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  1. we will ship Binkyo as long as we want. We never dictate one another because we respect each other's choices. I hope you do the same. This is not the first time Kyo was bashed, many times be it with regards to Hb or not. Do not worry our queen is unbothered. She have full support from her family, friends,squads, her Kyonatics and of course on this thread,we love her then and now. Its the quality of her loyal supporters that made her unbothered. She is really a brave daughter even before she entered showbiz and those trials that she surpassed makes her even more stronger. Fighting Binkyo.
  2. In time, truth will prevail. Whatever it is, we should respect it.
  3. you're very welcome. Thanks for the continued support inspite of the ups and down, still fighting for Binkyo.
  4. @LavelyShai @angelangie hi moderators. Just wanted to know on why @KimSooHanMoo post yesterday was deleted all of a sudden. I think we need to hear your side. She even gain a heart sign or badge from soompi itself since she received many good remarks. I have read her comment and she explain well regarding the topic on hot searches since she have knowledge on this and I even learn from it as well. We hope to hear from you soon. Let's discuss here why that post was deleted here. I think we also need an explanation. This is Binkyo shippers thread, so therefore anyone who accused Kyo,Bin or Binkyo expect that we will defend them. That is what supporters must do. This fanwars is cause by a man,Hb, so let's all wait for Hb to arrive from Jordan and let him answers directly all our inquiries. I wish Hb have many hearts so he can give to all his shippers. Let's wait until he marry, there we will all find who is the woman he will chose to marry. Since both sides were denied, once here and 4 to 5x in the other side, lets wait for him to speak up and whoever he choose to marry I will respect his decision. Thank you.
  5. I haven't heard about this. I hope this won't cause for Binkyo to be bash again and again. Since as what you've said were already deleted, it only proves its not true at all.
  6. with all due respect to the visitor/s who comment here that might belong to other shippers thread, just respect us here since this thread is for Binkyo. Hb is not yet married, we will continue to love and support Binkyo as a couple and as individual as long as we want. I hope the moderators won't take this against us or Binkyo thread if we defend Kyo or Hb or Binkyo since this was created by ebullient for Binkyo shippers. Even some Bikyo shippers still support them inspite of rain being happily married to show support for their Fullhouse drama. We do not like fanwars here so @angelangie, kindly delete comments automatically from visitors that can cause friction here and can cause another warning in this thread. Thank you.
  7. Still, Fighting for incomparable Binkyo. Nothing change with just a vague statement. Let's wait for Hb's arrival and let him speak up for himself. I know he is a decent man and since he likes his future to be happier, then he will be man enough to deny or admit not the blurred pics.,or yp house but his relationship per se. Life has to continue with or without Binkyo. Thank you for the wonderful members here and to our admin. We learn so much from each other, I gain new friends who loves Bin, Kyo and Binkyo as a whole. Daebak to all of you. I wish all our mods.here whoever side they maybe will be fair in all circumstances. Thank you.
  8. Sometimes we're tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths. Binkyo Fighting.
  9. Incomparable Binkyo. They look so good together. I hope one day, Laneige will get them again together. I remember those Aritaum days so awesome couple.
  10. In general, being a divorcee is not a crime especially when you are already hurt emotionally, physically...... If St. Mary Magdalene was forgiven by God, who are we to judge our neighbors? I am sad that the divorcee issue was always thrown at Kyo and most of the time comments came from a woman like her. No one is perfect and we should never judge someone especially when we dont know the true story behind it. Nobody wanted to be a divorcee but certain circumstances come along their wày and for the two people involve, its their best option at that time. "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her" John 8:7
  11. I think hjh is the one with Kyo. Maybe she will have a new cf.
  12. I cant even access. I cant saw post on the main thread.
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