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  1. Happy about the latest turn of events! Been the most positive news for me to date. Think it will be difficult for her case to be picked up by another lawyer, considering her own law firm, having all the evidence, just dropped it. I think it was an uphill battle for the plaintiff's side to prove force as it was and her lawyer resigning is tantamount to a vote of unconfidence in a good outcome even if he doesn't come right out and say so. The end is nigh! 

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  2. Haha yes his appearance in variety shows make him out to be super nerdy and *ahem* even a bit loser-y :P He didn't seem to mind telling everyone on Strong Heart that he completely misread the Czech girl's signals and admitted that she was totally not interested in him and just being friendly. 

    Anyway, the comments section on the articles being released are really quite infuriating. I've taken it upon myself to defend him on English language comments sections whenever people make unfair statements about him or are just plain retarded/ irrational/ stupid. There is way too much presumptuousness and I don't want anybody reading the comments for the first time to write him off as a bad person immediately just because of a troll jumping to conclusions. 

    It's true that his agency's statements is just fodder for A to contradict, but her contradictions are getting more and more tenuous (just to test their mutual acquaintance's reaction? Lee Jin Wook wanted to sleep with her so much he just kept bugging her for her address to fix her furniture? richard simmons please.) and it is true that what she says can be rather suspicious/contradictory whereas whatever he says seems fairly consistent so far. But I do like how much his agency seems to care for him and his reputation. Even though they are a tiny agency with not as much clout as the big ones, they're trying their hardest on his behalf it's kinda sweet. 

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  3. 7 hours ago, qwenli said:

    So I wonder if he had just stay at home and watch TV, then there will have been no chance of all these happening.


    haha yeah ikr! If only he were more a couch potato/loner/otaku sort rather than a hot blooded young man... @qwenli I have been lurking all this while, and when nothing much is happening I guess I'm happier minding my own business and visiting this space for the occasional updates that you all so generously provide. Now that we are in this situation and everyone seems to be quite disturbed about this I thought it'd be better to come out of the woodwork to share support/rant! 

    Some observations:

    1. Nate obviously used the most incriminating headline and photo possible of his police station appearance to generate angsty and verbose reactions from their readers; that was malicious, unfair, and far from representative of the truth. Publishing a photo of his smile instead of his pissed off statements would obviously be misconstrued by many koreans as an unrepentant smirk. Korean tabloids really need to improve their journalistic standards.

    2. Miss A's lawyer is quite clever at playing the victim game. Nowhere in Jin Wook's statements did he so much as suggest that she was trying to make a financial settlement with him, but the lawyer accused him of making her out to be a gold-digger. She also said that all she wants is a sincere apology, which is clearly untrue, because she could have sought an audience in private. Instead, she blew the matter up by going to the police directly, possibly informing the press, which means that her requested "sincere apology" now translates into a career death and possible jail time. They should at least be frank about their demands - jail time, and irreparable damage to his reputation and career.  This is an eye for an eye. 

    Even if it is a long shot, I hope he comes out of all of this okay >< Can't wait to see his eye smile again.

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  4. His investigation was for 11 hours?! My heart hurts... I don't understand why the knetz are making such a big deal about him smiling slightly before making a formal statement for the media without watching the full video of his statement. He looked so serious and angry, but at least not defeated. I feel better reading the Taiwanese fans' comments on their fb page, many of them say that given the personality he showcased in variety shows (such as 3 meals a day), there is no way he would be able to do such a thing.  He was so 4d and upright to the extent of being nerdy in those shows... it would be impossible/pointless to fake such an upright personality (even if he IS an actor). The way he fearlessly and confidently faced the cameras head-on at the Suseo police station is also a consolation. 

    I can only hope that people don't just read the headlines and jump to conclusions, but rather wait for the results of the investigation. For myself, I'll support him regardless of the outcome.  I first started being his fan because of his adorkable acting and his sparkly eyes, with no expectations made of his personality/how he conducts his private life. If he had a one night stand that would be somewhat unexpected but not really my business, and there is no way he actually assaulted someone when he has such a protective/considerate nature toward all the females around him. I really wish knetz wouldn't view one night stands and sexual assault as equally immoral.

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  5. was devastated when I heard the news. Not because I think he did anything wrong, but because of the hit his reputation would take :( as much as it's "fortunate" that his case came after lots of other allegations so some people might not take them as seriously, judging from the knetz reaction it seems like many of them have also lost faith in actors/celebrities in general as a result of this string of assault cases :( Reading their negative comments is really disheartening, can't imagine what it must be like for him T-T

    Was really looking forward to seeing him at the awards ceremony >< 

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