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  1. How was this drama? Is it good? @Super Gal99 hey... I'm here. Long time so see. So how's everything? RL's works stop me from doing many fangirling and drama watching thing for these few months.
  2. @kokodus I watched PYHOMS you suggest me. When I login to my YT. It just popped out on my homepage so I didn't need to search it anymore. So far I like it. It such a simple university life with the best friend and lover. I wonder Pu Pei will regret once MoMo start liking hue yi. 832
  3. @sushilicious as for me I can watch anything as long it is clicked on me. It can be fluffy thing or even something darker as you call it. Sexy and hawt oppas could be my motivation to watch too. At least if the show disappoint me, seeing the oppas relieves my mood. LOL +2
  4. Lol, I was like learning a generic structure of a romance. You seem spent some time to watch HPL too? Recently, rom-com drama are quite empty. I mean it is all just like that, it didn't give me the feels like it had in the past. I mean, I prefer romance still. But you see the comedy isn't that funny. I can't laugh freely as I did while watching WLF or SKL or got me to ship them like how I did for dots. @triplem thanks for all the recommendations. Among those all, I might try FC and interested in FF. @kokodus ok. I'll check it out. I hope it won't tell me that they block it in my region. Sighh.. I hate that. ~~~ Well.. well.. soompi has lots new features from last time I noticed it. It has mood updater. Then also some awards? What r all these awards for? I was notified with some of those. And after such a long time inactive, I had to reset my password to be logging in. Before reseting, it gave me a bit hardtime several times until it got me locked for 15 minutes. And I see that.. ah.. is this how it works now. +2
  5. @staygold it would be the best comedy if it became a trilogy. Lololol @kokodus he knows how to please his fangirls. LOL Where do you watch these? Do they have complete emg subs already? High five! I might try those cdramas after I'm done with KI. And it perfect transition before WWW. +2
  6. @staygold I really want to watch this but Idk why since PMY plays a secretary role again and meet with a cool ceo again, it kinda bores me. I mean... it keeps remind me of secretary kim. I don't mean it bad. I might it watch it later sometime when i am in the mood for it. And then JKJ and KYK's drama too. Isn't its title called "train your blind boss" before? Why is it changed into another secretary again? Seems like secretary is so popular in kdramas right now. Yup. We do things for love. I love JKY. His roles are so diverse. He plays different role each time I see him. 778
  7. @staygold reading you warning me like that didn't surprise me at all.You know I already know the ending would be that terrible. I'm prepared enough when I invested into this. Yup. 4 more hours left before I start cursing and avenging this drama. LOL I am mesmerized by JKY so I can't pass this on. You see I have been hesitated while deciding to watch or just to pass it while I have 4 eps downloaded since months ago. I was so determined to delete it when I saw an IGers uploaded that suck ending of him. Well, I told myself do not waste your time just to be broken heart and disappointed. Then, I tried to watch Abyss but end up being annoyed. LOL. Want to watch other dramas but I dunno why I feel wasted if I just deleted the videos without looking at it once. And here I am, letting myself to be fooled by those tally height, cold and dangerous smiles of JKY and his moves caught me in. Hahahaha. You see how powerless I am,I couldn't run away. A cheeky sound whispered "you have well trained enough with crap dramas ending, with this you'll get stronger than ever" I just dunno why.. some dramas lately become quite flat and boring even it's just started. So you could suggest me something. 772
  8. I forgot to tell you all that aside from Abyss I also started Kill it. And I have peeked that the end will be awfully tragic for JKY's character. Even so, I still take this hell road. What I love the most is him and the action scenes. Wow. Marvelous! And bonus the plot is pretty good. It didn't get me bored. It made me sympathized with the killer which I shouldn't. I feel however he was raised with that evil deed, deep down in his heart, he is just an abandoned child who needs love. Now I am in ep 7. And what I love the most is when he has to head on with his childhood friend. Gosh.. that is epic. Nothing new with the scene aside from its graceful fight and nice shots of guns-snatching. But the scenes got me so much until I need to rewind it several times. Well I know I'll be broken heart once I reach the ending later. At least I have the remedy, JKY will be on next fluffy drama WWW this June. Yay. @sushilicious now you're one of the Mods. Congrats. I've just noticed it now. Lmangla is not alone this time. 768
  9. The last drama which got me headache with its inconsistent rules still haunt me and traumatized me a lot. LOL. I don't expect the same thing from Abyss as well. So I hope the plot could be much better in the upcoming episodes. As SJU being the accomplices. I wonder what is his motive? And he knows who killed SY. He dig her grave and found an empty casket. He also the one who tip YC before SY come to the hospital (prior the murder night). I wonder is he really the one behind this or just the accomplice.
