leaves .

    Its sour in taste but i love it.


    The thing abt arabic foods are each  country has its own version of these foods, claiming its origin there

    But regardless they are a must try !


    Stamp collected






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  12. On 4/26/2024 at 9:04 PM, agenth said:

    Clue #3


    • I have some money saved, and travel to a foreign country with my old, but valuable camera. The camera is broken due to a car accident, but oh wonder I met someone who feels like she can breathe for the first time. I show her around all the sights I experienced in this wonderful sunny city. We say goodbye, and we say hello when we return: Her as the CEO and me as her employee! Oh the scandal! 



    The camera, he travelling to a foreign country

    And she as a CEO

    Its Encounter






    Place - " Havana" ooh na-na (ayy)

    Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh na-na (ayy, ayy)


    Personally i am not into noona romance but i have seen edits of the drama since its my Oppa :wub:


    Stamp Collected







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  13. 48 minutes ago, partyon said:


    I would never have guessed it. This is a drama I wouldn't have watched back in the day, even if someone had paid me to


    And it featured my oppa :grimace:


    I was in my "soo whipped for him" Era back in the day Eonni @partyon


    Heirs was my first live kdrama that i watched, and i rewatched it several times as i was waiting for the next eps.


    On a side note

    I liked bof 100× more than Heirs (no hate though) but watched it then for my "then" Oppa, my "first" Oppa :hwaiting2:


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  14. 44 minutes ago, agenth said:


    Clue #1


    • I was banished to the other side of the world: I should feel lucky, since I have sun and beach and surfing to occupy me in this glorious city. Exiled as I was, I still craved the attention of my family that shunned me due to my mum's standing. Back at school, I*'m again at the top, except for my ex best friend who feels betrayed (and dare I say hurt).



    Lemme guess it 



    Given it is a beach side,


    And most imp. Surfing,

    The best friend who feel betrayed ,



    - its

     The Heirs 

    Shooting location - California











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  15. On 4/23/2024 at 8:13 AM, LeftCoastOppa said:

    If Im Sol talks herself out of being with him after finally hearing his confession ...



    Just like @bibianni19 said, accepting his confession would only hurt Sun Jae when her 19 year old self is back.


    And ofcourse its a kdrama with 16 eps, that confession acceptance aint gonna happen until ep 8 or 9 most probably.


    Wonder what the plot holds for the future eps though,

    so far am in love with the chemistry btwn the leads.

    Look at these cuties

    Cant wait for their 2023 adulthood era



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  16. Eonni @partyon

    Jang Ki Young isnt my Oppa, I only "liked" his Gumiho drama.

    That guy is too cardboardish and you make him my Oppa ?




    He is on par with Cha Eun Woo and I cant imagine myself accepting them as my oppas



    19 hours ago, partyon said:

    K-dramas that caused you k-traumas?


    Nothing pops in my head as that of Scarlet Heart Eonni.

    For Other dramas, (to name a few: twenty five twenty one, uncontrollably fond, Mr sunshine, Remember: the war of son)

    I could accept the ending myself after some time but in this kdrama :

    each ep runs on a pathetic note, each characters are complex, the cinematography and osts are too good, they literally tease your mental health with each eps,

    As For the male character, she just left him all alone though for various reasons (thats a long story)

    but whatever,

    this male lead character Wang So in one amongst the top pitiest character i have seen in the kdrama land

    and to make things worse,

    the director intentionally skipped the part where they meet again in the future timeline ...




