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  1. Geez, they even haven't reached half yet but the angst is starting so tiresome. Aigoo... how could they make DO always suffers like that, it's so upsetting seeing her crying almost the entire episode. And what makes it worse is both on/off stage Baek Kyung is no help for her. He keeps confirming and testing HR's memory of DO and still being a jerk leaving her in that field while she's having a seizure. He's nicer when he's not being jealous. I feel so bad for DO. On top of that, should the writer make it worse by setting up HR's role to be his sidekick. It's so frustrating! I feel sad for the extras! Poor DH, just let him get the girl or give him another loveline, writer-nim! I am quite amused by how those girls are moving closer to NJ during the tug of war game. NJ's expression is so cute. I think the secret plot line keep getting inspiration from BOF. Those electronic stuffs that NJ's mom sent was another meta joke of how GJP sent the same stuffs to GJD in BOF. LOL. You know I love BOF in my old days.... lolol. But here, the story looks pretty lame somehow. I don't want JD to be self-aware. Cuz I'm worried that she'll have a hard tome to accept that her character is such a typical candy character with part time jobs for the sake of her living expanses. If she is self-aware later, I want her to fight all the bully gangs! I'm so tired seeing her do nothing while they did that to her. Everything feels so exhausting until I saw the preview! Whoops, it's my mood booster! I can't wait to see the past DO and HR history! Everything happens to them in this secret world is just like de javu of their past life. The back bumping, the flowers... can they air the new episode everyday, I am okay if they'll extend it to 100+ long series. Hahaha
  2. Geez, there's a problem with the i-net speed connection on my end. I couldn't load the comment box with all the spoiler pictures, huhuhu. So I went 8 pages back just to make it much easier in loading. @triplem well me tooooh. I love this show! It's awesome! I love when drama gives me such a cool feisty strong female character plus she's fearlessly brave and quick-witted. Others might think she's too hasty but somehow I am glad that she has the gut to disobey all those 'let's stand still and think the best way' manuals. This episode put me on the edge of my seat, and one hour passed like a second. They took me into the rollercoaster ride. I'm so thrilled! Spooky, emotionally touched then the next moment they quickly give me some big laugh because of those comedy part. Goshhh... this is so great!! I'm totally having fun watching it. It deserve a rewatch! I feel so heartbroken seeing the old grandpa deliveryman run the errands for that tattoo jerk. It breaks my heart a lot when he eats his lunch in a hurry and then that jerk hitting and kicking him like mad. Seriously, I am so furious at him along with YR. I'm so happy she shot him. MGY is so cool! Her acting on that nail biting moment of shooting the gun is just so believable. The moment she realized it was the kimchi blood not him, she cries in relieved. I love their partner bonding is getting closer. Seriously KSH never fail to make me laugh with all his dramatic expressions. Both KJS and YR are a great match! I'm okay with the romance get in the way this early. Hahaha. I can't stop laughing by that "oppa, peek-a-boo" Yoo Ryung did, she didn't stop there, she's a quick learner, a genius! I know there's a reason why there is the scene with that drunk woman try to seduce KJS. Lololol. Also yes, the shower scene and interrogation one are so fun. YR is such a cool badass to those drugs gang. KJS is so out of it while seeing YR furiously interrogating them. Will this be a trend, let dramaland has some more strong and smart female characters! I think the grasshopper is not just a simply professional pickpocket. That mysterious hoody villain must have some connection with the subway ghost. I hope YJ is not dead. It's going to be painfully sad for YR. Ooh.. I still want to write more but forgot what else to write.
  3. @triplem yup they just had the preview uploaded. But I wonder the subs has been ripped out and shared on subscene. Thanks to it I can watch it with subs. All is good with me and hope you do. The two have good chemistry and yet they're soooo funny with all those chasing scenes. Hahaha. I just can't help myself burst into laughter with all antics moment during the emergency run.
  4. Fully rewatched it with subs. I noticed that rowoon aka Haru loves to meme hyeyoon many times, it's the "move aside please" hand gesture. It's so funny and cute whenever he imitates her. It seems like her acting on that scene (DO slides JD aside to get the sunshine for her) left a deep impression on him. LOL And oh gosh the scene where she is considering to whom her cake belongs to is so hilariously and adorably cute. Look how nam joo smiles behind her and all the boys break into laughters after the scene taken, can't handle her cute aegyo attacks. This is the reason why I ship her with all. She's just so cute. I'm female but I can't deny that she's so lovable. Somehow I don't get annoyed with how they keep adding more fuel to the triangle love even on off-camera. Such a nice answer of hye yoon that keeps us on wonderig till the last journey later. Ohhh... wednesday palli waa!!!
