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  1. Now, I watched last episode a little Sena got 10 years prison? It seems to be too little... They humanized her and they forgave her... I didn't feel sorry for her. She was too violent and committed too much crimes. JungBin is pregnant At least we know this surely, but we didn't see their wedding. Bobby's case: We don't know fully what happened, why he chased HotHunk, although K scolded Bobby, and it turned out that Bobby burned down K's parents house, Bobby wanted to kill his dad but why and how in relation with HotHunk. Nothing concrete information... 1 year passed, but it seems HotHunk didn't leave, he was with KY and YoonSoo. Although we got to know very little about their life. I don't know that they got married or where do they live??? It seems maybe they live with KY's parents in the restaurant, I don't know for example who Haeri chose. Nothing concrete information... It seems that HotHunk didn't begin his glass factory again, because he remembered his dad's words when he visited HotHunk in prison and his dad gave up their land and factory because the family is the most important and the first... I guess HotHunk did the same. Happy ending but not satisfying. Although I loved last scene. HotHunk can speak perfectly, and he knows what say and when...He thanked KY for waiting and that it's really miracle that they are back together and KY created this miracle When KY's gave kiss on HotHunk's face, I knew that HotHunk would grab and kiss her on mouth. It's their cute movement It was enough good drama, specially I loved how writer showed two lead character's love story. It was the best love story. But too much business scene (these were boring), plus very lazy writing, writer didn't went to details (Bobby, about characters' future, etc...), Sena's mom was fully unnecessary in the end. I feel that writer wanted to present a lot of case, characters , but she/he didn't elaborate details, just superficially. Plus I observed that they don't know how write revenge dramas' end (Angel's revenge or this etc...). Because when there is an revenge drama, which it always keeps the viewers in tension, in the end it has to dissolve this tension or anger with normal, warm, friendly, lovely scenes and give real punishment for bad guys or shows (this missed) real happiness for good guys to be fair and feel the justice... Congratulations to Kang Eun Tak. He deserved fully. I feel sorry that they didn't win the best couple award, because they were the best. I hope they will date for a long time (they just began) and we can hear more good news (wedding, child) from them, but I wait patiently.
  2. Yes, really he is more active a bit in pursuing KY And yes, she told Bobby that she is HotHunk's real wife and Bobby wants her to bring him to HotHunk, but I guess KY doesn't want or will mislead Bobby during driving. I'm not surprised that HotHunk can defeat him in fight. Although he is bigger than HotHunk. He is very impulsive, calculable in emotion, ignorant, and these are Bobby's weaknesses. I think Chief Baek is a bit smaller, but he was very clever, ruthless and emotionless, these were his strength and he was more dangerous. His fear was his loss...
  3. No, he didn't say goodbye He said that Emily will go to USA (he didn't say himself)and that they filed divorce. After this statement he looked at KY very meaningly.I loved this his movement, as if he would say with his eyes that he is coming, she doesn't have to wait more KY became shy Then JaeDong asked him that he will live with them and again they are brother-in-law. But KY's parents protested immediately, they said, that they have to registrate their marriage again (we got one reply for questions) and KY can't give in easily Funnily JaeDong add to protest with ring that HotHunk has to give bigger and more expensive ring to KY than HyunKi gave... Later in the restaurant HotHunk asked KY that does he have to give expensive and big ring to her? KY told even if he brings ring to her, she doesn't take him in, she is not idiot than before. HotHunk felt her sulkiness, he hugged her suddenly and apologized to her for making her wait so long She was sulky because of waiting (not because of Emily or US)
  4. @joan0528 I hope you are right, but I doubt that KY would leave her son for 1 year... For example I'm curious about future, where will they live and with who (grandparents and SoYi?)? They will get married again? Or just they live together? We will get some kiss or intimate scene (they weren't together for years...)? New child? Murano? New glass factory? I think we won't get anything from these... I really can't see that we will get anything...
  5. in written preview I read that KY Hothunk and YoonSoo will meet 1 year later, just I hope google translated badly. Emily went to airport with KY (she accompanied her, and Emily wanted to go alone without HotHunk), but Bobby arrived and he attacked Emily in front of KY, who finally will be hostage (because she saves Emily).
  6. Just I watched and read last preview... Nothing good, I'm very angry. In last episode yet we get Sena's suicide, Bobby's KY kidnapping and HotHunk will go to US in last minute we will get 1 year later scene when they will meet again and smiling at each other (nothing warm family meeting, nothing wedding, nothing). I can see we will get very bad, lame open ending.
  7. 12.28 is written before text preview... But maybe now it would be better On Monday (at once two episode) We will find out tomorrow By the way if JaeDong wants to call HotHunk as brother-in-law, KY-HotHunk have to get married again... And HotHunk has to divorce before...
  8. There will be episode tomorrow too They wrote 12.28 date for 103 episode... I think HotHunk will go with Emily to US, because they have to settle everything (specially Bobby and divorce), but he will come back soon (I guess two month or max three month. I don't think that for years, because they would have to change the children for last episode)... They are tricky, because they didn't mentioned HotHunk's name in text preview and they didn't show airport scene in video preview...
  9. Yes, I realized after. I could watch 100-101 episode just now, because I wasn't at home yesterday and today's forenoon. Anyway I hope it will not be open ending with meeting each other in last minute and smiling... I would like to see fully sweet family moments in last episode, but I don't know we will get. About Bobby's case: Now I understand why HotHunk is calm. He told KY that he has somebody "spy" on him, so he knows every movement... I think really he has plan how he resolve this. But it was funny scene when detective scolded HotHunk because of more, new problems (Bobby) and for this HotHunk replied with "hitting" K's head (I guess because K told KY about Bobby) ByungTae was funny with putting out his tongue and critizing Sena's japanese language. I love their scenes, specially that he is afraid a bit of Evil Witch but it doesn't hold back him of being sarcastic to Sena and irritate her.