    And maybe i was too young while watching it back then (10th grade) but i have no intention of watching it ever again because of the trauma that it gave me back then


    And still deep inside Eonni ,

    I wish for a season 2 , where they meet again in the future timeline (though it aint gonna happen)




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  17. 5 hours ago, partyon said:

    The plot sounds super interesting even WITHOUT romance? @4evrkdrama are you planning on watching this? It's your oppa. I barely recognized him - with the new hairstyle. :flushed:


    Eonni He is not my Oppa,

    I liked him in My Roommate is Gumiho though (their chem was awesome)


    But am looking forward to this drama, plot seems interesting and i like the lead actress

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  18. 1 hour ago, partyon said:

    @4evrkdrama dongsaeng, I finished Mad For Each Other. Except for the ending being a bit "tropey" I did enjoy it a lot. What a breath of fresh air! :love:


    Yeah the ending was a bit tropey, but

    I really loved how they talk about mental and emotional illness with a mix of comedic elements. And who doesnt love quirky leads ?








    The usual thing abt kdramas are, they talk abt emotional/mental illness in first few eps, and mix it with too much kdrama "trope".

    But here, in this drama, i felt it different.

    And both the actors potrayed it really well.


    It was indeed a refreshing drama !

    I remember watching it and i was sad that it ended so fast.

    Cant believe i watched it 3 years ago ...woooo time flies...



    By the way Eonni, did you know we are going to

    Scarlet heart Goryeo

    Thailand version



    I only know the ml and fl, but the drama, am not ready to have another heartbreak !


    You can make an event with list of k-trauma and I bet Scarlet Heart would win it 




    Its been 8 years and am still not over from it



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  19. 1 hour ago, partyon said:

    Yeah, I am not the best person to watch romcoms 


    My dongsaeng @4evrkdrama forced me to watch it  But I'm a good unnie, so I gave 4 episodes a try. On SUPER FF.


    Biyaneyo Eonni



    1 hour ago, partyon said:

    @confusedheart had recommended me a Mad For Each Other from 2021 earlier and said that I might like it. So I tried it (since it's on Netflix) and I was totally hooked after the first episode.


    Its an awesome drama eonni @partyon 

    its in my fav. List ever since i watched it and thats the drama

    That made Jung Woo - As my Ahjussi Oppa.

    Loved the show to the core.



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  20. 6 hours ago, partyon said:


    @4evrkdrama @rocat @larusAm watching the first episode of Lovely Runner now. The height difference between the leads...


    Are there no tall actresses in Korea anymore?

     This actress always ends up with tall guys :wub:


    Lee Jae wook (My Oppa)



    I find it cute though :please:


    6 hours ago, partyon said:

    Also, are these two going to play high-school students for how many episodes? Honestly, both of them look too old for it.


    :loolz: this is why i love to have u as my watch buddy Eonni , u say things straightforward but without us feeling offensive.


    Guess they will highschool students until ep 8 or so


    6 hours ago, partyon said:

    Thirdly, I just can't with romcoms and this one feels super "romcomy". :grimace:


    We have got a 180 degree difference in drama taste eonni,

    I love "some" rom-coms,

    My fav. are

    Another Oh Hae Young

    fight for my way


    Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo


    Rom-com (depends on my mood), slice of life are my fav. Genre 

    Then crime - thriller 


    Guess sis @larus and me have somehow same taste somewhere in kdramas.


    I just cant stand cheating dramas,

    Recent one being - Hide

    I wanna punch the male lead in hide !

    Whats wrong with him ?

    Somebody just get that man killed plz


    6 hours ago, partyon said:

    Fourth point. Why did she confess: "Sung Jae, I love you" when meeting him again in the pool? Like is she a kid or something? How can she so carelessly say that she loves someone in their face when she doesn't even know him in real life and is only basing her love as a kpop fan? Is she a teenager stuck in a 30-year old woman's body? :unamused: The way she acts, she's so unbelivably immature.


    She is too much of fangirl you know !

    But like you said 

    its too over the top for a 34 year old ,

    But still am enjoying it, 

    Loving the chemistry btwn the leads  

    6 hours ago, partyon said:

    Not sure I'm gonna be able to continue this drama.


    Awww, its okay Eonni, thanks for hanging until 4 eps for this dongsaeng 



    52 minutes ago, partyon said:

    @larus @4evrkdrama Such a cute gif! 



    Why am I seeing only my yoongi over here !

    He is such a cutie pie 





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