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  1. hahaha maybe because Hyuk wants them to meet as a normal person... so he wearing that oversized plain shirt just showing he is a normal guy .. i mean normal and healthy mind guy hahahaha.. wahhhh <3 <3 <3 i think sunny will be happy with this guy.. he looks nice and sincere. lol
  2. omg that was the scene that I was waiting for during the last episode.. I cant believe we got that scene! OMG OMG OMG OMG .!! Im so tbankful for that epilogue scene! hahaha. turns out they really make it
  3. lol sarcasm. still ddint change what i feel bout this drama. yes thats love. he sincerely love sunny. everyone deserves a second chance. I believe hyuk finally comes to his sense in the last episode and reedemed himself. he is actually nice if u watch the drama carefully and observe it. he does help sunny and nws multiple times in the middle of the drama. SSR as actor did a good job in potraying this character, he doesnt need to say it also we can see from his face. Hyuk death is so dramatic, tragic and cruel . but he dies proudly with sunny by his side and i believe sunny did forgive him well, so sad NWS have death like that too. its unfair. just a burning body and a cemetry scene. WTF? this is also wrong. people watch it for his revenge and all that. but in the end they killed of his character bcause of extending the drama and wasting on unnecessary scene. the ending feel rush but that ending scene when the palace become a museum , did anyone feel goosebump watching that. also feel a bit sad. its also scary when they focus on ED face when she repeating those words while in prisoner. I cant understand also that why she ddint die yet, didnt she got executed sentence.. did they miss this or what. why she still alive with choi..? LOL the production team become greedy when the ratings goes high. thats when it become a mess and loss it amazing pace.how come NWS character jjust end like that when thats when the story started. there is no real closure between Hyuk n NWS..
  4. This drama went downhill after they making Hyuk character comical and waste so much screentime on him being like that.What for all that?? For him to die in the end.. He even go to Sunny's father house before to experience what it likes eating with a family. It would be fun if the ending Hyuk still asking for forgiveness from Oh family. Cause its not Hyuk's fault that the blood got stolen. its his mom that stole it. But well , i think its not possible in their minds. i still cant accept hyuk dead.
  5. The main focus is SUNNY all along. 2nd is Hyuk. Why they didint show happy ending for Princess So Jin??? She deserves it. What happen to her?
  6. I think Sunny real feelings is she love Hyuk. Why? Because she said this before, i not quite remember the sentence but she said 'do u think 10 years of feeling can go away like that?' She love Hyuk for 10 years even as a fan before. I dont think her feelings for NWS is romantic love. Its just like a brother and sister relationship. Its because they protect each other like how siblings protect one another. Thats what I see from their relationship. I dont think Sunny really fall in love with NWS. Its only NWS that fall in love with her. I think Sunny heart already closed for love when she knew Hyuk cheating on her and used her as alibi. All she think about is making things right again and going for justice. I think Sunny is not being honest with her feelings all this time. She knew she still love Hyuk but she also knew that Hyuk is a bad person so she draw a line between them when Hyuk fall in love with her. But everytime Hyuk in dangers, she always save him. I feel like its just an excuse for her when she said to NWS not that I trust him, but its actually she really trust him. Even in the end she doesnt want Hyuk to die. If she doesnt have any feelings towards Hyuk, she will not be crying. But she cried and she remember all those moment with Hyuk. I feel like finally Sunny is getting a sincere ' I love you' from Hyuk. Which is so sad... The writer ddint give Hyuk a chance to make things right and instead chose to KILL OFF his character just like that. What a waste and a dissapointment. Im so happy when Hyuk said Ill finish what u cant. Im so proud of him that finally he comes to his sense. But and then all that went downt to hill, just because writer want his character to die instead of being the HERO. I thought he finally going to become a hero and help to bring down the imperial family. But I got so dissapointed. It ddint went to the way that I hope for. They failed. I agree with the Knetizens, the writer failed. The ending is good, but they way they make Hyuk to be, is totally FAILED.
