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  1. I wanted to see the BTS of this and it's here!!! Also why am I suspecting MBC Drama SNS admin is shipping these two!!
  2. credit : https://twitter.com/spellnbound/status/1183398729589485568?s=20 Thought he was staring at me directly, in this scene!!! ------------------------------------------ Can we blink like Danoh and Wednesday be here in an instant!! ----------------
  3. Papago translation: How did you find yourself? Danoh X Dohwa.jpg I'm rooting for this chemistry. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I too am also now noticing that "Secret" novel's book cover has trumpet flower on it!
  4. Wow what a beautiful flower! Chinese trumpet vine. Found out it blooms from June to August! So what's their connection to this flower?? I'm very curious!!
  5. Hola ¿Por qué mi comentario está traducido al español? recuerda las reglas del foro dicen no citar foto --------------------- Okay I don't speak spanish though I wanna see how hilarious these two can get Danoh and Dohwa. That boy thought he was going to be kissed by Danoh in hosptial but damn that girl is brutal he got bloody nose! Thank god he is a good natured kid and don't hold grudges!! I love how he was laughing internally at Danoh while she was giving that flower key chain gift to BK! I don't like the current BK coz he is trampling on her feelings or should I hate the writer for writing him like that!!!
  6. I love Dohwa's fashion sense in the drama! -------------------- Maybe Haru saving BK from the basketball was the writer putting him on the stage. Maybe it was a tiny change. But ED's mom's whole garden disappear from the storyline! I'm wondering is she going to forget her mom!!
  7. @PeachWell! Oh uh oh!!! But that won't stop me from watching this drama coz I love all the characters! Especially Haru and Eun Danoh! Heck I even love their BTS interactions. I heard/ saw in the subtitle that Namjoo disappeared or something in the preview!! I wanna watch the next episode soon! Also I was having this thought why is Haru asking about the flowers and the place they visited with the fireflies! Eun Danoh did not seem to remember! Lol even Danoh joked about being a princess!! ps not my gif or twitter handle but credits goes to op! -----------------------------------
  8. Somewhere I got this idea that Haru and Eun Danoh was a lead of another manhwa and the writer choose them as background character in this manhwa. But maybe because their destiny is actually to be main leads is creating havoc in this manhwa!!
  9. I too thought A3 was a funny reference to paper sizes. Haru needs to be included and than it will be A4 size to make it magazine worthy!!! -------------------------------------- --------------------------------
  10. Wow what a tall handsome boy and to make things worse or better his face is shown at the angle of Eun Danoh! I was getting frustrated with the blurred face of him!! I loved ED chewing the scenery with delight and gusto!! Why is the father of BaekKyung pushing his boy on ED! Also I loved Ahn SooChul going EunDanoh says we live in a manhwa world over and over again!!! I was laughing so hard at that!!
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