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  1. In my defence I'm only making an observation. Besides it's a contrast that the show itself makes quite deliberately. The fact is Jin-gyeom still hasn't come to grips with his mother's passing and believes that there is a way to change that despite all the warnings. Moreover, he is beginning to discover his emotions. As far as time travelling is concerned, he is a novice. That's exactly the point. He has the ability but not the insight into its ramifications... yet. So as far as that is concerned he is like a child in a candy shop who is still grappling with his mummy issues. Chronological age
  2. I've been exploring the concept of quantum entanglement as a metaphor for interaction between doppelgangers and for communication over time and space. It's far too long to paste it all here but you can go to my blog post. Here quantum entanglement serves both as a sci-fi explanation for what's going on with Tae-yi and Jin-gyeom with regards to doppelgangers but also as a larger metaphor for the connection between souls across distance. We also saw examples of this in Tae-yi's final audio message to Min-hyuk, as well as Do-yeon's ability to sense things in relationship
  3. You and me both. If for no other reason, I'm glad I watched this to have discovered Kwak Si-yang. I just want good things for Min-hyuk. I was crying buckets when he was listening to Tae-yi's audio message. He was really good. But that whole sequence was so well done. Watched it twice and cried both times. My view is that we're heading towards a Fringe type of situation and ending. To me they would have to be alternate timelines. The crossing over of alternate timelines creates havoc because time travellers from the future meddle with the past with varying res
  4. Yes, I'm still watching. It's frustrating and increasingly I'm coming round to the opinion that it would have been better off as a 12 episode drama like 365: Repeat the Year and Train. It's still a highly watchable drama with much to like about it so it's a blessed shame the plotting isn't tighter. The juggling act in the most recent episodes has been very mediocre compared to what it was in the first half. Part of the problem seems to me to be that the show really doesn't know what to do with 2020 Tae-yi. Kim Hee-seon is obviously a drawcard for this drama but in the last few epis
  5. Before I knew what was going on in 365: Repeat the Year, this was actually one of my early theories because it did seem like an experiment in psychotherapy to begin with. And on some level it probably was. It also reminds me of Star Trek: The Next Generation's use of holodecks for roleplaying and reenactment. What did the director in It's Okay not to be Okay call it... psychodrama? The idea certainly has Matrix-like resonances which is appropriate considering Jin-gyeom's Stop-the-Bullet moment. It wouldn't surprise me if the show is doing some kind of hat tip to The Matrix or sho
  6. Time travel has to end. There's no two ways about it. But it's not because people are committing murders. That's just the symptom not the disease. Murder is just the extreme manifestation of the core issues. The problem with time travel... at least with how it's presented here... is that it allows a select group of people to wield an incredible amount of power, answerable to no one. Who watches the watchmen? My biggest concern is that the power to travel back in time gives humans god-like powers that they can't handle. We have to rely on the goodwill of those involved in maki
  7. I just wish the show would handle the time travel side of things less clumsily but more importantly deal with the relationship between Tae-yi and Jin-gyeom a lot better, without flirting with romance tropes/cliches. They're giving people all kinds of unnecessary heebie jeebies and the show will pay for this. I have no doubt that Jin-gyeom's fascination with 2020 Tae-yi is really about guilt and regret for how he didn't value his time with Mum and his failure to protect her. Do-yeon's right about this and Tae-yi's response shows that she kinda gets it but feels obliged to protect him... althoug
  8. Hi all... I'm not entirely happy with S2 so far but I'm persisting because of the characters and I'm still optimistic that things will get better. The set-up has gone on a bit too long IMO and the intrigue that was the strength of the first season seems to be lacking. Of course it's not without any redeeming qualities. I am a viewer that's all about the fundamentals.The question that needs to be asked... that no one across the divide has even really taken the time to really process is this... what is the purpose of the criminal justice system? That is to say... why do we have
  9. A cursory look and I was quickly reminded of the Phryne Fisher mysteries. Lo and behold it is a C adaptation of the Phryne Fisher series. I must be getting old. Vengo Gao cleans up nice.
  10. I have mixed feelings about the ending. As far as endings go, it wasn't a bad one. It tied up almost every loose end (I maintain some scepticism about Oh Ji-hyuk's childhood bogeyman) and even managed to throw in a minor twist just so nobody (the audience included) wallows in any complacency about the complexities and unpredictability of life. I liked that Kang Do-chang's ever expanding family remains intact whether it's those share a roof with him or those that back him up while they're in pursuit of suspects great and small. I imagine too that Oh Ji-hyuk and Jin Seo-gyeong's understated roma
  11. Ep.15 I suppose this episode was meant to be Yoo Jeong-seok's last bid for atonement for his many sins especially those in relation to Lee Dae-chul. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I've always understood him to be a gray character, not an outright villain but I'm wondering if the show hasn't cut him too much slack considering what he's been responsible for. I don't know if I like the idea that he gets to choose the terms of his own exit but perhaps this is the show's way of proving that he wasn't beyond redemption. He acknowledged his role in Lee Dae-chul's death and pai
  12. I'm glad to see that there are still some watching this underrated drama. @taeunfighting @Nodame @Lmangla Thanks for referencing me. It's true that episode 8 was pretty hard to take. Incredibly depressing but the show has gone from strength to strength. The approach did surprise me initially. I really believed that they would save Lee Dae-chul from execution but the drama was taking a different route about moral dilemmas faced by key individuals in this this story. In the end the focus was really about Kang Do-chang's journey to find his humanity and his inner cop. To battle his "d
  13. This is undeniably an excellent show and it deserves a much bigger audience. It's true that the good guys take a few nasty hits past the halfway mark with the expected missteps but they've managed to bounce back with battle scars to show for it. Rather than a large scale conspiracy as I had earlier suspected, what the persistent digging is now pointing to is an intersection of multiple agendas with various connections that have been playing out for five years. It's indeed a tangled web. What I'm seeing with alarming regularity is the number of individuals who have flouted the law but are unw
  14. Yes, of course. Absolutely. There is no disagreement. I myself have said that S1 is largely about JWon and to a lesser degree, Jun-wan in so far as it gives them both a problem that had to be solved within these first 12 episodes. It wasn't the case with the other three. That's why YYS was eagerly fanservicing at any given opportunity. He certainly knew that. His arc was vitally important to this season because the priesthood question. had to be decided within that time frame because the WG side of things complicated things for him unexpectedly. That had to be resolved one
  15. From how Shin-Lee described Gyeo-ul's character brief, I'd say that SHB nailed the character perfectly. She transformed herself completely for the role and did an excellent job as I've said previously. I especially liked the fact that they wanted her to look ordinary which was the point of the character. Shin-Lee know their stuff because Gyeo-ul became a very popular, relatable character. People rooted for her and I have little doubt it's why the WG dynamic became so beloved in the HP fandom around the world because Jang Gyeo-ul is someone who feels real. She could be your next door neighbour
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