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  1. Look at how powerful this CP ...Their old ( which was missing and got restored) and the newly created CP thread are currently Top 1 & Top 3 on Weibo's top couple list... And theyre being surrounded by popular idol CPs...LOL
  2. The nominees for Golden Eagle TV Awards: Denglun is not nominated in Actor Category And no idea who are the other nominees for Actor Category..lol Actress: Ding Liu Yuan - The Revolution In ShangHai Liu Tao - Ode to Joy 1 & 2 Sun Li- Nothing Gold Can Stay YangZi - Ashes of Love Yuan Quan - First Half of My Life Yin Tao - Feather Flies To The Sky Adi Kan - Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy Dilraba Dilmurat- King's Woman Actor: Hewei Yu - The Drug Hunter Sun Weimin Li Yifeng - Sparrow He Bing Yi Zhang Zhang Jiayi- Undercover Liu Yunlong Hou Xiangling
  3. Sad news.... DL & YZ couple group thread with 52,000 followers and the #1 most popular CP group on Weibo was suddenly removed/ shut down.. They said that some reported it for malicious posts...:(
  4. Yes the voting is for popular actor and actress... YZ has a tight competition with YangMi and ZhaoLiying but since they are all attending and theyre all popular so all of them might get an award.. Not sure about DL as some said that he's one of the performers/ MC at the award show... And his 3 leading ladies ( SunYi , Dilraba & YZ) from his last 3 dramas will be attending as well...lol
  5. nahhhh... Instagram was just a crazy mess...LOL ..Voting was almost over when it happened and that time some YZ fans decided not to vote as much as before.. Given how popular those two are...Every actions that they made will get straight to weibo trending...lol The one that got affected by the instagram issue was their shippers..From 55,000 followers it went down to 52,000...But theyre still the #1 CP on weibo
  6. It was a very tight competition between the two actresses and pretty harsh as their fandoms are fighting to point that Yangzi's critically acclaimed drama Changsa which holds the highest rating in Douban w/ 9.4 suddenly dropped during the voting period when YZ overtook the lead at one point and the trending of Instagram issue of YZ and DL were rumored to be caused by one group ( acdg to some fans )
  7. Sept 24th I guess.. LYF & Huge are Top 1 & 2 for actor while Dilraba & YangZi are Top 1 and 2 for actress
  8. The voting has already ended. Li YiFeng and Dilraba won the Actor and Actress categories
  9. The confirmed guest line up for China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival which will happen on October 12th... Let's find the photos of our OTP..lol
  10. It's funny how each side defending their bias...LOL while the shippers are defending the OTP but yeah from 55,000 followers of the couple after the issue came out theyre now at 54,000 followers... I am waiting for either Denglun or YangZi to post something...I'm sure they already know what's happening...
  11. DengLun and YangZi's Instagram follow /unfollow/didntfollow drama is treding on Weibo at #2.. It was #1 earlier...And their individual fans are currently in chaos..
  12. Them being the #1 popular CP on weibo made it to the news.... Hope someone can translate it.. http://t.cn/EvBUv3Z
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