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  1. @partyon I'm not really surprised few of us are here lol, watching this drama feels like being on a roller coaster. One minute you are satisfied with the plot, the other you are like wtf how ridiculous can the plot get?! I skipped most of ep 12, the investigation...wait can it be called that, even the detective himself admitted changing DS statement. But I have a feeling he left evidence hidden somewhere. DS and former gangster scenes are the best. I'm thankful the writers gave us this duo, especially after destroying DS & IW (the best) bromance in earlier episodes.
  2. Thank God for episode 11, it was worth hanging in there and not dropping this drama earlier! I'm so relieved the writers resolved DS's problem so quickly. I can fully enjoy the drama now
  3. @partyon Yes, I agree with you there was no need for DS to do that. I feel sorry for him, before he was an outcast and now God only knows what they label him with. At least now he get along with his family and work colleagues. @ktcjdrama The deciding factor will be the prosecutor and what he/she will charge him with (accident, premeditated, attempted murder or whatever) and that is IF they actually charge him with anything lool. After all he is the protagonist in Kdrama! Also, if DS helps the police catch IW that will be in his favor.
  4. It wasn't an accident, but a premeditated murder (DS went there to kill him). I don't understand what is the writer intentions anymore, DS committed more than one crime so far such as obstruction of justice , tampering with evidence (burned a victim suicide letter) and murder. From the beginning I kind of expected DS to kill, it was hinted of it. But the victim is someone who could have actually helped him clear his name, it would have been better if he killed the copycat guy who killed his wife instead. It would be unrealistic if DS doesn't go to prison for one of these crimes at least in the end, a crime is a crime having amnesia or not. IW has been really sloppy lately, so he is bound to make a mistake that will reveal who he really is. Also like you said the chairman and the secretary might turn on him and BK's uncle seems to know something too. The most important thing is DS's memory to return. Poor BK's father! I don't know what will happen to him, but he wasn't taking the medication they gave him and I'm afraid IW might kill him. To tell you the truth this drama has many unrealistic cliches, so don't worry too much, in the end it's most likely nothing will happen to DS lool. I'm just enjoying the comedy and YSY's acting in this drama. I gave up on the story development of this drama when IW found out everything about DS and started to manipulate everyone (so boring ).
  5. Poor DS! The writers made him a murderer, I don't think I like this kind of expected twist. But I found it strange how the former detective started beating DS after untying himself, he should have run away or told DS what IW is doing to them both.
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