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  1. Been a PMY fan forever. Only watched this drama because of her. If anyone knows, she always picked a drama with strong plots and substance. She and PSJ were the one that made this drama beautiful along with the casts. Other than that the storyline suck. Haha. Their chemistry was on fire. Reading through the posts and all the investigations, I find it hard to believe it’s all a coincidence! Am waiting for news soon. With that said, I knew about LMH in city hunter and thought he was cool. Until the relationship incident. I stopped being a fan and stopped watching his dramas. IMO, PMY makes the leading male stand out in all the dramas. She had great chemistry with all of them. So proud of her!
  2. I got teary eyed when they were both in the restaurant and he was so mad he didn’t confess to Kim. Her facial reaction broke my heart. It was subtle but well done by PMY. the trolling game is strong in this webtoon/drama. I’m about to chuck my phone across the room! Hahahah
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