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  1. great actor, and very attractive ~ Dahee Fanel. (Thank you to Dahee, who originally started the thread, in 2006, and to the early fans who provided so much information!) Name: Kam Woo-Sung (pronounced rather like Kahrm-oo-sahn) (Common Alternative Romanized spellings: Kam Woo-Seong, Gam Woo-Sung, Karm Woo-Seong, Kam Wu-Seong, Kaam Woo-Seong, Gam U-Seong) Date of birth: October 1, 1970. Year of debut: 1991 (on MBC) Wife's name: Kang Min-ah/Kang Min-young (She's an actress; her real name is Kang Min-ah, but her screen name is Kang Min-young.) Height: 174 cm Weight: 68 kg Hobbies: Drawing/painting, collecting wines, playing pool, watching movies, golf, travel, outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing, etc. Family: Two brothers and two sisters. He's the youngest child. Education: Soo-yoo Junior High School; Sun-hwa Arts High School (http://www.sunhwa.org/); Seoul National University (http://www.useoul.edu/) majoring in Oriental Painting Nicknames: Gam-taeng (Uhm Taeng and Uhm Jung Hwa call him that.) Management: http://www.clovercompany.co.kr Twitter: https://twitter.com/kamws101 (Inactive so far...) Official daum cafe: http://cafe.daum.net/wslove Other GWS-related sites: Han Cinema: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_Kam_Woo-seong.php Naver: http://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/pi/basic.nhn?code=5303 Asian Wiki: http://asianwiki.com/Kam_Woo-Sung Innolife (Japan): http://contents.innolife.net/listc.php?ac_id=6&ai_id=5601 Baidu (China): http://baike.baidu.com/view/341293.htm Where to send fan mail (letters in English are fine, from what I understand): Kam Woo-Sung c/o Clover Company Seo-Il Building #50147, Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea Television Our Paradise / 우리들의 천국 (1990, MBC) (w/ Jang Dong-gun/장동건) Fascination / 매혹 (1992, MBC) Stormy Weather / 폭풍의 계절 (1993, MBC) (w/ Choi Jin-sil/최진실, Kim Hee-ae/김희애) The White Journey / 하얀 여로 (1994, MBC) (w/ Cha In-pyo/차인표) To Make A Man / 남자 만들기 (1995, KBS) (w/ Cha In-pyo/차인표) Premonition / 예감 (1997, MBC) (w/ Son Ji-chang/손지창, Lee Hye-young/이혜영) Mountain / 산 (1997, MBC) (w/ Hong Rina/홍리나) Timid Lovers / 수줍은 연인 (1998, MBC) Song of the Wind / 바람의 노래 (1998) I'm Still Loving You / 사랑해 당신을 (1999, MBC) (w/ Chae Rim/채림, Cha Tae-hyun/차태현) Michiko / 미찌꼬 (1999) Tell Me With Your Eyes / 눈으로 말해요 (2000, MBC) (w/ Go Soo/고수) http://www.imbc.com/tv/drama/eye/index.html Medical Center / 메디컬 센터 (2000, SBS) (w/ Lee Seung-yeon/이승연, Kim Sang-gyeong/김상경) http://medical.sbs.co.kr/ Hyun-jung, I Love You / 현정아 사랑해 (2002, MBC) (w/ Kim Min-seon/김민선, Han Hye-jin/한혜진) http://imbc.com/tv/drama/hyunjung/ Alone in Love / 연애시대 (2006, SBS) (w/ Son Ye-jin/손예진) http://www.sbs.co.kr/new/tv/yeonae/ King Geunchogo / King of Legend (2010-2011, KBS) Series: http://www.dramafever.com/drama/3861/1/King_Geunchogo/ Travel the World (2011, aired 2013, MBC) http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=58579&t__nil_main_workList=workname My Spring Day/Springtime of My Life/내 생애 봄날 (2014, MBC) (w/ Choi Soo-Young/최수영) http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/springday/ Series: http://tv.soompi.com/en/shows/my-spring-day Film Marriage Is A Crazy Thing (결혼은, 미친 짓이다) a.k.a. Crazy Marriage - Sidus (2001) http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Marr...Crazy_Thing.php Spider Forest (거미숲) - Chungeorahm Films (2003)http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Spider_Forest.php R-Point (알 포인트) - Cinema Service (2004) http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_R-Point.php A Bold Family ( 간 큰 가족) a.k.a. Super Family - Showbox/MediaPlex (2005) http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Super_Family.php King and the Clown (왕의남자) - Cineworld (2005) http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_The_...d_the_Clown.phpFilm: http://tv.soompi.com/en/shows/king-and-the-clown Big Bang (쏜다) (The title can be roughly translated into "Shoot(a bow or a gun)!" but it also means "Let me treat you this time!") - Sio Film (2006) http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Big_Bang.php Love, First/My Love (내사랑 / 내 사랑) - Showbox/MediaPlex (2007) http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_My_Love.php The Outlaw (무법자) - Next Entertainment World (2010) http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Outlaw.phpOfficial Japanese site: http://www.epcott.co.jp/PR/outlaw/ Kam Woo-sung video collections/searches: http://www.mnet.com/artist/artist.asp?artistid=26178&tabnm=vods&gcode=2 http://pann.nate.com/search/video?searchType=A&q=+감우성 http://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/pi/media.nhn?code=5303 http://v.baidu.com/v?word=%B8%CA%D3%EE%B3%C9&ct=301989888&rn=20&pn=0&db=0&s=71&ty=10&no_al=1 Where to Purchase Films & Dramas Keep in mind the multiple ways of spelling Woo-Sung's name: Kam Woo-Sung; Gam Woo-Sung; Kam Woo-Seong; Karm Woo-Seong, etc., when searching for his work. Also, keep in mind whether your DVD player is capable of playing DVDs from the region from which you are buying the movie; whether the film has the original Korean track, (so you can hear WS's voice), and whether the subtitles are the language you need. If you haven't bought a multi-regional DVD player, that can play discs from all over the world, you may want to look into that. Brands like Phillips, and LG, make these machines, some are also multi-regional BluRay players, as well. www.yesasia.com http://www.yesasia.com/us/search/gam-woo-sung/0-0-0-bt.48_q.Gam+Woo>>>sung_bpt.48_vm.32_vn.37-en/list.html www.Amazon.com www.Ebay.com www.cdjapan.co.jp/ www.hanbooks.com I've had the best luck with buying from Ebay and Amazon, usually from independent sellers. Han Books no longer has copies of "Big Bang." I don't know why they still have it listed, as the film is "out of print." You may run into this often, even at Yes Asia, since much of Woo-sung's work is not so recent. It *is* frustrating. (At 43rd Grand Bell Awards) Awards 1999 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award 2002 Korean Film Awards: Best New Actor - Marriage is a Crazy Thing 2002 Women Viewer Awards: Best Actor - Marriage is a Crazy Thing 2002 Grimae Awards: Best Actor - Hyun-jun, I Love You 2002 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Mini-series - Hyun-jun, I Love You 2006 43rd Grand Bell Awards: Best Actor - King and the Clown 2006 Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actor - King and the Clown 2006 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Couple with Lee Jun-Ki - King and the Clown Books Kam Woo-Sung/Kang Min-Ah - Love Cooking (2007) ISBN 10-8956051887 ISBN 13-9788956051888 Publisher: Book House (http://www.bookhouse.co.kr/main/main.php) 156 pages http://book.daum.net/detail/book.do?bookid=KOR9788956051888 http://blog.daum.net/_blog/BlogTypeView.do?blogid=052u5&articleno=11914344 Kam Woo-Sung's Very Rustic Wine Diary (and/or Simple Notes on Wine) - 2011 ISBN 10-8996409359 ISBN 13-9788996409359 Publisher: Stagefact-ory - http://www.stagefactory.co.kr/main.asp Stagefact-ory page on Woo-Sung: http://www.stagefactory.co.kr/main.asp 415 pages http://book.daum.net/detail/book.do?bookid=BOK00011127872BA Media Detail on "Notes on Wine": http://book.daum.net/media/detail.do?seq=8884688 Page from Yes 24: http://m.yes24.com/Goods/Detail?goodsNo=4604049 Pixs: http://m.yes24.com/Goods/Preview?goodsNo=4604049&contentsGoodsNo=4604049&Mcode=302 Kang Min-Ah & Kam Woo-Sung Wedding Portrait (2006)
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