  10. @sushilicious sorry to disappear just like that. Lol. I just don't have much time to hang around like before. But now I think I can breathe more freely. Glad to be back as well. @triplem not yet. I even put on hold TYH and hasn't picked it up yet. And instead of resuming it I started Abyss last week. And I feel confused with it. I might catch up on other dramas soon. FC too. So what you can suggest me? @kokodus yes... I'm here. So what r you watching now? Psst... you shouldn't expose that oppa.. Ohh.. no.. I'm having my fasting today. I shouldn't see that. LOL. 762
  11. I left quite a long time and I must miss many things here. @triplem I'm pretty good and still busy with works. @kokodus hey... you tag me to those threads.. I miss it. I just can log in today. And to everyone... how's life?? Fun? Good? I hope you all say yes. I miss you. I'll come back here often soon. See ya. I forgot... 644
  12. Why were both CM and SY and YC revived in the form of their soul? But not with HJ? I don't get this part and I think abyss work inconsistently here. The story becomes a bit boring with nothing new stuffs except YC is the culprit and they're still chasing him? What I'm more curious about is prosecutor SJU? I have a gut feeling that he's behind SY's murder.
  13. stargazer187

    guess the abs

    Oh gosh... is this abs-land?? It's abs-lutely fantastic! LOL I am so busy with my work and can't participated actively. I only have a little time to please my eyes. So while I got the chance ya... Thanks to everyone... I laughed so much and relieve my stress...
  14. Yaaa... how dare you to voodoo HB oppa!! Andwaeee!! I hate knife-stabbing the most!! It traumatized me. It feels like there's a bug haunted me with a glitch. And last time I heard about KWB is an article reported he was sick. I hope he gets well. And WB, not Warner Bros, it's Won Bin. I only ever known him once long long ago from an old drama of him with SHK, forgot which drama was that. And lots of his cool cfs. But recently I found that he is married to LNY. 472
  15. Take a break for a while... And while I was searching on my videos.. I found this channel. And they posted lots of oppa activities. Wow. Look at those dimples and stares. Oppa ya.. why are you so handsome? My hearts goes dugeun dugeun.... kekekke MoA shooting I subscribed the channel. LOL +2
  16. Just got home. Tired. Sleepy. Hungry. +2
  17. Oooo.... we have OT reaction back. Hoho...now it's like the old soompi. Wow. Cool. So we got 4 new ones added. 480
  18. I see that you all move too fast... i was left by ten pages... I'll check it out @staygold I really need something funny as mood booster. The number, ya ... +2
  19. 144 I need a comedy, and it would be a remedy.
  20. I'm asking the same question. But the drama has ended and no one would give us the answer. LOL But let me try to imagine it. Marco bug might got deleted as the game successfully reset. If I can say. The whole drama is just about Yoo Jin Woo and the game. He is the one who have been told from the first to the last. @staygold I was hoping for the same thing when I reach that episode. Even I felt so disappointed after 15, I kept hoping that there would be something to fix all this absudity. Kekeke. But then, well dramas imitated real life, it won't always go as your wish. At least I got one good moral message from the writer "Don't play the game too much. It would ruin your life. " very good message to the young people who are badly addicted to games. I guess she wanted to pointed out this issue. I like the message but I don't feel happy with it. Tch... It should. SJ made us lost our bet huh. I should have trusted my intuition that JW is the key of everything. And I thought so as well. The creator should take responsible with what he'd created. Especially if it has led to many misfortunes to other people. I feel sad that seems only JW who had to suffer and fight this hard the whole time only to end up as a bug. This conclusion left me totally flabbergasted. Speechless. I'll see you then! P.S @Kasmic you right. But it is useful for some reason too. . I guess this would be my last comment for now unless something/someone brings me back here again. I'm sorry for my jokes, words and all. I ended relentlessly disappointed with the ending. So I need to move on. But I really had lot of fun here. See u all on next drama threads guys!
  21. I like the reaction buttons!! One more to add, the off-topic one! It brings me back to the old version of soompi. @bairama lol, I would like to use this but I'm afraid it might offend people. Maybe we can rant in +/- about the ending later. Lololol @Kasmic I think we can used that to feel angry of a certain post like ""what a tragic ending." how would you feel? I feel so mad. Lol. So I think I would use the angry button to express it. Like that maybe. Is there any translation to the bts?? Poke @stroppyse
  22. Wow I just realized soompi reactions got updated. Now we can use and I remember ever asked and talked what if soompi add some reactions. Wow. Thanks who ever made this happened. Awww.. look at their happy smiles... they really worked so hard. Kuddos to the cast and team. Ikr their chemistry is just so off the chart! So radiant like a rose red flower petal. I hope they can reunite in another good drama project.
  23. @Kasmic I have changed my avatar to this. It describes how I feel now. I feel you JW for having to stab your dearest friend and family because of the bug. Sobsssss Such a great acting... he did a marvelous job as JW. I cried during this scene.. when he has to delete all the bugs and even himself at the last. why writer.. why did you torture him that much!! What's the point?? What is his mistake anyway??why should he take all the responsibility while he is not the only one who create this mess??? Why till the last he couldn't meet thw person he wants to meet, the one that he look so hard from bwginning??? Whyyyyyyyyyyy... once again I got traumatized.
  24. @Kasmic I don't feel like to change my avatar. LOL. You know. I feel like HJ expecting for JW to at least show up at the last minute as a real confirmed human being, safe and sound. Sighhhhh.... deep deep deep sighhhhhhhhh We are all victim here. Victim of the bug.
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