  5. Annyeong~ waves Yup. Exactly. Hopefully that tiny moral message could increase the society awareness and gives some new light to the depressed one or those with problems that they shouldn't givie up with their life, that there's a hope in every difficulties. However hard the life is, it's a gift which we should be grateful for and we should live on better. Idk about the past life thing, but the recent fan photos of filming shows they're going to give it to us soon. Like other fellow extras here, I'm so giddy seeing our DO and all the long legs oppas in the traditional costume, just bring it on that Joseon or Georyeo fashion, yeah! (Same! Just like how DO with her denial of liking Haru, I can't hold myself not to fangirl over this drama, so now here I am, having some new drama titles added up while waiting the Wednesday comes)
  6. Been bored waiting for my wed-thurs EY drama so I just watched ep 1 that started last night, how could I forgot. As expected, It's so fun. I keep laughing for the poor team leader. Having a partner like a blazing ball, getting him into the subway jungle to experience an adrenaline adventure. I like the mystery, I wonder who is the subway ghost they're looking for? Will the grasshopper pickpocket is connected to this too? Anyway, it's fun episode. I like feisty strong female lead. I dropped the tale of nokdu and hop into this one from now on. But Viu has it and the subs is pretty faster. 5 hours after the airing, it's available. P.S. Hi~ @triplem how's life?
  7. I do love bad boys in dramas but no to violent guy who consistently hurting the girl. 10 years is not a short time. Everytime he got bullied or forced by his dad command, he would come with anger and tantrum to DO. That's what I don't like. Even it's a set-up character but his shadow or probably-self aware-character still has this violent side when things don't go his way. So I think DO-HR is quite rare in dramaland. I agreed on the side opinion of this pairing is the non-typical one. I love the healthy relationship among DO and HR. DO feels more comfortable and happy whenever HR is around her. He waits for her to be self-aware and she worked all out to find him. Always fill the gaps they have each other. But I don't hate BK, I think as the episodes move, we'll see him to be much nicer and matured. Hope he'll be. But when he does, it would be hard for me to see him heartbroken later. Well, everyone has different opinion, it's okay to be different. A colorful thoughts are great. It makes the thread goes lively. It's still Sunday morning here. I need something to talk and talk until Wednesday comes. Cue.... The earlier post talking about second lead will get the girl, hope DH will be with JD. NJ goes with SM and BK..., DO should have a twin sister I guess. The manhwa writer could include the birth secret trope into the plot. So happy ending for everyone right. *it sounds silly but it's great huh, LOL*
  8. It's like butterfly effect. I remember ever watched this old movie long long ago. And in there the male lead tried so hard to change the future but he ends up messing it up. Or similar type like time traveling nine times. The male lead also tried to change the past-future with those nine incenses but things doesn't go his way. These two references are much heavier in plot. And I believe EY is supposed to be much lighter that the two. So I hope DO and HR have better luck than those two male leads. Whether in secret or flower or roses or whatever manhwa they can go. The green-black hole could be the door of those world. Talking about HR. RW's potrayal as HR is just so perfect. I love his subtly voice whenever he says "annyeong", "Eun Dan Oh", "you..", "I found you", "I should always look for you" and all those lines he ever said to DO. Will the new extra HR be this way or they'll turn him like BK who ignores DO later. Nooooo.... sighh... *it's because already so late and I guess I need to sleep to let the days pass by faster* IKR!! Seriously.... they better do so.
  9. @Jillia I dunno if it's part of the writer's plan or I've just read it too much between the lines. DO has the ability to see the storyboard while the other self-aware extras don't. And HR can interrupt the stage while the other two don't. So both DO and HR seems like completing each other. She has the storyboard and he can execute their cup d'tat plan. It's a perfect duo that dried squid worried about. Both are extras who have more free time in the shadow which made them possible to start rebelling against the writer's plot and changed the main story. Is it from the bts, which one?? I don't see this tho. Hope so. Look how he looks at her so tenderly. Aww.. Noooo... I like their current hair style. Hope the stylist won't change to that way. Andwaeee... I see the new HR in the preview also got a hairstyle make over. Geez, I want them to be like what they are now.
