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  1. There are still some other parts of the filming that were discussed, especially the unscripted parts. Got to watch those haha
  2. Kim Nam Gil’s reaction was funny when he heard about the voiceovers, he looked like he was starstrucked hahaha @ktcjdrama Ok I shall write as many interesting bits as possible. I watched on Viu so the translation is theirs hehe - Alot of the funny bits they did in the show that ultimately became their character’s signature were thought of themselves or among the 3 of them. - Bobby’s capoeira was an idea of Yo Han’s. - Bobby’s clothes were bought by the actor himself from the markets. He chose it himself and got the approval from the director. - The bread was made for the show but it became such a hit that the bakery negan selling it and its sold out everyday. - The 3 of them went through auditions and they had to think how to portray their character without a script. Song Sac did the Thai voice in his audition and pretended to send a video letter to his mom in the same manner that Song Sac behaves in the show. So I guess the director and writer liked it so much that they didnt actually change Song Sac much from how Ahn Chang Hwan actually portrayed him. Eum Moon Suk sent in a video of him portraying Bobby and it seems the Bobby we see is the same as the one he portrayed in his audition too, albeit more expressive. This got me thinking about the special interview show where they had a question to answer regarding Detective Seo’s audition. I didnt understand the part well, was it that they actually didnt think she suited the role? - Song Sac learned Muay Thai for the show. The slap in the scene where he first fought and won against Bobby was a real slap. - The actor playing Yo Han told the director he did not want to work only in the convenience store, so thats how his character worked in several places. He then came out with the idea for his character like being a spy in the factory. - Song Sac got a spray tan starting in November until 1-2 weeks before the last shoot. The rest of the show was about their struggles as an actor. You really feel for them and feel happy that they finally got recognised. What made me love the show even more now is the fact that despite being smaller roles in the show, they had alot of freedom to give ideas as to how to portray their characters and that they were actually used in the show. It was not scripted but was their own doing and it actually got really popular. Shows also that the director and writer are really nice to trust them with it.
  3. @ktcjdrama Thank you soooo much for the translation! Finally i can piece their conversation together. I actually hope Hwang Cheol Beom and Prosecutor Kang gets to act in a comedy drama as brothers. It’ll be really funny. Just watched We Will Channel You. Its really insightful with interesting bits about the show. Not sure if I’m allowed to spoil it here...
  4. Ahhhh I cant read Chinese ...can only understand some Chinese by listening. I really wanted to know what they were talking about with regards to Kim Nam Gil when Kang Ho Dong asked them to point to the person and he kept mentioning ‘Cider’. Just watched Happy Together. Hwang Cheol Beum and Prosecutor Kang are much funnier on this show then they were on the special interview episode. The focus of the show was pretty much the 2 of them. Prosecutor Kang did the voice-overs and JYP impersonation as well.
  5. @triplem thank you sooo much for the twitter subs! They’re a great help! Im also watching My Fellow Citizen now hahaha that icon of yours! Kim Nam Gil is gonna be on Entertainment Weekly panel as a host I think. Hwang Cheul Beom and Prosecutor Kang will be on Happy Together. The show must be that popular if they are on a KBS show.
  6. Hi! Finally posting something although ive been a silent reader here since the last few episodes hehe i dont think viu will sub the ep of fiery priest’s interview/talk show with kang ho dong n yang se hyung because it is still not uploaded now and i went to google to see the ratings for the ep but it was stated that its not an ep of ‘we will channel you’. Instead its a stand alone special show. If someone could be so kind to give a summary of interesting bits that were talked about in the talk show (like the recap when the ep was airing live), that will be seriously amazing. It is abit too much to ask though i know, cos it is time consuming to do so. Hehe.
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