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  1. 14 hours ago, bombshellchick1 said:

    I agree with this. She shoulda known in that 14 years that something wasn't right or doesn't fit. Women's intuition...

    My guess: the hooded man is the real copycat serial killer. Baek Hee Sung would be suspected or framed and would be kidnapped by the copycat serial killer (the underwater scene). But then Cha Ji Won would solve who the real copycat killer is and save Baek Hee Sung.  Lol 

    Honestly, I don't think Ji-won is completely clueless about Hee Sung. She's very smart and attentive. She could also easily deduce the cases she handled. 


    In episode 1, she talked about taking pills and that woman being clueless or covering it up. What if she was saying those coz' that was exactly she was doing? Covering up her husband in order to protect her family. After episode 2 when she beaten that social worker,I don't see her as someone innocent anymore.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Jillia said:

    @bbong09 @stella77

    I think I'm torn. I think both twists would be nice. On the other hand redemption stories can be weak when not written well. I have a good feeling with this drama though. But only the drama and time will tell. :D

    I agree and him being a real serial killer might be also hard to accept for us fans but either way what I really want is a well written script. 


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  3. 3 hours ago, stella77 said:

    Oh I just did the survey and I am going in with a very realistic POV that he is probably a killer in the past and may not know how to love or has fake it and that the show will focus on the angst. I am ok with any ending as long as it makes sense/quality etc. 


    Now that I see the results of the survey, I am surprised - many thinks he’s innocent, loving and high expectations for the romance!!

    I want to be surprised and want him to be a real killer. I think this would be more interesting. 

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  4. class="titleNews"Song Joong Ki Receives Drama Love Call from the Writer of ′The Heirs′

    With Song Joong Ki getting discharged from the army in May, it′s been revealed that he received a lovecall from romantic comedy factory, writer Kim Eun Sook, gaining much attention for what he′ll do after he′s out.

    According to broadcast affiliates on February 4, Song Joong Ki recently received an offer to appear as the male lead in Kim Eun Sook′s newest drama, Descendants of the Sun (tentative).

    As he′s still in the army, a confirmation cannot be made, but it′s said that Song Joong Ki′s agency and the drama production company have already begun sincere discussions.


    Descendants of the Sun is a project that will require many overseas shoots as well as a large amount of production fee and time.

    With Kim Eun Sook known for her hit dramas, such as Secret Garden, The Heirs, On Air, Lovers in Paris and more, the pre-production of this drama is already gathering attention on and off the screen. It′s said that KBS is planning on broadcasting this drama in the second half of 2015, although the details are still being discussed.

    Anticipation is high as to whether Song Joong Ki does join Kim Eun Sook in this project. Kim Eun Sook is known for her ′win-win′ history of working with top stars, like Hyun Bin in Secret Garden and Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs.

    As Song Joong Ki has been noticed for his eye-catching looks and acting ahead of his military enlistment, people are predicting that if both sides come to a final agreement, the public response will be explosive.

    Regarding this, Song Joong Ki′s agency, Blossom Entertainment told Newsen, "As his army discharge approaches closer, we′ve been getting flooded with many offers."

    The rep continued, "Just as we′ve said with the previous movie offer, we′re leaving the offers for Descendants of the Sun and many others open and discussing them."

    Song Joong Ki was previously offered a role in the Korea-China produced movie, Martial Arts. The agency stated then, "We have received an offer to appear in the film Martial Arts, but it′s just one of the many projects that were offered to us. We haven′t decided on anything."

    Song Joong Ki enlisted in the army in August 2013 and will be discharged in May.

    Photo Credit: Newsen

  5. Hello Everyone!! :-h I came here in this thread several times since the news of them dating broke out. I'm a big fan of Lee Seung Gi and I really like SNSD and I am also an Avid fan of Moon Chae Won. It's my first time to post here,btw.. So my purpose of my post here is about Moon Chae Won. As an avid fan of Moon Chae Won this all I can say about her actions.Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won has good chemistry since BL and it continued even until now and they are also friends in real life(I think you know that too). Even though I know this fact i was still quite surprised on their closeness when i first saw the bts of Today's Love and their interviews but what made me worried was their skinships which I know that  initiated most by Moon Chae Won.It's not that Lee Seung Gi will cheat on Yoona nor Moon Chae Won will snatch LSG from Yoona that made me worried,what made me worried is the different interpretations people will give to their skinships and closeness which I'm totally right.You know that people can be really harsh,they bashed the stars just for the sake of bashing.Regarding about skinships initiated by MCW actually she's like that to her past onscreen partners. I think what only made it differ is LSG has a girlfriend that is known by the public that's why some fans or some people are quite sensitive which I totally understand. She is like that even with actresses that she's close with,like Han Hyo Joo(hmm there are even people suspecting that there is something going on between HHJ-MCW bcoz' of their sweetness even in public :)) ). Moon Geun Young also said she loves to hug people that she like,I think MCW is type of person who do lot of skinships to the people that she likes and close with,I think it is her way to show that they are important to her..So I conclude that her skinships with LSG only shows her level of comfort and closeness with him and nothing more..And about the"chocolate thing" I think it was obvious that she was just teasing him and if you happen to watch Today's Love Showcase/PressCon you can also see she teased LSG and Yoona.She's not also good on variety shows,she's very honest,straight forward and can't hide her emotions and I think that explains her behavior on running man like what some people said that she has an attitude(well everyone has).A lot of people also has misconception on her personality I think it's bcoz' of her strong features that makes her look like a cold person but she's actually very caring and down to earth base on her interactions with her fans and costars behind-the-scenes.I'm not writing this to justify her actions but I really do hope you will not hate her because of this. I know most of you here are very understanding based on your posts..Let's just pray them the best and pray that LSG and Yoona relationship will become more stronger..Thank You YoonGi shippers..:)

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