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  1. So is this drama worth to watch? Any loveline with Happy end? I like the two main actors...
  2. So sad... I have already said: Don't trust Hong sisters!! The story of each character was beautiful and sad at the same time... The plot about MW and CS was really great but not satisfying! And only 2 kiss in the whole drama... i'm disappointed!
  3. I will not expect a deep kiss for one reason: Jin Goo is a great actor but he's not a good kisser . Same for IU! I love her as actress but not for kissing
  4. I love MW and CS relationship but i don't trust Hong sisters... They always pissed me off and makes the plot sucks in the end!
  5. Hello!! Sorry for the intrusion but about Man Wol i think she's a human turned to immortal from the first episode!
  6. I can't believe it! They trolled us till the end... But is there any chance to see the real happy end in dvd release?
  7. This drama made me laugh, cry, angry and excited so i praise all the cast for the effort... As i said before i really liked MY and HS chemistry. They were off the charts! I don't ship them in real life only because they are actors and close friends and my heart is in peace with that. I liked the finale episode despite all the crying situations... It's all make sense. The evil was arrested and that annoying Aunt asked forgiveness finally! So GREAT COUPLE ON SCREEN, GREAT OSTS, GREAT BALLET PERFORMANCES ETC... And to all of you chingus of this threads:
  8. nope chingu. he was there but he can't touch her so he was in her mind to make her dream good things!
  9. I have to see ep finale with subs... maybe we'll get less angry then now! I think writer miss something... that's an hole in the plot about the deity... Hope with sub i'll understand better what is the final message she want to give to all of us!
  10. BTW in the dream sequence Dan was really him in YS mind... It was not YS's dream so we can considerate all the fun moments as real even it was in a coma state!
  11. For YS sake, she's not crazy I would like to see her secretary reaction to Dan return at home... BTW this drama is one of the best i've ever seen. For me ep 1 to 14 are the best of the best...
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