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  1. I'm looking fwd to JR&stalker meeting next week ...it'll be more interesting if someone shake their hidden pink bubble
  2. Now...thats called fear Don't be...she has right jacket ...and they'll prolong ep if necessary just to give you a kiss
  3. Yeah, he is funny jealous Did you see his face when she beat mamma-boy in starting the fire?
  4. One thing is sure...our girl would never starve in Always...all guys brought her food ...poor JR couldn't even get to her Hope guys won't fight who'll carry her up the hill
  5. Ahhh those were the days Insticts + fast learner...what do we need for?!?
  6. Ah...poor me...at work, without sound, without subs...am i sane? Guess not right? ...bur they r so damn cute ...i just can't stop torturing me @triplem i give you five!
  7. Oh come on my chingu...you r right JR lacks experience but there r instincts as well right? We don't wait so eagerly to get a liplock...right? ...right!
  8. Change pic? No...i think we have to keep it till the end of a drama ...though mine is not bad even if it's sad
  9. ...i knew he is handsome...but i realize it again and again...and again ...and he's a good kisser...go JR today gooooooooo
  10. I think you have right feeling...on both watching the kiss and going after JR first...i'm afraid for JR ...but i'm looking fdw to stalker's face watching them kiss Of course he'll miss her...they r spending all day together...at work, after work even at night they text each other...he sees how good, smart and hardworking she is... how could he not miss all that right?...she is already under his skin I would really like if, apart of helping JR in stalker case, that prosecutor couple hangs out with our OTP as real friend couple...YS needs some female friend
  11. I like him...i'll start and if it won't be to dark and hard i might stay ...seems OTP has good chemistry
  12. Hug was nice ...but i wish they had their heads closer to touch each other Anyway...seems she'll kiss him tomm...i think i said it will be her the brave one
  13. YEah...but i wonder will be the one we r waiting for or from second couple EDIT: btw...i felt sorry when lady prosecutor cried ...at least she let the guy to comfort her
  14. JR bought a postcard with hearts ...but its's so not like him ...when he caught her at a store and ran after her ...they r so funny...i understand her that she feels bad but how could she think he'll let her be
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