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  1. Oh my god...this is so funny....i think until now...everyone is doing that
  2. i don't know about any of you but i loved the character development of Sunkyul in eps 11 and 12. He was really a man who knew who he liked and he didn't played around with other people's feeling.... He told outright to Oh sol his feelings even if she didnt want to date him.... he was honest with the other lady as well and most of all... he told his mother right upfront that oh sol is the one that he liked....he didn't care anything else except that he liked her ........... i seriously think Kyunsang is also like this in real life....just straight forward. Thats how a man should be.... be honest and true to one people...very dependable As for Kim Yoojung.....i think she has respect and care for Kyunsang in real life though most of the time we just see the joking and kidding around. Her thumb gently caressing the hands of Sunkyul when he was holding her face is so heart fluttering...... i think that was not in the script...it just came out subconsciously and the kiss is how they felt at that moment of the scene.....no pretense...they went for it
  3. yes... i think it is still being searched on Naver and alot of us fans are just rewatching alot of the clips on Naver and Youtube. Now there are so many videos of Kim Yoojung and Yoon Kyun Sang as well. And it is very popular...Yoon Kyunsang is getting lots of love from Internationall fans and loving this couple
  4. Yes.... the bts is so funny.... i really loved the brushing part..he nearly vomit Anyways...it is good that many fans are now loving this couple more and waiting for the drama.... it was suppose to end end next week on the 15th but now it will be the end of January i guess... and now... there is much about this couple on Youtube .... check them out while you are waiting for the esp 11
  5. well.... first of all....i am really glad that many fans are waiting for this drama and also many are accepting the partnership of Kyunsang and Yoojung. It feels good to know that behind the scenes...it is an enjoyable atmosphere and all the actors enjoy each other company. And it seems that they are very comfortable with each other. Really cant wait for eps11..........we are just left hanging with a real heart stopping moment by Sunkyul Don't know whether it was meant like this by JTBC or just fate taking its course...making us wait and maybe giving us a surprise just like when suddenly Yoon Kyunsang came into this drama out of the blue Lets wait...........but really hoping we can get something really sweet from our couple
  6. He changed it in his office..... but yes he is really rocking the long coats..... he looks awesome...maybe because of his tall frame And i am so happy to see that couple picture of Solkyul....at least it stopped our frustrations for not getting to watch tonight. Happy New Year to @Jillia who has always updated this forum and all the rest who is loving CWPFN and the actors in there. Hoping that 2019 will bring new friendships( I think there is already a great friendship between our OTP) and new start ( If Yoojung is dating....i hope we will know in 2019 and be done with it....because too much of a speculation going on) and new dramas for all the actors of CWPFN.....but i think it will be only in the 2nd half of 2019 if they do accept any dramas....
  7. hahahaha.... since in CWPFN , Sunkyul keep screaming Gil Oh sol always.... i have completed forgotten Raon charcater It keeps remaining in my head...but truelly Gil Oh sol is made for Kim Yoojung.
  8. Clean with Passion for now was meant to be a female oriented drama focused on the female lead....hence JTBC waited all this time for Kim Yoojung as they saw her fit. The male lead is secondary hence at first a rookie actor was casted which fit the physical requirement of the webtoon. And then all of a sudden Yoo Kyun Sang came in the mid.... this guy can really act.... i just feel that he just needs a stronger story line that can push his acting abilities. CWPFN is a light youthful drama with a light fluffy story hence the lower viewerships too compared to others at the moment. But I am very happy for the ratings so far for this drama as it is KIM YooJung leading it...caring it on her shoulders. She is hardly 20 years old ....leading a drama... with heavy competition from other channels with strong story and strong actors/actress with vast life experiences which they can convey in their acting. And it is still trending and is always top 10 in these months.... thats great. I am loving both the leads tandem....the small facial acting... the look that they give each other.... is really cute and heart fluttering. Many fans are shipping them and it is good for the drama. I just love seeing them together....it feels nice to see them next to each other even if they do not do anything...... oh... last but not least...... in the couch scene....as a female.... i could see the yearn of a kiss by Kim Yoojung from Yoon Kyunsang. I really don't know if that is the actor in her or her real emotions being out subconsciously being with a man so near Am i the only who felt it ?????????
  9. I also love you both Forever and ever..... # YoonKyunsang and # KimYoojung I had never watch Kyunsang drama...but after this definitely will in his future projects. Though this drama is not really getting in high ratings but it is fine with the ratings as it is .... I guess it is meant to be...sometimes we ask what if it was aired in April with the other actor ...would it not have faced such big competition from other big star dramas... would it have higher ratings ...but everything happens for a reason i guess.... and i guess YoonKyunsang was meant for the Sunkyul role.... it came to him out of nowhere. I watch dramas and movies on the story and acting skills of the actors. And both these two are amazing character actors. I know that Yoojung will go far in the coming years. And i hope for the same for Kyunsang though the entertainment industry is a bit bias on looks.
  10. Hi @Joanna Zhang.... i have the same feeling.... definitely Yun Kyun sang is not attached or else i dont think he would be that so friendly and always reaching out for her hand..... and also at the Presscon... the whispering act was so comfortable. He wouldnt be doing that if he is with someone.... his partner would definitely be jealous And there are alot of fans ( especially those stuck with Bogum Magic) that feel that Solkyul couple has no chemistry ....blah blah and that Kyunsang is not cute/ handsome..... however i beg to differ....he has a very manly feel about him when he is serious and these two definitely have sizzling couple which is hot in a matured way....not in cute...fantasy way but in relatable normal life way.....just notice the look that Sunkyul gives oh sol.....its deep with meanings
  11. o.... merry christmas to everyone.....and cant wait for tonight....i really really hope that it will be exciting
  12. seeing everyone at MAMA..... i miss Kim Yoo Jung
  13. oh my god.....sometimes i wish BOYOO's drama were at different months....it is so stressful. No matter what you can still see people taking sides... Please let us enjoy which ever drama that you like of theirs and lets stop talking about their costars.....Let them do what work that they like...whoever they have to work with...it is just their job to act with whoever they have been paired up with by the production company. I have not seen any crazy fans like this in any other like Hollywood/Bollywood/ japan ent....why only in Kent we are so much into this???? As long as they improve their acting and do their job well....that is all as a fan i ask for
  14. I really liked the Crying part.... i felt really touched as having lost a mum myself....this is how we talk. Yoojung really did a fantastic job in that scene.... And this mother meeting part was also funny but touching as well from my view. Oh Sol did not rule out the possibility that she might be intimate with CEO....she said anything can happen in life....and it is true...nobody knows who you might just end up liking.. and CEO saying that both of them meeting like this was a waste of time was also so good....and hahahaha....it seems that he did hear that part where Oh sol said why they could not be intimate Overall Eps 5 was really nice with Dr Choi coming in with his side And I love Yoon Kyun Sang when he smiles...........he melts my heart...i dont know about others....
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