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  1. The books are written by the drama writer of IONTBO, Jo Yong (조용), and the illustrations are done by Jamsan. The books Zombie Child, A Boy Who Grew Up Eating A Nightmare, and A Cheerful Dog are available in Korean bookstores Yes24 and Kyobo Books. I've seen it being sold by some vendors through eBay.
  2. In Episode 13, Moon-young tells Gang-tae that it is ridiculous to expect children to forgive their parents for all the bad things they did before they die. She then goes on to mention the story that she hated as a kid, A Tale of Two Sisters. She hated the father in the story because he turned a blind eye to the abuse the two sisters were getting from the stepmother. Like Sun-hae, the patient with the identity disorder, MY was being abused by her mother while her father turned a blind eye to the abuse. It may not have been physical abuse like Sun-hae's experience, but it was psychological/emotional abuse...unhealthy controlling of her every movement and isolating her from others.
  3. Watching Sang-tae feed a heartbroken Moon-young while she is saying sorry to him is soooo.... I can't stop crying. Where are my tissues? Reading real-time Naver comments, I'm not alone in crying ㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠ
  4. EPISODE 14 STILLS - Director Oh and Gang-tae checking out the CCTV footage to find the culprit of the butterfly painting cr: sports donga
  5. HOLY S**T! OMG! The Ending! I saw a glimpse...did I see correctly who was driving away?!? I knew it but I need to see the episode. Netflix hurry up and upload the episode!!
  6. Thanks for finding these pics! Wow! It's getting REAL all of a sudden seeing the last pics of filming...the end is near! I'm going to be really bummed when the drama ends. I came to watching the drama for my guy, KSH, but ended up loving PD Park Shin-woo, writer Jo Yong, Seo Ye-ji, Oh Jung-se, the rest of the cast, costume director Jo Sang-gyeong and illustrator Jamsan as well.
  7. cr: YTN I guess that Moon-young's interest in fairy tales comes from her father. How interesting and sad. Awww, It looks like he is reading Sleeping Beauty to her seeing what looks like a spindle on the back book cover. I can't wait to watch more of MY's backstory. I love the attention to detail the director puts into this drama. From the cursed castle, the clothes, and the fairy tales. After watching Episode 2 for the 100th time, I noticed an opened book inside MY's bedside table while she was looking for her mobile phone. MY was reading Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. Hmm, will this story play a part in the next few episodes? Or it might be nothing but MY's love for the classics. Anyway, love the details!
  8. Seo Ye-ji Finds Part of a Lifetime in tvN's Hit Series By Son Ho-young Chosun Ilbo - July 18, 2020 Seo Ye-ji has landed the part of a lifetime in tvN's hit series "It's Okay to Not Be Okay." She plays a successful children's book writer with childhood trauma, which has made her aloof and unsympathetic, so now nothing stops her from doing and saying what she wants. Young women are especially bowled over Seo's character as they can get vicarious pleasure from watching her, with the rating for target viewers between 20 and 50 coming on top among on cable channel shows at the same time slot. "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" turns the typical Korean soap's Cinderella story upside down -- rather than a bland tycoon with perfect hair, Seo's co-star Kim Soo-hyun plays a guard on a psychiatric ward who could never afford to look after himself because he is the primary carer of his autistic older brother. He is rescued by Seo's character who has everything –- money and fame. Watching a possessive woman talk bluntly and be honest about her desires is proving cathartic for her audience. "The show portrays a woman who is independent and proactive, and it gives viewers the impression that women have control in life. It has many elements that young women can relate to," said critic Kong Hee-jeong. Of course there has been grumbling about the role reversals. Some complained about a scene of Seo touching and holding on to Kim's naked torso, which they say could be viewed as a sexual harassment. Why is it, they ask, that a man's naked body is allowed on TV while a woman's is not? "There is sympathy for people who couldn't afford to lead an average, normal life, but there is some concern that it gives too much voice to people who act unusually within a society. It is refreshing, yet a bit over the top," said Kong. Another critic said, "The mainstream media has long held a very male-centric view of strong women as witches or b*****s. It remains to be seen how 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay' deals with that in the remaining episodes." Psycho but Life Character....The Heyday of Seo Ye-ji By Yoo Ji-Hye Sports Donga - July 29, 2020 **Disclaimer: not perfect translation Actress Seo Ye-ji is flying high. In the drama, It's Okay Not To Be Okay, Seo Ye-Ji is gaining the most attention since her debut with favorable reviews for her portrayal of a three-dimensional popular fairy tale writer with poor empathy. Seo Ye-ji completes the eerie aura of her character with her unique low voice and cold demeanor. In order to emphasize the process of healing each other wounds with co-star, Kim Soo-hyun, she goes as far as to drastically cut her long hair short. In the beginning, her character would be criticized for "being out of touch with reality" because of her anti-social behavior such as not hesitating in saying cruel things to young children. Then she would succeed in gaining sympathy by presenting a past in which she was not loved by her parents. PD Park Shin-woo has expressed satisfaction with Seo Ye-ji, "She is able to play a character who is difficult to portray." She has created several great scenes with her unique character. One such scene is when she was loudly arguing with a deer on the side of the road. Another scene was her fight with the autistic character played by Oh Jung-se. These scenes were made into short videos drawing attention in social networking sites and raising interest in the drama. Unlike other dramas in which the male lead mainly leads the romance, it's Seo Ye-ji who is actively leading the romance with Kim Soo-hyun for a fresh charm. The main response among viewers is that such a character faithful to desire is rarely seen in television, asking again "Is there a big reason for the desire?" Some even say that Seo Ye-ji's ability to portray such a character is a culmination of playing self-reliant female characters in OCN's Save Me and tvN's Lawless Lawyer. Although the drama has stayed stagnant in the ratings at 6%, it has maintained its high popularity. It ranked first as the most talked about drama in the fourth week of July according to Good Data Corporation. On Netflix, which releases the video after the broadcast, the drama is also gaining popularity overseas including Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan.
