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  1. So why i thnik there will be a kiss scene in ep 9-10(17-18-19-20)? Preview is very confusing and i agree with some of you chingus that it was a premeditated confusion...
  2. What an episode... I think the preview is misleading. And i think writers is still trying our patience. We need first of all a GREAT AND HOT kiss scene then the rest of all...
  3. Actually i don't think it's a wedding dress... Too much simple and i don't think it's a dream... Maybe it's a love promise between them or a kind of...
  4. So i'm actually sad to see them apart... all the cute moments vanished after he realized that his staying by her side will cause a disaster and for all the love he feels to her he decided to leave... My only hope is tomorrow... maybe they will get together thanks to their memories...
  5. I think it's the crazy dude's hand... I dont' care about him anymore... He has no chance to win YS's heart!!
  6. That crazy evil aunt is killing me... Hope writer will make her in jail in the end. It's crystal clear that JKW is obsessed with his past lover so when YS will recall the past memories with Dan and KJW will cry as a baby... i'll wait for this moment I can't wait for OTP moments in next week episodes. I appreciated how writer made Dan in love with YS! Someone said he had a long way to go about his feelings but now finally he was clear with his heart!! A BIG THANKS AS ALWAYS TO ALL THE RECAPPERS!!
  7. YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS This drama is getting better and betterrrrrrrrrr and next episodes they will be a couple i assume from the preview!!!!!!!
  8. BTW Dan was human once so he died at some point... How? Why? YS will discover this truth? Their childhood story is not completed yet so hope writer will bring out the whole picture.
  9. And tomorrow i would like to see another kiss... maybe it's early but it's a MUST 'cause the second kiss will be a confirmation!
  10. Exactly my point... tomorrow there must be a resolution!! JI have to make a choice!!
  11. Chingu in my opinion all the obstacles will take them to love each other more! I even can see an happy end... If writer will not try to kill us i suppose Dan will became human 100% and stay with her!! The crazy angel is delusional... i really don't like him from the start and in my opinion his character is there for a purpose: to make YS and Dan as an example of TRUE LOVE!!
  12. I think he has realised his feelings but he can't love an human... Their chemistry is no joke! I really liked their interactions in this episode... so intense and pure! Great acting, KUDOS to Shin Hye Sun for her dance practice!!
  13. THANKS A LOT TO ALL THE RECAPPERS!!! I've watched online and maybe tomorrow DAN WILL CONFESS HIS LOVE!!!! Hope is HIGH!!
  14. This sexual tension is about to explode between them but her fiancè is an obstacle... preview for tomorrow is not exciting at all... plot is quite waisting, hope writer will bring all that we want
  15. A possible theory: she was about to shoot him but she shot herself... He was on his knees... BTW i don't like KW. He's a kind of two-faces...
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