  10. I thought the same. Maybe JungHan will go to USA with Emily, but he will come back (I hope not after years, maybe rather after 2 month because of his son) and they will meet again when KaYoung will want to make contract with new glass factory. I don't think that she knows HotHunk's plan about new glass factory... Just I hope one thing. Their meeting will not happens in last minute with open ending (I hate that the most). I really would like to see some warm family meeting minutes...
  11. I'm curious how played this Bobby thing... I thought about Emily was Bobby's exgirlfriend possibility, but I rejected because Emily was afraid of him, I doubt she would get back to him, HotHunk told Bobby this is just two of them's case (not the women). Although Bobby check in after Emily's mom... HotHunk mentioned to KY, he had to make a lot of money immediately (because of hospital), so I think he stole money from him. Although K said, that HotHunk has to run because of K's dad saving (I don't know K's dad what he did)... Now I think about possibility that HotHunk was spy or agent who integrated Bobby's organization, so he could earn a lot of money. Although he told Emily he was on the dark road (ergo illegal or unlawful). I don't know, I try to piece the missing puzzle together... YS was so cute when he ate cake in his father's lap. I love their relationship. Although he can eat alone too, I guess HotHunk wanted to pamper his son a bit Why did they bring in Sena's real mom? It was fully unnecessary... I didn't feel anything sorry for them, just I was annoyed that so less family scenes would be... I hope there will be miracle and JB - HyunKi will have child. It would be funny and good scene if KY and JB would be pregnant and the two dad can be nervous in the delivery room at the same time
  12. Poor GY, their hug was sweet. Although she is so worried, I'm sure that nothing serious and HotHunk will resolve. Now we knew more about his past (really a big gangster is coming after him), I guess he didn't tell everything. KY's love is so deep, thought-provoking, and wonderful. That's one of reasons why yet I watch and admire this drama despite minor mistakes and craziness. Other reason is YoonSoo-HotHunk's adorable dad-son relationship. Slowly enemies are down. Typical from Sena she wants to catch next man-prey and escape with him to abroad. I can't wait to see her face when she finds out that her next prey is working for HotHunk and she was scammed. I'm curious what will happens with CDB, because I guess Evil Ex-Chairman wouldn't give him to HotHunk now.
  13. YoonSoo is so cute, how he runs to his dad and HotHunk snatched him It's interesting that YoonSoo usually is friendly and sociable with strangers, but he didn't accept Chief Baek's money and he was serious (he didn't smile at him)... As if he felt Chief Baek's evilness. I knew that GaYoung won't get married with HyunKi. She made Evil ExChairman angry and I loved her boldness against him. When she trembled because of Chief Baek, I hoped that HotHunk would console her. Then HotHunk told HyunKi that he wanted to hug her but he couldn't because of circumstances and Emily. I think Emily already would give up HotHunk, but she can't. She said that STILL can't always live without him. I suspect, she can't because of their contract (not fully because of her obsession). But it's good that GY spoke out her emotions and she was honest, and she didn't give in because of Emily's suicide. I don't know, CDB can be reliable witness, because he is sick, he can't talk ( I guess he was without oxygen for a long time). Maybe HotHunk will plan to take away him to secret place. The end game is really, slowly coming I like new "japanese' guy, he really scam Evil Witch professionally... I was afraid that he would be in Evil's Witch spell, but not. I liked when he said that he gives candy to crying child He didn't fall for Evil Witch's fake, innocent crying, although she does well
  14. I don't think that HG and GY will get married, it's already closed past, GY gave back the ring. And from preview JH discovered CDB, so it's end game for JH's winning... I can't believe fully to the preview (Emily-KY), because it often mislead us... I'm not worried, because it will be happy end.
  15. This week's episode were enough boring with this reverse acquisition and business cases. I guess we will get full actions next week (CDB, USpeople, YBCity), because just about 10 episode stayed in 2 weeks (+1). What I could appreciate this week: KY-JH moment (about jealousy) and dad-son moments: HotHunk's surprised face is always funny when he found his son in his office or in his arms. I guess in the beginning he was afraid that his son would not like him or he looks at him as stranger (now he is more courageous), but YoonSoo immediately accepted him because KY told a lot of good thing about his dad to their son. This is his fortune, he can thank a lot and lot to KY... I don't know Emily (completely useless character), first I want to know what happened in the US. Poor JB, she can't push HyunKi off... Blood isn't the most important, she has to think about a lot of children who their parents abandoned and she can give them much love with adoption. But I have premonition, that they will adopt SoYi or in the end JB will be pregnant and KY too at the same time I don't think that KY-JH will adopt SoYi (maybe the grandparents or HyunKi--JB), because I didn't see HotHunk interact with her. Although when KY said to Sena that she will beg her for SoYi's adoption, it showed JH-KY option. I thought the same, that japanese guy will be a bit hunk....We were wrong I'm curious about US people: Are they so frightening and maybe hunk? Kang Eun Tak knows how wear clothes: My favourite is light blue shirt (white on collar and sleeve) from 56 episode. And from KY my favourite clothing is brown, long jacket, black blouse with pencil skirt from 62 episode (although they usually dress her with loose and big coat). Shortly commenting Evil Witch's style: I'm sorry but it's horrible (not just that coat, other clothes weren't good).
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