  9. MOST TALKED ABOUT DRAMAS (GOOD DATA CORPORATION) - 4th Week of July (Released July 27) cr: good data corp 1. IT'S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY 2. Once Again 3. Backstreet Rookie 4. My Unfamiliar Family 5. Was it Love? 6. Chip-In 7. Elegant Friends 8. The Flower of Evil 9. To All The Guys Who Loved Me 10. The Good Detective MOST TALKED ABOUT ACTORS/ACTRESSES - 4th Week of July cr; good data corp 1. KIM SOO-HYUN 2. SEO YE-JI 3. OH JUNG-SE 4. Kim Yoo-jung 5. Ji Chang-wook 6. Jo Mi-ryung 7. Lee Min-jung 8. Lee Sang-yeob 9. Lee Sang-yi 10. Lee Cho-hee CJ E&M/Nielsen Korea CONTENT POWER INDEX (CPI) - Week of July 13-19 cr: Yonhap news 1. Heart Signal Season 3 2. IT'S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY** 3. Romantic Call Centre 4. Once Again** 5. Hangout with Yoo 6. Mulberry School 7. I-Land 8. I Live Alone 9. TV Animal Farm 10. Backstreet Rookie** **drama
  10. Interesting...I just posted a theory that MY's mom has a sister. I need to read the Korean folktale, The Story of Janghwa and Hongryeon. Maybe re-watch Lim Soo-jung in A Tale of Two Sisters and the American remake, The Uninvited, which were inspired by the Korean folktale. I have plenty of time between now and next Saturday to fill the void of no new IONTBO content.
  11. That's one of my theories I'm going by. Ok-ran who as a crazed fan dressed up as MY's mom is the real killer of the Moon brothers' mom, and MY's father who was probably suffering from his brain tumor back then killed MY's mom thinking that she was the killer. Ok-ran did mention about how Othello killed his wife from a misunderstanding. Then how come Ok-ran knows so much about MY and her family? Humming Oh Clementine that was sung by MY's mom as a lullaby. The Ko family portrait. Leaving the note with the butterfly in MY's study. Even MY asked Sueng-jae if it was weird for Ok-ran to know it was her birthday. Nurse Park is looking suspicious to me. Was she the one feeding info to Ok-ran? and why? Is she MY's mom? There has been another theory that I stumbled upon in SNS....MY's mom has a sister. In Oh Clementine and Bluebeard a sister of Clementine and Bluebeard's wife is mentioned. Then Joo-ri asked CEO Lee at the cafe if MY really didn't have any other relatives. Hmmm, is Nurse Park MY's aunt? My conspiracy brain is going on overdrive.
  12. cr: Herald Pop There are Korean news articles about actor Oh Jung-se spending the day with cellist Bae Beom-joon , who has an intellectual disability, at Lotte World amusement park. Apparently, Beom-joon has been watching It's Ok Not To Be Okay with his family. After the scene of Sang-tae's meltdown at Moon-young's book signing, Beom-joon told his family that he wanted to meet Sang-tae hyung to protect and comfort him. Despite his busy schedule Oh Jung-sae took the time to meet Beom-joon and was in character as Sang-tae the entire time, Background on Bae Beom-joon. He is a cellist with an intellectual disability who has performed in concerts around the world. He also has been advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. In a speech to the UN, he said this... People with intellectual disabilities are not babies. People with intellectual disabilities are not toys. People with intellectual disabilities are not disposable products that are used and discarded when needed. I have an intellectual disability, but I am a person before I am one of “them". https://cidainfo.com/2017/12/18/12월의-가족-2017년/ Beom-joon's sister posted it on her Instagram of the meeting. She thanked Oh Jung-se. She was touched and surprised that he went all out to be in character when meeting her brother. https://www.instagram.com/hpccp_icw/ Oh Jung-se gifted Beom-joon the dinosaur from the drama... cr: Dispatch <Don't mind me. I am just crying. My love for Oh Jung-se and this drama has just jumped exponentially !>
  13. Article: A look into Seo Yeji's fantasy fashion by Jo Sang Kyung and Kim Min Joo Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver 1. [+135, -3] After seeing the dress on models, I'm thinking the clothes are getting the Seo Yeji buff 2. [+90, -2] These are all clothes that only Seo Yeji can pull off. She's 170 cm tall with a tiny face, what wouldn't look good on her;; 3. [+25, -1] Only Seo Yeji can pull this off 4. [+22, -0] The finishing touch in fashion is the face 5. [+21, -0] The clothes may look over the top but it has the effect of making her character stand out 6. [+16, -0] I watch the drama to see Seo Yeji~ 7. [+15, -1] She's pretty enough to make anything look good.. 8. [+12, -0] Pretty outfits on a pretty celebrity who shines in them~ it's visual healing~ 9. [+12, -1] I enjoy living vicariously through her in the drama 10. [+11, -1] I don't know why but she's so damn charming cr: netizenbuzz In the JoongAng Ilbo article, costume director Jo Sang-kyung said that she was going for the Gothic-style in MY's fashion of long dresses with tight sleeves and waist, corsets, classic suits, shirts with ties, and long boots to go with the fairy tale concept especially items that would associate with witches and vampires.
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