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  1. Hi guys! I miss you! But anyway, just waving and posting regarding the interview of Ji Chang Wook where he was asked whether who among the actress he had worked with will visit him when he elisted.

    Ji Chang Wook has worked with some of great actresses. “I was lucky to work with so many great actors. I learned a lot from them. While filming ‘Empress Gi,’ actress Ha Ji Won was always smiling on set. It must have been tough on her but she never stopped smiling. Also, Yoonah and Ji Hyun were full of laughter on set. I got so much good energy from them.”

    As you noticed, he mentioned HJW first. It means, the first actress that comes to his mind is her. Lol. With a brief explanation regarding her attitude while they were filming. To think that he just finished his drama with NJH.


  2. Funny is Ha Ji Won uploaded these photos

    (audrey hepburn, gustav, simpsons, sun, luffy, toys) one at a time. Then by next week, she followed Bo Lin. We knew because we were stalking her. Haha. That was January. (The agency said they were not acquainted yet? Did Bolin agency said they have met for business talks?.)

    Then she chose the ITWY remake and soon will have their movie together. Remember HJW said to her Hallyu World interview that the destiny intermingled between them? It was really amazing that they have lots of similar stuff on their IG and even their projects are linking to them.

    Maybe these two only have the same interestsss and photos uploaded are clues?. Surely, they can get along with their movie. Hoping this rumor won't affect them. 

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  3. @andra30 I know, I know. Chill chingu. I don't want to think about it either. She never did that in her career.. She doesn't need too.. So I am confuse on how they have the same interest / uploaded the same stuff / will star in a movie together / signed on their agency .. Maybe I just need to wait and see. I am pretty excited about this dating news because finally, it is rumored that she is dating but unfortunately, immediately deny it :D

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  4. They followed each other on January or early Februaru, yet the agency they are not personally acquainted.


    Or maybe, they knew already about the projects they will be going to so that they follow each other. Omo! Why did HJW uploaded all the things that Chen Bolin have on her IG at the same time on Januray ?! This is really insane haha. Too many coincidences that it made me think of two possibilities, they are dating, or they use it for publicity... But I would rather choose dating, because publicity is like using someone's attention for their career benefits :(

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  5. Lol! Finally, their agency answer the big question if these two are dating since HJW posted similar stuff like Chen Bolin on her IG last January 12. Too bad, they didn't notice that unnie and bo lin also posted Luffy, Audrey Hepburn, Castle in the sky, and other. They actually have a lot of similarities on their posts but sadly, the agency denied it.

    Is it dating or publicity?

    Still, the similar posts, are still suspicious. It never happened on her other co-stars. Why it seems like she is giving Bo Lin a benefit :-o :vicx:

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  6. The final episode of EK was aired here yesterday and I love the tagalog translation! For me, the tagalog word of i love you is more meaningful the reading the english sub! Ha ji won told Ji Chang wook,

    "Totoo yun." It's true.

    "Talagang minahal kita. Mahal na mahal kita". I truly love you. I really really love you.

    But it was sad that they changed the background music! X(

    But anyway, it was Seung Nyang and Ta Hwan. Hahaha ;))

    Brings back the memories. =((

  7. Seasons may change but my heart isn't or my perception of how JCW threats HJW is still positive. I have never seen those kind of smile and laughter again after EK ended. Ok, to be fair, I am not saying that JCW becomes very sad when they depart, but those moments are different that until now, I know to bottom of my internal organs that HE DIDN'T SEE HJW AS HIS SENIOR/Older colleague. How would he dare to bite her back, grab her hands or open his leg in front of her?Hehehe. That's not how you threat your senior. Those are flirting hahaha. :-)) Maybe I am conviced if he also did that to his ideal type, Do Ji Won Noona. Haha. it's been a while JiJi. Hehehe. I still visit this thread everyday to read some latest news. I just miss those times.

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  8. Wow @qwenli huhu hugs..
    Me, i don'tknow when to let go of JiJi. :( I always said that tomorrow, I will no longer visit soompi and all that have connections with JiJi,but here I am, patiently waiting until they admit their real status. :))
    I also became troll to my JiJi shippers fb friends and told them to not expect so much and said I will let them go on February 14 but to be honest, I am not sure because JiJi love surprises. Just like lately, both of them uploaded Black and White photos. I remember before, when they do that, we will have a party on this thread but why are you so quiet huhuhu.. T____________________________________________________T
    Hopefully, we can ship them the way it was before but how?! No more trollcape , events and drama. Destiny loves trolling us. :))Can we bring it back the old times. That even we are talking about sinking ship, we are laughing? haha :) Hope we can.I love this thread and don't let it become just a memory! =((

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