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  1. OMG! Do my eyes deceive me?!? Did Subway just made an appearance in this drama? Well, the drama must be popular then since Subway decided to place their PPL here. It's like the ubiquitous PPL in popular kdramas.
  2. CEO Lee looks better with the moustache. Poor Jae-su. First, his best friend moves out. Now, CEO Lee is moving in on his crush, Joo-ri. Jae-su not winning.
  3. When I watched the preview for episode 7, I was thinking the same...MY did something admirable, but it's not in her character. Of course, she would help a patient indirectly in HER own way, and she none the wiser for it. At least KT acknowledged it lol. I also feel bad for laughing at her antics, but I can't help myself. SYJ is killing it with her performance. She makes this anti-heroine likable.
  4. QUICK, NAME THIS NEW DRAMA... The World of the Married? Secret Affair? Flower of Evil? When My Love Blooms? cr: sports donga
  5. I hope so too. What is casual to us is not the same "casual" for someone like MY. She wore freaking Isabel Marant & Cecilie Bahnsen as her sleepwear.
  6. Thanks for posting the link but I'm concerned about what the costume director, Jo Sang Gyeong, said about the outfits for our main leads in upcoming episodes: "Moon Gang Tae will start to wear more colors, while Ko Mun Yeong will start to wear more casual and comfortable outfits. The changes in their looks will come as they start to grow closer." Noooooooo, I love Moon-young's fancy outfits in the drama! She's like my fashion spirit animal!
  7. Checking in to express my love for Seo Ye-ji! The girl is slaying with her clothes, beauty, and acting! She's my new girl crush! To make a sociopath character for me to like and go WTF at the same time is impressive. I haven't liked a character like Moon-young since Benedict Cumberbatch's high-fuctioning sociopath, Sherlock. cto
  8. Cineplay finally uploaded it in Youtube. This interview was hilarious! Makes me miss the Bong Salon. I loved that they gifted them BTS LINE character plushies at the end of the interview. ARMY forever! HYUN-BEEN: Van...The sentient and all-knowing robot VAN seems to be knowledgeable. in just about everything in the galaxy. Acts as protector of BT21, 24/7. EUN-JIN: RJ...RJ loves cooking. RJ loves eating. It's usually in that order. The fluffy fur coat and compassionate soul make everyone feel right at home. JOON-HAN: Tata... TATA is a crown prince on Planet BT. Possessor of supernatural powers and a hyper-elastic body that stretches to great lengths.
  9. OMG. I totally forgot about Min-ha family's little resort in Gangwon-do at the foot of Seoraksan. I had to re-watch Episode 5 when both Min-ha and SHyeong mentioned GD but in different scenes. SH mentioned in his phone conversation with his mom about bringing her to a hot spring in GD he found. Then the next scene Min-ha is telling Nurse Han and Dr. Winter about her family's place in GD.
  10. Moon Tae-yoo's (Seok-min) interview. He wants HP remade into a musical. Yes, please! * turn on captions (English)
  11. Ahn Eun-jin's (Min-ha) interview about Season 1 and Season 2. Just as much as I love watching the Fab 5's friendship, I love Min-ha and Dr. Winter's friendship. Looking forward to their conversations next season now Dr. Winter has a boyfriend Rooting for the bear-bear couple. Hopefully Ik-jun can play cupid again. *turn on captions (English)
  12. Woah! It's like IJ is saying "Bring it on, young pup! I've got 20 years of history with her. What you got?" with his look. Cap is not intimidated and responds with a look of "Bring it, ahjussi!" NO words necessary in this fight for SHwa's affections.
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