  10. @Jillia. Oohh... the stare of a main lead! Like sae mi, I can't help going head over heels for good looking guy like him. Well, I would stay longer. I love how optimistic and energetic DO. Despite all those crappy set-up characters she has, she never give up and keep trying to change her fate given by the writer. It feels like only after Haru crossed over her stages, everything starts going better for her. She becomes much happier and optimistic about her life. The writer might get rid of his memory with DO in his mind, but not from his heart. So like every other amnesiac male lead, somehow deep down in his heart, he will still remember her. And if he doesn't, EDO just need to start making him remember like she'd ever done before. No eng sub for the preview?? The last part is quite sad when DO tells that she's dying. it reminds me of her crying over the crumbled tower stone of her 'I want to live' wish. And HR's expression seems like he does remember her at the last. It's what I'm asking about as well. The other self-aware, DH and HR, couldn't see them. It's only her. I don't know but they must plan something with it later. It must have something to do with the other manhwa book, the flower, that dried squid read in. Let's wait... wednesday is so far awayyy
  11. Thanks @Jillia it's so great to join the party here. Meeting you all my fellow extras. Random question, off-topic DH was kicked off from A3 then joined the swimming duel with NJ. They keep going on the meta jokes. What's next? It was so enjoyable watching HR pushed in BK to the pool in one go. He deserves it. HR looks so cool tho. And I feel so glad seeing BK gets annoyed. LJW looked pretty sexy while getting angry. LOL
  12. Just drop in to tell my two cents. Well, I've planned to enjoy this drama by myself in silence. EY is super fun. I didn't watch any dramas for months since nothing really capture my attention since I dropped www midway. My fave character is DO. And I ship her with everyone. She's so loveable. So whoever she ends up with, as long that makes her happy, then I'm rooting on her. The recent episodes are getting more interesting. HR is such a cutie pie. He's so tenderly sweet! Makes my heart pounding. I like the extras squad so much!! All the reactions to the cheesy tropes and all are just so entertaining. Well everyone must have written tons of texts discussing the episodes and all right? So I just want to add a little. To me, BK is pitiful. Grow up with such abusive father has turned him into a hot tempered and skeptical. He doesn't know how to love or respect the love he has. I understand his situation and his anger stem from. But I can't understand why or how he treats DO that bad. I know it's his set-up character. But it seems his shadow character is no different. And the recent eps hints that he's also self aware now or he's already in it for a while. Despite all of that, how could LJW be so hawt! I just realized he was the same person who acted as Marco in MoA and also who played the scene stealer star SJH of what's wrong with my MIL (Search:www) LOL. I like when he speaks gently to DO unlike his usual stage character, angry BK. I hope BK can be more matured and controlling his anger better. The scenes where the love blossoms prettily between HR and DO. Aww... they're easily shippable. Their height difference is just so cute! I love all their scenes! Geez, the writer seems to reset everything for next episodes by turning HR to extra with roles. I guess they will take his self-aware memories. Cheer up uri DO!! Wakes him up if he forgets you! Go extras squad!!
  13. Bwahahahaha... I love the game! I want more. They should make the parody style of BTM vs PM or SGG vs BTM or SGG vs MIL. LOL
  14. Let me butt in to your chats... I looked around the drama threads directory a few days ago. And found there are two doctors drama which aren't airing yet. It's doctor detective and doctor John. Seriously... I laughed a lot to whoever in charge giving the titles for these two. Why dramas love to pick the same name or at least same root name. Like they keep having secretary in several dramas recently. Then, another few examples like "can you hear my voice" and "I can hear your voice". Anyway, that's not my point. I would try watching only one of them. It's the one with Ji Sung maybe. I really like him as a prosecutor in Defendant. So I would like to see him as a doctor or some sort of medics. But let's see if doctor detective can surprise me with something good. I love detective thing as long as the baddies didn't outsmart the heroes all the time or the heroes who loves to do stupid things. I might check for it. @cenching oh yes.. I forgot the initials. JJ. Such a cute initials huh. Does that ring you a bell to some sort of classic drama?? Hahahaha 684
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