  7. Ok, so the ending was PREDICTABLE. I got a feeling long ago that in the end Hyuk will die, and they did it. WOW . MYR got the happy ending( even her mental not stable) , while Hyuk DIE. WOW .. AMAZING. WOW. Talk about disappointment. I thought they gonna make him a happy ending when he try to be NWS and want to expose what his mom did. It was so cool when finally he realize the wrong his mom doing all this time. Then it got ruined after he really die. He should be alive and ask for forgiveness just like Sunny said keep on asking beg for forgiveness. So he become NWS just to be dead in the end. what a joke.. such a joke. Seriously if this is act by bad actors the rating would be only 1 to 2% . such a joke. how can they kill Hyuk character like that? how can? seriously? all this time the one is doing the bad thing is his mom and seo kang hee. why they blame hyuk a lot and make him die? i really dissappointed with how they make Hyuk to be. He ddint involve in the drug his mom do. He didnt kill So hyun. He didnt INTENTIONALLY kill NWS mom. WTF IS THIS??? The only good thing is we finally know Sunny real feelings. She still love Hyuk actually. She still have that feelings, I know she somehow can forgive Hyuk. Just see the way she is when Hyuk is dying, he doesnt want him to die. After he die she look so sad.. I know she still have a feelings for him. I THOUGHT THEY GONNA MAKE HIM ALIVE. EVEN MYR STILL ALIVE. WTF. WHEN HE DYING HE SAID HE FEEL SO SICK BY THE PALACE. MEAN HE CAN BEAR WITH THE LIFE AS A NORMAL PEOPLE!!!!!! AS LONG AS HE WITH SUNNY I THINK HE CAN LEAVE THE PALACE AND LIVE AS NORMAL PEOPLE AND BE THE FATHER OF ARI.... I CANT BELIEVE THEY MAKE HIM DEAD!! ILL NEVER WATCH ANY DRAMA THAT IS WRITTEN BY THIS WRITER KIM SOON OK ANYMORE. NEVER. WASTING MY TIME.
  8. Ploy twist. Hahahaha. I can accept it. How to watch the drama Live? I want to watch the ending even without sub. I just can't wait anymore
  9. Right? If they got cctv for this one, they could have cctv of yura hitting nws mom too.
  10. Don't make such a fast conclusion like this. I don't think he will die. He will survive with sunny. I don't think they will kill a likeable character no matter how bad he is. Actually I'm just calming myself hahaha. I wish he didn't die.
  11. Cause they watch it mostly for Sunny & Hyuk and other characters. Not only NWS. But still feel a bit empty without NWS. Sad he is not there to watch the truth revealed.
  12. Wah seriously writer? We all know Min Yura is the one making NWS mother to the road by hitting her head and chasing her. And she is the one knowing NWS mother still alive and still let her on the road. U forgot this fact and make MYR nice? Like really??? So MYR will not be punished till the end? Wow. I can't believe this. REALLY? Also, Hyuk still doesn't know SKH is the one killing SoHyun. Wow. There will be so much cliffhanger and I think now for sure it's an open ending. I will never watch a drama with this writer again. So much stupidity. I had enough. I want MYR get punishment for what she did.
  13. Errrr did u watch the early episodes? First, she actually lovers with KJS and pregnant with his son(maybe). Then KJS suddenly missing and he goes back to NWS family. This is when she started to have relationships with NWS. After she got back and pregnant they start it. Even her mom pushing NWS to her. To be her lovers and tell him to protect YR & DS. There is also flashbacks showing this. Maybe you miss it? Guys guys, the new NWS might be can't appear, but the old fat NWS maybe can. Who knows if he got surgery and survived but lost his memory and then got back to his old self. Maybe he eat too much again and become fat again. So the NWS original actor will be back. Just my guess. Hahahahahaha
  14. Errrr did u watch the early episodes? First, she actually lovers with KJS and pregnant with his son(maybe). Then KJS suddenly missing and he goes back to NWS family. This is when she started to have relationships with NWS. After she got back and pregnant they start it. Even her mom pushing NWS to her. To be her lovers and tell him to protect YR & DS. There is also flashbacks showing this. Maybe you miss it?
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